Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 20 – Korean meatballs, Italian surprise and Irish breakfast

Now this is what I call a multi-cultural week food wise and full of lovely surprises too. Let’s begin this week’s Weekly Obsessions.

1. Gumbo, Soul Kitchen

2016-04-15-15-10-44I kicked off my week on Monday with an ex tempore supper with my dear friend and we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Helsinki, Soul Kitchen. It’s known for their hearty and large dishes, but my favorite item on their menu is definitely their gumbo. It’s hot, it’s strong with colorful deep flavors with salty chorizo sausages, lots of seafood and ocra. I know ocra is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I tend to have mixed feelings about ocra, but in this gumbo, it’s perfect. I’m not sure whether you could see it from the photo, but the bowl is huge, accompanied with some crunchy pieces of baguette.

But since I was 2016-04-16-23-13-20super hungry, I made a side order of garlic Parmesan bread. And they were absolutely divine! Truly the best garlic Parmesan bread I’ve ever had. The combination of the buttery cheesy garlicky bread and the spicy rich tomato gumbo, I was in culinary heaven. These two I will be dreaming of when I see food porn dreams next time. And my dear Soul Kitchen, I will be back soon. And I’ll be one of those customers who always take the same items from the menu.

2. Korean meatballs and kimchi spaghetti

20160411_221123This past week, I decided that I wanted meatballs and spaghetti. I bought a pack of pork and beef mix minced meat and a pack of chicken minced meat. I’ve never had this kind of combination, but I had made chicken meatballs before and I kinda like the fluffy texture but chicken lacked the fattiness that I usually enjoy in my meatballs, so this time I decided on mixing in some pork and beef too. Why not, right? I’m kinky like that. πŸ˜‰ So I was planning on some pretty traditional meatballs and tomato sauce for the spaghetti, but then I wanted something spicy too. And I’m having my kimchi phase, cos I found this spectacular kimchi brand from my Asian supermarket and I bought three large bags of it. So I kinda wanna use the kimchi in some way. So I went online looking for a Korean meatball recipe. I found a yummy looking one at Food52: Spicy Korean-Style Gochujang Meatballs. I’m very lousy at following recipes, but this time I followed quite accurately. Except I didn’t have panko breadcrumbs, so I just used regular. And I can’t tolerate white pepper, so I used black. And I add some sesame oil into the mix too. I didn’t make the glaze either. I should have added some chopped coriander into the mix, it would have tasted awesome. Anyways, I pan-fried the balls and then threw them into the oven topped with some cheddar cheese and they turned out crunchy on the outside with a firm meaty center but the chicken still kept it all fluffy. But not the kind of meatballs that crumble into pieces when you stab it with a fork.


So the moment I put the meatballs into the oven, I realize that I hadn’t use any kimchi in my balls. I decided to experiment with the spaghetti and just throw some kimchi into the tomato sauce. I was being lazy and I was going to use a can of pre-made bolognese sauce from the jar. I don’t usually use them, and once I opened the jar, I remembered why I don’t use them. It just smelled… wrong. Don’t get me wrong, some jarred pre-made sauce are delicious, like the Jamie Oliver brand, but I couldn’t find any good brand from my local supermarket. I ended up not using the jar. I chopped up a lot of cherry tomatoes (like three packs of them) and an handful of kimchi, and just fried them up in a medium low head, so that all the juices came out. Then I seasoned with fish sauce, sesame oil, coconut sugar. I put a large bag of spinach into the mix. Here’s the beauty of spinach, it’s super healthy and it goes well with almost any sauce. Why not add some extra green in your meal, right? It doesn’t taste much by itself. I threw a handful of cheddar cheese into the mix and then some cream. I love using a 4% light cream, not because I don’t like using fatty cream. But because my favorite brand of cooking cream has this really good light cream with the best texture ever, even better than the fattier versions, so I nearly always use it. While I was cooking the pasta and the balls were cooking in the oven, I had no idea whether the two would even go well together. But it turned out to be so fucking delicious together. The best improvised pasta recipe I had ever made. And a word about re-heating your pasta. Don’t just put them into the microwave. Re-heats (like the one in the photo above) can be even better than the freshly made, just put some extra cheese on top and warm it up in the oven with grill setting. Trust me, the extra 10-15 minute wait is so worth it.

