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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 8 – The Lexan Cane

Ah, canes, how I hate thee. Canes for me are like a manifestation of the phrase ‘your kink is not my kink’. Even as a self-proclaimed enthusiastic spanko, that doesn’t mean I have to like all the spanking instruments that are out there. When I initially wanted to taste the sting of canes, rattan canes are the only one in my mind. But after one year of experiencing and expanding my kinky world, I started to get curious about canes made from other materials too. Finland is a country very stingy in humidity, which mean taking good care of rattan canes can be quite time-consuming. The pre-use soaking take at least an hour and they need to be oiled regularly or else they would be become very fragile. The necessity of a long soaking also means that there can’t be any ex tempore caning, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing now that I think about it.

Anyhoo. So. I have two canes, one is the standard 10 mm (about 3/8″) thick and a thinner one that is 8 mm (5/16″). At my last caning, the thicker one broke in a quite spectacular fashion and it can’t be no more than a nice memento to admire when I’m old. So I thought it might be a good opportunity to explore some other kinds of canes now, partly because I hate the thinner cane I still have, because its sting is even worse than the thick one. Then there was a special occasion that gave me an excuse to get a present for Sir Atticus, so I went on shopping, and I ended up on the easy-to-maintain lexan cane.

I found one on Etsy, a shop called SPORKWood, a 24″ (about 60 cm) long, 3/8″ thick (yes I chose the thicker one to replace my broken one), rounded tip and frosted finish. It’s advertised to be light, durable and super easy to clean. And of course, no soaking. I gifted the cane to Sir Atticus about two weeks ago and humbly asked whether Sir could use it on me the first time on my one-year-session-anniversary session. And that was exactly what I got last Friday; a thorough spanking.

The lexan cane was exactly as promised. Not too flexible, light weight and the length is just right that it was still fairly comfortable to wield. Although being so light, the strikes that it delivers are anything but light. With just a little flick at the wrist, the pain it creates is already quite severe. Lexan canes are definitely for heavier scenes where pain is in the center stage, aka punishments. The kind of pain lexan canes deliver are greater than rattan canes. Now I’m not talking about how hard the wielder hits, but that when hit with the same amount of force with both canes, lexan is going to hurt more. At least in my opinion. The pain from lexan canes are more substantial, more paddle-like. It feels more bruising, but less sting. Much much less sting compared to rattan canes. The reason why I don’t like rattan canes is because for me it only stings like crazy but leaves no comforting heat behind like say from a crop. So I am glad to notice that the aftermath of lexan canes burns like fire.

However little love I have for the rattan canes, I am familiar with pain it delivers. After one go with the lexan canes, I find myself fearing them more than I ever feared the rattan canes, and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you would know how fucking much I fear the rattan canes. The reason why lexan canes are scarier is because I know it can easily do heavy damages, simply because it won’t break that easily. Sir also said that the lexan cane didn’t offer a satisfying crack like paddles and crops, so it might be suitable for spanking occasions when making a lot of noise can be an issue. Surely I would be the one making a lot more sounds than the pretty lexan cane. 😉


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