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Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the episode 2 of season 6 of GoT, skip along.

Oh for fuck’s sake. When they killed Jon Snow last season as a way of saying “So long, suckers. See ya’ll next season”, I was sad. At once rumors and theories spawned everywhere as to what would happen to Jon Snow, he can’t possibly be dead, right? And you know what, I was at peace with his death. It was tragic, and it went against my own theories as to how the whole saga would end (which is Jon and Dany being the winners), but I was okay with it. By far the most popular theory was hey, the red woman is there, why can’t she just wave her magic wand and Jon Snow will come back alive again. That was my worst case scenario. Because it would have been fucking predictable. And GoT shouldn’t be predictable. The shocking surprises are the reason why I love this show. I was literally okay with every other scenario, I mean if he had to come back. I was cool with Jon’s spirit going into ghost, or even him waking up as a whitewalker. But noooooo, they went there. They really went there… Like really? For real? Just like that? *scream in frustration*

Okay. Okay. Inhale. Exhale. Relaaaax. Apart from that stupid Jon Snow thing, the rest of the episode was fantastic. We finally get to see Bran again, no one actually missed him last season but hey, his come back is not half bad. It’s fascinating to see through his eyes of the time gone by, and seeing Hodor as a kid, it was somehow quite bittersweet. Oh I do love Hodor. But then again, who doesn’t? I can’t wait what more Bran can actually do, and what his function, his function, in this whole game would be. Oh by the way, where the fuck is Rickon?

Another awesome scene was of Tyrion and the dragons. What a courageous man he is, or just veryย very stupid. Going to see the dragons like that. But that’s Tyrion to us, we wouldn’t like him so much if not for this kind of choices he makes. And the moments he spent with the dragons, the story he told them about his childhood and how he had always wanted a dragon of his own, it’s quite touching. And when Tyrion placed his hand of one of the dragons, it made me wonder about one Internet conspiracy about how Tyrion might have some Targaryen blood in him, what if he is not Tywin’s son after all? Targaryens do have blonde hair too, right? ๐Ÿ˜› So what if Tyrion is like Dany’s step-brother? ๐Ÿ˜€

The most shocking scene in episode two must be about Ramsay. Oh he is ruthless alright. But what do you really expect from a bastard that is raised by Roose Bolton. I say Roose had it coming, and from his own son no less. It did surprise me though, my jaw dropped and stayed open through the whole scene. I think Ramsay had always planned for this. At some point he just stopped trying for daddy’s approval and instead just waited for the right moment to strike. Like say, after he was made a Bolton. The way he proceed to kill Wanda and his newborn step-brother, it’s pretty fucking crazy. But on the other hand, isn’t it such a Ramsay thing to do? Unfortunately, without Roose to kinda control Ramsay, the fall of the Boltons is only a matter of time, and now that Ramsay is Lord Bolton, it would rather be sooner than later.

The most boring story line must be with the Greyjoys, and I guess there is a little change in power in the Iron Islands. So the king’s brother killed the kind and there is going to a choosing of a new leader to the iron borne. *yawn* Don’t know, don’t care. And Arya’s still almost the same, she at least get to go back to the temple to continue her Daredevil training. At King’s Landing there was Myrcella’s funeral and King Tommen finally went to apologize to his mother. Nothing much happened but the silence seems to be the kind right before a shit storm. I can’t wait for Cersei to get her revenge though, I have no love for anyone at King’s Landing. At least them going berserk on each other would be utterly entertaining to watch. ๐Ÿ˜€ *grabs popcorn*

All in all, a really great episode except the ending. I guess many are cheering, now that Jon Snow is ALIVE. Lazy bums, going where the fence is the lowest. Well, at least I’m done mourning, I mean if Jon Snow dies the second time, I won’t miss him. Now, before I end this post, let’s have a look of next week’s episode:



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