3. Italian surprise

On Wednesday, I went to a day-time movie with Princess Cinder since she’s in town and I have two soon-to-expire movie tickets for day-time shows. I picked a hilarious comedy starring Rebel Wilson called ‘How To Be Single‘. I was glad it wasn’t a rom-com, well not really. But it’s fun and it’s New York city and Rebel Wilson is awesome as always. After the movie, we girls went for a drink to one of my favorite Italian restaurant. It was still early evening, the pros of going to day-time shows, and I tried to interest Sir Atticus into a quickie by sending a subtle message: “What does kitten need to do in order for you to fuck my brains out real quickly like soon?” Quite lady-like, ain’t I? πŸ˜€ Well, the next thing I know, Sir was coming to say hi to us girls at the bar. The whole time, I was straight out begging for a quickie, but because I had hurt my back few days before during workout, Sir was a little reluctant. And also He really loves to tease me by banning sex. Then Sir Sade was coming to join us at the bar too. And now that I think about it, it was quite something to have the four of us sitting and having drinks. But during I was pretty wrapped up in begging. Then Sir Atticus surprised me by saying I should head to the toilets and He would join me there in a jiffy. I practically ran to the toilets upstairs, if not running, there was definitely some hardcore skipping. Maybe 30 seconds later, I was being choked by my scarf inside the locked spacious unisex toilet, then pushed against the wall, me facing it, my pants pulled down and Sir Atticus thrusting His hard cock inside of me. No words could possibly describe how good it felt, and how wet I was. I had to bite my own arm hard not to scream out loud from pleasure. I bit so hard that the teeth marks were still visible the next morning. After a short but super intense fuck from behind I was turned around and asked to drop on my knees. Then I took a very hard and very very wet cock in my mouth. The toilet was lit by spotlights and Sir’s cock was glistening from my wetness. I could taste myself and not long after I got to taste Sir in my mouth too. I could hardly remember when I was that wet. What can I say, I do love public sex. πŸ˜‰

4. Surprise group play

The plan was playing on Saturday, so when Sir Atticus called on Friday evening, I was surprised. He asked on the phone that He had a girl there at His place who would like to play with another girl, and would I be interested. Talk about an offer I couldn’t resist. When I arrived at His place, it took Him forever to open the door. And then He opened with completely naked with a hard cock up and high. He then helped me to take off all of my clothes at the hallway while I was giggling the whole time cos He looked so sexy and adorable at the same time. After all of my clothes were gone, He put a blind-fold on my eyes and led me to His bed. Then He guided my head, and right before I realized that I was between someone’s thighs, I heard this high delightful girly giggle. Oh, how I miss licking pussy. It’s really the best way meeting someone for the first time. πŸ˜‰ The little girl was all tied up on Sir’s bed with her thighs wide open. With all the licking, playing with the vibrator on the clit, and Sir fucking the little girl hard with a glass dildo, she came so hard that she squirted all over my face. πŸ˜€ So lovely!

It was an evening full of fun things. Like getting fuck hard from behind by Sir Atticus while I was licking a pussy. Or have my pussy licked while watching Sir fuck a girl hard. I almost came from the mere sight of it. To see your Dom fuck another girl, it’s a sight so fucking erotic that I get aroused just by thinking about it. I love to watch, what can I say. Sir really likes rimming, and since there were two girls at His disposal, I was so excited to be part of giving Sir His first rimming and blowjob. And I got to spank the little girl with the crop too. I wish to get to play more with the little girl soon. πŸ˜›

5. Irish Breakfast

2016-04-17-12-15-53One of the pros of having an Irish Dom: Irish breakfast when IΒ behaved like a good kitten. πŸ˜› I’m a big fan of English breakfast, but of course I didn’t have any real ingredients, just substitutes found in Finland. So it’s the first time I’ve tasted the Irish bacon, sausages or black and white pudding. The sausages had a soft texture, and had a really tasty porky flavor. The puddings are not as strong-flavored as I’ve expected, compared to the black sausages I’m used to from Finland. Oh but the bacon, it’s not smoky, but it’s meaty and tasted like the lovechild between bacon and spam. And I looove spam. Writing about this makes me hungry again. And what do you know, I’m actually publishing this on a Sunday. πŸ˜€ Happy Sunday everyone. πŸ™‚


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