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Game of Thrones S06E04 – The Book of the Stranger

If you are anything like me, three words would be running through your head constantly the last seven days: “But Sansa’s coming!” I was so sure that the good people behind GoT would yet again deny us a Stark reunion, there had been too many ‘almost’ this past few years; Arya almost making it to the Red Wedding, Bran almost meeting Jon in the fight north of the wall. So color me surprised when Sansa actually made it in time and I got a little choked up when Sansa and Jon hugged the shit out of each other. At the same time I realized that after the very first episode in season one, they haven’t seen each other. Hearing their playful banter in front of the fire, it was just like back at Winterfell and they were kids again. Although I did get a little annoyed with Jon, yeah yeah you’re tired about fighting blah blah blah. But Sansa was asking Jon to fight the only fight that really mattered. But worry not, Ramsay to the rescue to enlight that battle fire with one simple letter, threatening everyone including the wildlings and neatly giving everyone a reason enough to march on the Boltons. Ramsay has not learned to be evil in secret like daddy dear. Oh and how cute is this:

Our wildling leader Tormund is so in luuuuv with Brienne, it was love at first sight! ❤ They would be so freaking cute together and think about the babies they would have! They would be little giants with strawberry blonde hair. 😀 Okay back to the up-coming fight against the Boltons, there is a 2000-strong wildling army, and there would be another army from the Vale, thanks to the long lost Little Finger. To my disappointment, that crazy kid Robin Arryn, lord of the Vale now, is still alive and well. He still gives me the fucking chills, he’s so creepy. But at least he was willing to provide an army to help his cousin Sansa to take back Winterfell. A battle is coming.

The arc in King’s Landing is getting booooring. Let Cersei at that High Sparrow’s throat already! Her revenge better be spectacularly entertaining. A brief moment with Margaery talking to High Sparrow, she is a resilient little thing, much stronger than her brother, and given the chance and uniting force with Cersei, these two queens will certainly get their revenge.

What else happened… oh yeah, Osha died, killed by Ramsay. That was quick. And Theon is back home in the Iron Islands and he’s going to support his sister to become the ruler of the Iron Islands. Why anyone would want to be the king or queen of that miserable little island I have no idea. The Iron Island arc is soooo whatever, nobody really cares.

Let’s talk about something we care about. Let’s go to Meereen next. We finally get to witness Tyrion’s diplomatic skills in full blossom when he actually managed to close a deal with the masters. No wonder so many, including myself, think that Tyrion is the one worthy to sit on the Iron Throne, if Westeros truly wants a good king. He’s intelligent, witty, diplomatic and he sees the bigger picture better than anyone. He sees people’s weaknesses, and knows how to use them. He’s not arrogant, although he might seem like it to other people. He’s honorable enough, not too much that it would blind him and prevent him to make a choice for the greater good. Last but not least, Tyrion is a genuinely good person deep down, and he is the bravest man in the show. I hope the people around him, namely Grey Worm and Missandei will soon start to trust Tyrion.

And while the dragon queen’s best adviser is trying his best to save her city, the mother of dragons did the exact fire trick like last time to tame the Dorthraki people. All she needed to do this time is knock down a couple of fire places and burn the house down with all the khals trapped inside. And she’s of course, inside the mayhem of burning men, cos you know, she is the Unburnt. But it was a flawed plan at best. What if one of the big warriors decide to swing the sword one last time? Dany is the Unburnt but she’s not immune to panicking burning men going crazy with their weapons, right? And what if one of those huge wooden beam fell down on her? How did she know that the doors would blast open before the whole building falls down on her? Huh? Stupid stupid plan. And not at all as impressive as last time cos this time there weren’t any dragons. So she’s literally back in square one, she has a huge Dorthraki army now that she can’t possibly bring across to Westeros cos she got no boats and the Dorthrakis don’t like water anyways. What the hell is our Dany up to next?

Here’s episode 5 preview, and I’ll see you here next Monday. 🙂


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