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Is That A Thing? – Breath Play, part 2

Back in last July, I wrote about breath play, one of the first ever post for “Is That A Thing?” on-going series about fetishes. So it has been ten months now, and I think a sequel is long due, cos to be honest, my last post only scratched the surface to one of my favorite fetishes. Most of my experiences last time about breath play was choking by hands around the neck and belt choking, but since then I got to experience hand covering my mouth and nose, with an arm around my neck, and breath play while giving a blowjob or rimming. Let’s talk about those a bit more.

I had put some thought into why I like the restriction of oxygen so much, and why it turns me on so much. Apart from being a form of sensory play, and my habit to hold my breath when I’m close to my orgasm, it must be more than a physical thing. Every fetish that I have, it can be boiled down to me being extremely turned on by submitting and surrendering. The most basic instinct is to survive, and being denied oxygen fights against every reflexes and survival instinct in me. It’s hard to tell your own body and mind not to panic, that you are safe even if you can’t breathe, and not to struggle. It’s super hard, and it’s super arousing.

I almost never fight against when my neck is being choked either by hand, belt or the crook of the arm. Even when it’s hard choking to the point I almost faint, it doesn’t make me want to struggle. I just relax into it, enjoying the feeling when my limbs go numb gradually. The hand on my mouth and nose thing, I’ve experienced it before and it always makes me panic a little and my body would convulse. But last Monday I got to experience it quite a lot. Sir Atticus had a belt around my neck and I was holding a vibrator on my lady parts. And whenever He started to tighten the belt around my neck, He would clasp His hand tightly on my mouth and squeezing my nose shut at the same time. Usually neck choking, it still lets little it of breath in and out. But combining the two, the choking and the hand on mouth, it cuts off the oxygen completely, making the body starts on panic mode that much faster. I couldn’t take it for very long, even if I tried my best to relax, before my body would convulse and jerk, struggling to breathe, and all that was in my mind was air and the ticklish sensation when juices gushed from my vagina.

And then there is a new way of breath play with Sir Atticus. I consider deep-throating, sometimes forced, to be a form of breath play too, cos having a cock in your throat kinda prevent you from breathing too. ๐Ÿ˜€ And then there’s this thing Sir sometimes likes to do, it’s when I’m licking His testicles or rimming, He would push my face from the back of my head hard against Him, suffocating me with His skin. I looooove when He does that, cos it is so very challenging to keep doing what I’m doing, which is licking, while I’m prevented to breathe through my nose and I know I would be able to breathe if I just stop licking. It takes will-power and the deep need to serve, and I really like making myself do it.

Breath play is such an versatile fetish, there are still many aspects of it that I haven’t experienced yet like playing with water. I’ve seen fellow kinksters’ videos on Fetlife how a Dom would push his subbie’s head in the water in a bathtub while fucking her from behind at the same time, and they make me wonder how it would feel. I am also very interested in trying waterboarding sometimes. I imagine it would be quite intense and I imagine certain parts of my body would be very wet but not from the water. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m looking forward to write a part three to breath play. Until then, stay kinky!


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