Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 25 – a bunny, ramen and Grimm

Last week wasn’t one of those most cheerful weeks, with stress at work and spring time allergies and a bit of droppy feels. So droppy that I couldn’t write this yesterday. But some fun things still happened, and I choose to focus on them for last week’s obsession list.

1. Ramen Restaurant Momotoko


I might have declared my undying love for noodles, especially the Japanese type called ramen. It’s already been few years that sushi got super popular in Finland, and I waited for a long time for ramen to come to me. So to say I was excited is an understatement when the first ramen restaurant opened in Helsinki center, named Momotoko. I went there on their opening week, and I had my doubts right from the second I stepped in. Cos the restaurant was opened by Chinese. 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I love my people, and we make delicious food. But I also know Chinese are cost-effective entrepreneurs, sometimes saving money would be at the cost of quality. Especially of a product like ramen, which 95% of their customers wouldn’t know better anyway. The best bowl of ramen I ate in Hong Kong, and that’s because I haven’t been to Japan. To even match that quality is going to be challenging because the lack of fresh ingredients in Finland. The main characters in a bowl of ramen are the soup and the noodle. Momotoko’s soup is not even near the level of deliciousness that I’m used with Japanese ramen bowls, but it’s still a tasty soup base, alas a little too salty every time. The noodle was actually really good at first, but last time I went there the noodle had changed, and it wasn’t ramen anymore, it’s more like fresh egg noodles. And it’s also a little peculiar that they give you a tiny side dish of kimchi. First, kimchi is Korean, and it doesn’t really match with the ramen. They taste pretty good though with the fried dumplings. Hah, sounds like I got nothing good to say about Momotoko. 😀 It’s not the best ramen in any standard, but I probably would still go there regularly, in case that ramen bug starts to bite.

2. Chili con carne


Chili con carne is one of my comfort food, the ingredients I add to mine varies but the stables are meat, beans and corn. This time I used barbecued ribs as my meat. I grilled them in my oven first, then got rid of all the bones and chopped them up into small pieces. Yes, a very time consuming process but the ribs were on sale and they added a nice smoky flavor to the chili. I chose kidney beans this time, I also recommend using chickpea. For veggies I had corn, paprika and tomato. And a generous amount of red chili peppers. For lunch I packed some brown rice and the chili con carne. I usually don’t like brown rice, but for some reason brown rice goes really well with chili con carne. I packed a huge bunch of fresh coriander to sprinkle on the top of the chili after I heat it up for lunch, to add some freshness to it. Also I had those buffalo broccoli and cauliflower left over from earlier so I made lettuce tacos from them. They look stunning and they also taste very good. I’m actually not a big fan of tortillas, especially if I don’t have a chance to heat them up properly and add some cheese on top, I find the lettuce version being even tastier and lighter, perfect for lunch time to avoid that total food coma if I consume something heavy. Plus, they are quite photogenic, aren’t they? 😀

3. Grimm season 5 finale

Oh Grimm, this cute little show start back in 2011 near the Halloween. My interest in Supernatural back then was winding down, so I desperately needed a new supernatural show to replace the soon-to-be-empty slot. A story about a monster hunter with monster-of-the-week kinda show was tempting enough for me to give the pilot a go, and I fell for the campy feeling of Grimm. The main hero Nick was likable enough, and I love the werewolfy Monroe right from the go, he was so adorable. For almost five years now, Grimm has always been reliably entertaining, it’s a fascinating mix of mythology and made up creatures and I’ve come to care for all of the characters, even if Nick can be annoying sometimes. Grimm had been renewed for season 6, I’ll be sure to continue tuning in come Halloween season.

4. Happyfolding.com origami


I have mentioned about my skillz when it comes to paper folding. Last week I found this Youtube channel called happyfolding.com where a gal called Sara teaches complex origami patterns with great instruction videos. If you have ever watching a paper folding instruction video, you know some of them are very unclear and they would just make you feel stupid that how you can possibly mess up while following a video with step by step instructions. Well, origami can be really complicated sometimes, and great instruction videos are hard to come by. My favorite from the channel is by far the hydrangea ribbon box (as seen in the picture, my pink creation). It’s made with two big squares of two-colored paper, so if you want a different colored ribbon, then you need to find a paper with different color on each side. And yes, I said two paper only. I know it’s hard to believe at the first sight, but the lid of box, it’s made with one paper only, the lid, the ribbon and the bow, all from one piece of paper. Isn’t it amazing?! 😀


5. Zootopia

Last but definitely not least, a movie from Disney. A city with animals living in peace with the comfort of any human city, but with no humans to be seen. It’s really a classic story of dream big and fight for your dreams. The twist is the unbearable amount of cuteness they managed to pack inside this one movie, I almost can’t take it! Dying from cuteness overload was a potent possibility while watching this movie. I can clearly see a sequal coming our way and I’m looking forward to it. My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10


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