Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 21 – curry, cards and karaoke

I missed my Dom badly this week, we didn’t see each other the whole week before Friday. But Friday was incredibly fun. But let’s start from the beginning first.

1. Japanese curry chicken


Let’s do some food porn again. I love curry, any kind of curry really, but I really do have a special spot in me for Japanese curry. They aren’t so spicy, it’s more on the sweeter side but the taste is surprisingly complex and it’s super easy to make. That’s the beauty of Japanese cuisine, they make really great quality sauces straight from the bottle. Or in the case of curry, in a form of curry paste in a package that looks like a chocolate bar. In the box according to instructions you just need to boil the meat and vegetables and put the curry paste into the mix towards the end and voila you got yourself a large pot of delicious curry. But do I strike you as someone who follows instructions? πŸ˜›

I got lots of principles in the kitchen, one was learnt from my mom – never forget to marinade the meat, the other one I learned from Gordon Ramsay – never fucking put water in anything to… well, water down the taste. So whatever I’m making, I always marinade the meat, even if only for a 15 minutes or half an hour. The worst thing is recipes that completely relies on the sauce to have some taste but when you bite into a piece of meat, it doesn’t taste like anything. And I never use water, I almost always substitute it with chicken broth, meat broth, seafood broth, just anything other than water. That way I usually don’t even have to use any salt, and cooking especially vegetables with broth give them a delicious flavor. So this time, I marinade some chicken thighs with my go-to marinade (soy sauce, sake, mirin, one part each) plus a little yellow curry powder and some dried garlic. I fried up the chicken, and dump a whole lot of chicken broth, brought it to boil then add the bite-2016-04-19-18-07-28size pieces of potatoes and sweet potatoes. And I let that mixture boil until the potatoes are done, then comes the curry paste. When all the paste was melted and mixed up well, I chucked in a few hard-boiled eggs in wedges and some chopped up green onions and a little can of coconut cream. I cooked some sticky sushi rice to go with the curry and some kimchi as side dishes. But what I loooove about currys, the re-heated versions the next couple of days were almost even better. I cooked a pack of udon noodles and re-heated some curry on top with some cheese. The end product was all kind of awesome, because the only thing that is better than just curry, is baked curry. So next time you make a huge batch of curry, don’t just heat it up in the microwave. Cook some rice, noodles, pasta and bake the mixture in the oven, preferably with some cheese to top it off. Later I did the same baking thing with the rice too and it was insanely good.

2. The season finale of ‘Supergirl’

This week ended the first season of ‘Supergirl’. I am truly pleasantly surprised, the show was actually pretty good. The last episode was pretty dramatic, if not a little cliche for a big solution for the ending. I know Supergirl is all about hope, giving people hope and all that jazz, but it was a teeny weeny bit lame. I was hoping for a more heart-felt speech from Supergirl. But there is an interesting cliffhanger in the end, so I am looking forward to the second season.

3. Cards against humanity

So finally, Friday arrived and I got to hang out and get drunk with Sir Atticus and Princess Cinder. Stop thinking about dirty thoughts people. We played Cards Against Humanity! I had wanted to play that game for such a long time, I’ve watched so many videos about it. It sure would be more fun with a larger crowd but I who had a very dirty mind was involved so I made the game pretty fun in a small crowd too. πŸ˜‰

4. Karaoke

So after the getting properly drunk, at least I was, the three of us went to terrorize my favorite karaoke bar. It is already an established fact that Princess and I love karaoke, we always do it with proper gusto. But I was thrilled that Sir Atticus did three songs too! Three songs! And He put on a great show too. πŸ˜› I do adore men who give it all to have fun. That’s one of the reason why your kitten adores you, Sir! πŸ˜‰

5. Sleepy sex

After the karaoke, Princess Cinder went home and I went to Sir’s place to stay the night. Both a little drunk and definitely sleepy, I didn’t expect to play. But what happened that night was something much more intense to me than kinky sex. It was me fighting against the tiredness, because I wanted to make Sir feel good. It was my body reacting to me serving Him and to His touch. It was the way how easily His hard cock slipped into me when I sat on top of Him. It was the way He grabbed my hair from the back of my neck to pull me close and whispering against my lips “Mine”. It was the orgasm that I got after that one word, the orgasm that wasn’t just physical. This was the moment for me. The moment for what, you ask. I am nowhere near to be ready to admit that to anyone else but myself, and am doing even that with shaking hands. But I will get there eventually. πŸ™‚


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