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Weekly Obsessions, part 24 – a steak, a punch and a journey

It was an eventful week culture-wise, a concert and movies and books and food. I talked about the concert I went to on Jukebox Friday already, so I wouldn’t be including it to today’s post. Let’s get started with the highlights of this week.

1. Red Wine Spaghetti and Steak

You know these short cooking videos by Tasty that would pop up a bit of everywhere even if you don’t actively follow their Youtube channel or Facebook page. Well I just recently started to follow their Facebook page and had got brilliant ideas for dinners. For example the red wine spaghetti recipe shown up there. I happened to have an opened bottle of wine just a small glass short and it wasn’t that good as just wine so into cooking it goes. I love pasta, but I also love my protein with my pasta. What goes better with red wine than a proper chunk of steak, right?

IMG_20160510_193658So almost according to recipe I made the pasta. The wine I used was quite light and I used whole grain spaghetti so the coloring slightly differed from the recipe. But I don’t think it altered the taste in any way, cos it was freaking delicious. I rubbed down my fat piece of rib-eye steak with some garlic, salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil and left it to rest for about 45 minutes. Then I seared all sides on the pan on high heat, placed it over a bed of seasoned broccoli (seasoned with herb salt, garlic and olive oil) and into the oven they went. I like my steak medium rare so the one pound steak was in the oven maybe for some 20 minutes and then the five more minutes with the oven’s grilling turned on. It turned out just the correct amount of pink and they broccoli was still on the crunchy side. Together, the fancier version of beef and broccoli with noodles. 😀2016-05-11-19-08-17

And of course, knowing that the steak would turn from medium rare into almost well-done upon re-heating the next days,  I made some more side veggie dish (stir-fried spinach and tomatoes with shit-ton of garlic) to go with it and chuck the whole thing into the oven with some cheese on top so that the meat won’t dry out too much. I have a very unique combination oven/microwave, which has one setting that I use all the time for reheating my food: microwave and grill combo. In just under 10 minutes, you would get a fridge-cold dish thoroughly hot all the way and leave a grilled effect on top, searing that meat and cheese just a little. I just love meat with cheese on top.

2. Buffalo broccoli and cauliflower tacos

Let’s continue with food inspired by Tasty. I had a serious craving for buffalo wings this week, and at the same time I remembered seeing this recipe from Tasty so I decided to give it a try. I’ve made broccoli tacos before and they were delicious. So I went to find some buffalo wings hot sauce from the bottle, and almost according to the recipe up there, I marinated the broccoli and cauliflower. I decided to use both, cos the more the merrier right?

2016-05-14-20-58-40While the buffalo veggies were in the oven, I chopped up some avocado and cherry tomatoes into small cubes and added some chopped up coriander into the party, then I mixed them together well. Next I put a tortilla onto the hot pan, put some shredded cheese on top and another tortilla on top. I remember seeing this online and it sounded like a good idea. Then it was assembling time! I put some avocado and tomato mix in the middle of the tortilla first, then the buffalo veggies in the middle, then some more avocado and tomato. I topped it all off with some sour cream. It tasted creamy, spicy and sour with a very satisfying kick to it that only buffalo wing sauce can give you. I made two tortillas, cos I usually tend to not fill up easily with veggies only, but I couldn’t finish the two tortilla, I was so full and happy after one and a half. I still got some leftovers, I’m going to make smaller versions today. 😛

3. ‘Staked‘ by Kevin Hearne

Ah the Iron Druid series, when the alias for Sir Atticus came from. The Iron Druid Atticus is one of my favorite character in literature, and ‘Staked’ is the 8th book in the series. It is one of those never-ending book series, which after a while turns into these completely character driven pieces. Cos the stories in each book are almost identical. Cos you wouldn’t be reading these if you don’t love the main character so much. That being said, the Iron Druid saga is not the worst choice to get addicted to. I love its gods and goddesses and if I have a belief system, it would be quite close to the one described in the Iron Druid. It also made me kinda with to be a druid, instead of a vampire, cos immortality is kinda my secret wish and I find being a Druid far more superior cos druids get to eat regular food. 😀 I’m not going to go into the story much or review this book, it wouldn’t make much sense since it’s the 8th book. But if you enjoy well-written action, good humor and adventures after adventures, the Iron Druid sage might just be for you. I’ve heard rumors that the 9th book would be the last one, so hopefully it will end before it gets too tedious.

4. One Punch Man

‘One Punch Man’ is an anime series about a man called Saitama who is, according to his own words, a superhero for fun. He is silly and has a bald head, and a very much self-made costume that is yellow, with a white cape and red gloves. His whole vibe and look doesn’t inspire much trust in him saving the day or the world, but no matter how strong a villain or monster is, one punch from Saitama is all it takes. Thus the series name ‘One Punch Man’. Saitama is yearning for a formidable enemy who can actually make him just sweat a little, but he’s not that actively looking for trouble. He’s just a regular guy who likes sells, and would like the citizens to recognize him as a hero but not doing much about it. He doesn’t care about taking credit, he doesn’t care what you think about him, he likes beating up bad guys and that’s it. He has no idea how he got that strong, which is the eternal frustration for his apprentice the semi cyborg Genos. Hhmm, maybe that’s enough to introduce OPM, you need to see it yourself to believe its simple awesomeness. I love action anime with a good story, and OPM is just it for me. The first season consisting of 12 episodes can be watched online in HD and English subtitled versions, along with some side stories. The second season should be on later this year, I can’t wait! SAITAMA ROCKS!

5. The Hundred-Foot Journey

I loooove movies about food. So this weekend I watched a delightful movie called ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’. It’s about an Indian family settling down in a tiny French village and opening an Indian restaurant right across a fancy French restaurant with a Michelin star under its belt. Hilarious rivalry ensured and all the cooking scenes look so delicious! Do not watch this movie without proper snacks. I love Indian food and all its levels of taste offered by their colorful spices. I, on the other hand, don’t enjoy French cuisine much, at least not the type served in a fancy restaurant. If you share my sentiment about French cuisine, I do suggest you try French home cooking. I have a huge cook book about French home cooking, and it’s simple, hearty and very delicious. I mean, a kitchen with bacon and butter as its main ingredients can’t be bad, right? It’s really a light feel-good movie, quite predictable but it didn’t matter. The cooking is the main character in this movie, and everything else is just a treat on the side, like Helen Mirren. I say this is a movie perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Make something delicious and flavorful, curl up under the blanket and go on a hundred-foot journey!

Until next week, have a good one. 🙂


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