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Weekly Obsessions, part 22 – the little screen and the big screen

Happy 1st of May! This week was quite entertainment heavy. The nerd in my was super-excited the whole week, I mean there was the season premiere of Game of Thrones on Monday and Captain America: Civil War premiere also. Game of Thrones is actually the reason why for ten weeks every year, I actually like Mondays. And also because of GoT, it gave me ideas to change the schedule of the blog. It used to be kinky stuff on Tuesdays and nerdy stuff on Thursdays. But since GoT comes on on Mondays, it would be odd to wait three days to write an episode review. And usually nerdy stuff happens on the weekends what comes to movie premieres and whatnot, so Monday would be a better for nerdy stuff anyways. That means the naughty kinky stuff would be pushed to Wednesdays. And Jukebox Friday of course would still be on Fridays and these little lists called Weekly Obsessions would stay on Sundays also. Let’s see how the new schedule works out. πŸ™‚ Now, let’s get down to the list.

1. ‘Lucifer’ season finale
Ever since I saw the leaked pilot episode of the new show ‘Lucifer’ last year, I was super excited of the show. I have a thing for angels and apart from Michael, Lucifer is my favorite. The first episode promised something something dark and fun, just like the devil on holiday would suggest. The titular character played by Tom Ellis seemed to be the perfect match. He is handsome like the devil, smooth and charming. The weakest link of the first episode was the detective lady, and as the show went on, she cemented her role as my least favorite thing of the show, mainly because I really think she’s the reason the show got a little lame in the middle. Nothing is sadder to witness than the Devil himself going soft and fluffy. I thoroughly enjoy the scenes between Lucifer and everyone else, especially the scenes with his therapist lady and their funny convos. I liked the tone in the first episode, darker and more gritty but they seemed to lost it along the way and it became kinda like a monster-of-the-week thing. I almost gave up on it but the last episode they went back to the dark gritty tone again. And the ominous last scene of the episode foretells maybe a better season two that would definitely be worth watching.

2. Captain America: Civil War
Warning: spoilers
. The amount of anticipation towards this movie is ridiculous. I have to give Marvel one thing, they sure know how to make a trailer. But in this case, they were a little too good, cos the trailers were actually better than the movie. This is the first Marvel movie since entering the Avengers phases that was actually a little boring. The 2.5 hours seemed to drag on. The plot was mediocre at best, straight out weak in many points. The story-telling was a hot mess, it was all over the place and dragged on forever just like a confused hamster running circles in its cage. The reasons as to why they are fighting is almost ridiculous and completely avoidable, which in part makes the actually pretty awesome fights meaningless. There are scenes here and there that were pretty good, like the one with Tony and the very young Spider-Man and aunt May who is freaking hot. I’m still not sure how I feel about the fact that aunt May is hot. So in a Captain America movie, where Iron Man is like the second main character, my favorite thing in the movieΒ is actually Spider-Man. I didn’t want to like him, cos I really liked Andrew Garfield’s Spidy, but I find this younger Spidy really charming. Especially in the big fight, which is my another favorite scene. And that is pretty much it. The other stuff was mostly boring. To say that I’m not disappointed would be a lie, I love the Cap, I love them all but they were almost out of character because of the poor story telling. The directors the Russo brothers are also involved in the Avengers: Infinity War, and after seeing Civil War which is like an Avenger-movie in a smaller scale, I am super worried. As we all know, the bigger the scale the harder it would be to control. I mean if even the almighty nerd god Joss Whedon had difficulties to control the Avengers: Age of Ultron, then I don’t think anyone, much less the Russo brothers, would have a chance.
My IMDb rating: 6 out of 10Β (Yes, it’s the lowest rating I have given to any Avengers-phases-movie, and seems like the audience or critics don’t actually agree with me, cos it’s super fresh over at Rotten Tomatoes and the average rating at IMDb is 8.7 as of today. But it didn’t touch my nerdy fluffy core and I don’t want to favor it just because I love the Cap and Tony and everyone else.)

3. Spanish omelette

My today’s Sunday breakfast

I saw this recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube youtube channel of Spanish omelette. I love Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks cos his recipes are very good. Cos I have lots and lots of cookbooks and just because recipes get printed into a book, it doesn’t mean they are going to be good. I actually own half a dozen cookbooks that are shit. But Jamie’s are always excellent. So although this recipe is not from Jamie, I have the confidence to follow it quite closely this time. Except that I added cheese to my omelette because I think an omelette without cheese should be illegal. It turned out to be super delicious. Who knew with such simple ingredients could make such a tasty omelette. I should start keeping potatoes in my kitchen in a more regular basis. Oh and I’ve recently just revived my Instagram account, and I’m posting daily pretty pictures, mostly food porn. If you like to look at yummy photos, do follow me at Kingswoman15 on Instagram. πŸ™‚

4. Limitless
So last autumn I stumble upon this new show that had a familiar title, Limitless. I watch like the first 30 seconds of it and realized that it’s kinda based on the movie back in 2011 of the same title starring Bradley Cooper. And because I didn’t quite like Bradley Cooper, I happened to think he’s an over-rated actor, I haven’t seen the movie. But I wanted to watch the show, so I set out to watch the movie first. And the whole project got pushed back, and this week was the Limitless TV show season finale, and I decided that it is finally time to watch the movie. And it was incredible. I really really liked the movie. I still don’t like Bradley Cooper but he didn’t annoy me much, it could be anyone else playing his role. Robert De Niro was spectacular (as usual) in it. The idea of a pill that would bring you clarity sounds amazing. Limitless is one of those movies that motivates me. The last such movie was surprisingly ‘If I Were You‘, I wrote a review about it in my other blog and discussed it briefly later on this blog cos it was one of my favorite movies in 2015. After the movie I moved on to the TV show and watched the first few episodes and it seemed like a super fun show. And the leading man is way more likable than Bradley Cooper. Seems like I have a new TV show to watch. πŸ™‚

5. Focus
‘If I Were You’ came me hope, and ‘Limitless’ gave me motivation. That’s the beauty of good movies. After watching ‘Limitless’ I realized how off-focused I had been lately. It happens to me sometimes, whenever life gets a little hectic with lots of new stuff happening at the same time. The biggest deal of them all must be meeting Sir Atticus. It’s a bad habit of mine, whenever I meet a new person, he or she could easily become a huge part of my life in which I would lose myself. That exact thing happened the last two long relationship I had, and look how well they turned out to be. So after the last long relationship, I decided to keep my focus on myself, and that I would never lose myself in anyone that is not me. That does not mean I wouldn’t give or invest my everything in new relationships, that’s not what it is. It’s just the version of me when I’m focused is the best version of me. And things that brings more focus are really the mundane every day things, it’s structure and routines I crave when I’m off-focus. So I cleaned my place, meal prepped, I’m drinking a lot of water, I keep exercising and I try get more sleep. Boring stuff makes me focus. πŸ˜€ In other words, however tempting is the idea of just popping a pill and it would bring clarity, I believe that motivation and focus comes from within, you just need to know how to bring it out. πŸ™‚

And on that incredibly cheesy note, I’m ending this post. πŸ˜› See you back here tomorrow, with an episode review of Game of Thrones, episode two – ‘Home’.



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