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Game of Thrones S0601 – The Red Woman

Finally, the wait was over. My friend and I had had this tradition to watch the premiere together, eating wings and gasping at the appropriate places. Upon season six of Game of Thrones, right after work we got our spicy wings and gathered ourselves in front of the TV. And I’m glad that I’m alive now to tell the tale because I almost choked on some wings several times during the episode.

I am one of those what you might consider an annoying book reader aka know-it-all. Most of the time I enjoy that role, although I don’t remember that much from the books anymore, I did read them five years ago. Yes, George R.R. Martin, five fucking years ago when your latest book to the saga was just published. So last season came the time that all book readers dreaded, the show and the book began to go their separate ways. I was so confused the whole season, and I ended up not liking season 5 much. But I had a whole year to come to terms with the divorce and I am at peace. I am ready to dive into the great unknown. There are definitely pros in this too, cos next time someone asks me so what happens next according to the books, I can finally say “You know nothing, non-book-reader. Neither do I.” XD Without further ado, let’s talk about the season premiere of the greatest TV show on earth. But be warned, winter is coming. Cos for the review/rant is long and full of spoilers (and puns).

Oh Jon
Season 5 had the most terrible ending ever, that was Jon Snow apparently dying. Fans all over, including me, prayed and wished for a whole year that Jon didn’t actually die. And I’m glad they continued the first episode of season six right where they left off, and that’s zooming slowly in on Jon Snow’s body lying in the pool of his own blood when Ghost’s mournful howling was heard in the background. So I guess Jon really is dead. Or is he? The Onion Knight and a handful of Jon’s confidants bolted themselves in a room to guard Jon’s supposed corpse, there must be something to it if they still pay the actor to lie on the table for the whole episode, right? RIGHT? And Ghost in there too, Jon is also a skinchanger right? RIGHT? So there is still hope… and the red woman is there too, but I’ll talk about her more later. So Jon Snow might not be completely dead. Or is he?

Poor Ramsay
Okay, don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I actually like Ramsay. In a show like GoT, where even the bad guys are not that bad and everything is grey, audience needs someone they love to hate. First it was Joffrey, oh how I loved to hate Joffrey. However entertaining was Joffrey, he was predictable. But Ramsay is bat-shit-crazy, completely unpredictable and an utter psychopath with strong sadistic tendencies. I do have a soft spot for sadists. It’s almost refreshing to witness someone who is so completely and thoroughly evil. And Ramsay did find his little soulmate, an equally sadistic and crazy Myranda, and it’s tough to lose one’s soulmate. But in true Ramsay fashion, after a brief mourning moment, he used a better use for Myranda’s remains. Gotta love Ramsay.

Sansa the Damsel
And talking about the Boltons, last time we saw Mrs Bolton, she was on the run with Theon. Ever the damsel, Sansa almost got caught by the hounds and guards of Boltons. Then the episode first cheering moment, when Brienne saved the day. Like fucking finally, right?! All season it was so anti-climatic and frustrating. And when Brienne and co killed all the bad guys, she pledged her sword to Sansa (again). And this time, Sansa accepted (like duh). In all seriousness though, the scene was very touching, and Sansa is the heir to the North, now that she is the oldest Stark alive.

A mother’s lowest point
Like Ramsay, many must hate Cersei. But I had never thought she was a bad person. What Cersei is and always has been, a great mother. Probably not the one that done the parenting thing right, but she did love her children a lot. So seeing the poor Cersei seeing the first light when she heard Jaime’s return, she running towards the harbor and her daughter Myrcella almost like a little girl herself, it was hard to watch. And seeing how her face slowly changed when she realized her little girl’s fate, it was heart-breaking. Jaime tried to comfort Cersei, promising revenge and that everything would be alright. And Cersei who always believed in Jaime, for the first time, I don’t think she believed his promise that everything would be okay.

Meanwhile in Dorne
And meanwhile at Dorne, Ellaria Sand continues to showcase her ruthlessness. It goes to show that she and her daughters meant business. Oh and that they are cray cray. It will be very very entertaining to see what is going to happen to Dorne now that the useless men are out of the picture and these crazy women are ruling.

Tyrion and Varys – the best couple of the show
Tyrion and Varys are the most clever ones in all of Westeros and it’s time we see them use all their and their political skills in the Meereen without its dragon queen. It’s always a pleasure to watch them two together, they banter like an old married couple all the time. But it’s great to see them in their elements too, Tyrion seems to have found a place where he feels he belongs, or at least he found something to believe in.

Dany – back to square one
Oh my fair queen Dany, every since you decided to lock up your babies, you have been so lost. And now you are back with the Dothrakis, back where you started. I hope you will finally find your path, whether it’s to Westeros or somewhere else. But it needs to be with your dragons.

Arya and the bitch
So Arya is blind now, begging in the streets. But obviously the bitch from season 5, the one that’s always had a problem with our gal Arya, she’s training her to be the next Daredevil. I’m excited to see her becoming a super weapon.

Melisandre’s great reveal
melisandreMelisandre in the TV show is much more interesting than she is in the books. I actually like her character a lot in the show. To see her lose her spirit along with Stannis’s defeat, she seemed hollow. And Jon Snow’s death seemed to knock the rest of her faith out of her, for yet another of her premonition failed to come to live. In the episode’s ending, she revealed her true form, removing her disguise wearily. She has lost all hope in herself and her God, and a priestess without her faith is the most devastating scene to witness. Carice van Houten as Melisandre gave a soul-wrenching silent but powerful performance in the end that really deserves to be applauded.

All in all, a great first episode where they gave time to every main character whose stories were left hanging last season. Many heart-felt performances especially by the ladies of the show like Brienne, Cersei and Melisandre. We got to see action and killing. And even one pair of boobs. I will not rate individual episodes, but I might write a summing up for the whole season where I would name my favorite episodes of the season when it is all over in ten weeks. For the next week’s episode, see the preview below. And I’ll see you next Monday with another episode review.


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