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One Year Blog Anniversary!

Photo of this magnificent kinky cake courtesy of Rock and Roll Sweets blog

Haaaaaappy birthday! 😛 One year ago today, I wrote my very first post to this blog. Lots and lots had happened in one year, not everything was kisses and roses or whips and chains, but it sure was full of new experiences. To celebrate the anniversary, I chose a new theme for the blog, not sure about the girly color yet, but I’m definitely liking the theme! Couple of weeks ago, there had been some changes in updating schedule and it feels more natural than the one I planned in the beginning of the year. So every Monday, there is going to be some nerdy stuff, the following few weeks will be Game of Thrones episode reviews. Every Wednesday, something kinky and naughty. And the best day of the week is reserved for Jukebox Friday. On Saturdays, there might or might not be full of surprises. Sundays are for those Weekly Obsessions! As the new tagline says, come for the kink, stay for the cookies. 😉 Here’s to another fun year at Slap Ass For Motivation! *cheers*

First year stats:
213 posts
97 followers (yay!)
16 451 views (thank you so much!)

Oh and I found this brilliant clip of Bryan Cranston’s sweet 60! 😀 He’s the MAN!



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