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Game of Thrones S06E03 – Oathbreaker

Wow, what an episode. ‘Oathbreaker’ got so much in it! Let’s watch the ‘Inside the Episode’ quickly, then let’s get on to the gushing and panting and gasping. Oh, and spoiler alert.

Well, Both of Their Names Starts with a J
Of course we need to start with Jon Snow. After the initial annoyance that he came back in the most predictable and cliche way possible… see, I’m still annoyed. I probably would never stop being pissed that they chose such a way to bring him back, so there must be a fucking good reason. The first scene of the episode was done quite well though, Jon just gasping heavily and the Onion Knight looking at him like he is looking at a ghost and then Melisandre, well she looked at Jon like he was the freaking Jesus reborn. To be fair, Jon is the epitome of her faith, the tangible manifestation that her Lord of Light might not a lie after all. I think we all can’t wait to see, like Jon, why the Lord of Light brought him back. According to Jon, he saw nothing after death, which would kinda change you as a man. Well, dying usually does that to you. Most reaction from the people of Castle Black were awe and admiration, the best reaction was of course offered by the wildling Tormund who actually made a penis joke. 😀 The final scene was also about Jon carrying out his duty as the Lord Commander and executed the four people still alive for his murder, including Ollie. After that our Jonny boy actually dumped his coat (and his command) on poor Ed, dropped the mike like a boss and sashayed out saying ‘my watch had ended’. Well, he’s right too, cos you know, he died.

This episode is really Stark-heavy, so before we continue with the Starks, let’s have quick visit with the non-Starks. Sam and Gilly are rocking in the boat towards the Citadel, well at least Sam is. Our dragon queen arrived at the nunnery of khaleesis of dead great khals, as her little counsel back at Meereen found out that everyone is against them either funding the war or fighting it against them. Back at King’s Landing, the other queen (or ex queen) Cersei struggles to get her way and re-establishes her web of little birds. Okay that’s pretty much it. Let’s get back to the Starks.

Bran, Becoming a Literal Know-it-all
I start to enjoy these little living history lessons that Bran gets. Before it was shown that it was one of Bran’s scenes, the color and the texture of the scenes felt so out of place. It felt old, like I was watching a Xena episode or something. In other worlds, it was very well made. So this time, Bran got to witness a legendary fight between his father Ned and the Sword of the Morning that happened after the war was over and the Mad King dead. The danger of seeing the truth instead of just listening to the stories, we actually got to witness that the honorable Ned Stark wasn’t that honorable after all, at least not when he was young. Then there was the scream from the tower, and I got this chill running down my spine. It must have been Lyanna’s scream. And Bran might be very close to see what really happened and that would be something huge story-wise. I understand why Bran is frustrated, it’s a huge burden to become a literal know-it-all, to learn all of the history, the good and the bad, including his own family, that’s a lot to carry on the shoulders of a teenage boy.

A Girl Who Has No Name and a Boy Who Everyone Forgot About
So the Daredevil training continues with Arya and it was going well. And guess what, she gets her eyes back. I’m still convinced though, that she just wants to acquire all the skills she can and get back to Westeros to have a little revenge killing spree. Or become an assassin, that’s not bad either. Something exciting needs to happen to Arya soon, her story line is getting a little boring.

The WTF shock of the episode is surely Rickon! I know! Rickon is back! Rickon Stark! The good news is that he’s back. The bad news is he’s delivered to the hands of Ramsay Bolton. The good news is that Osha is still with Rickon. The bad news is that they had killed Shaggy Dog! :´( That short scene was such an emotional roller-coaster to me.

In such a Stark-heavy episode, I can’t help but notice that Sansa was not in this episode. She and Brienne were travelling to Castle Black, I hope they can finally give us a Stark reunion, so Jon Snow, don’t go far yet! Here’s a little preview of next week’s episode, I can hardly wait!


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