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Fangirl Moment – Benedict Cumberbatch

dr strangeWarning: extreme and irrational fangirl gushing coming up. The trailer of Doctor Strange just dropped a few days ago, and it was fucking amazing. *floating on fangirl orgasm heaven* I love the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The mere fact that they actually could pull off such ambitious project, not mentioning how unbelievably well they were doing too, it’s nothing less than legendary. Let’s take a moment to marvel (get it? :P) at the success and the recipe (imo) for it. It all began with Iron Man back in 2008. The first bulls-eye was to cast Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Was it a huge risk to take? Fuck yes. Robert had a troubled history of drug abuse and had been arrested many times, and he had been trying to make a come-back for many years, but remained relatively unknown. Until he became Iron Man.

And that seems to be the pattern for the rest of Marvel movies. They cast actors who haven’t had their so-called career-defining role yet, rather they choose them because they see them as those characters. And fans (at least I) wouldn’t be able to imagine anyone else playing those characters again. Like Chris Hemsworth as Thor, a practically unknown actor sprang into super-stardom and Chris is Thor. Chris Evans as Captain America, probably best known for his former superhero role as Johnny Storm from the terrible Fantastic Four movies. It did raise an eyebrow or two cos the Chris Evan the audience was familiar with, he was nothing like the natural leader and honorable Captain Steve Rogers. But Marvel did it again, and Chris Evans is Captain America. Then they did it yet again with the Guardians of the Galaxy, picking another Chris (Pratt this time) to lead the band of galactic heroes, and Pratt was best known as the lovable Andy from Parks and Recreation show. And then finally Paul Rudd as Ant-man, an actor known for comedies only. All of these actors cast to form the dysfunctional yet oddly united team of superheroes, what they all have in common was that they were all very good actors just waiting for the opportunity to shine. And because all of them saw the superhero movies as a great career opportunity. But this fall, Marvel is breaking its own success pattern, isn’t it? They cast a well-known, already A-list actor as Doctor Strange: Benedict Cumberbatch. As an Academy Award nominee, Benedict already has his career-defining role, he is Sherlock. And I truly believe the reason why Marvel was able to catch the hottest fish in the Hollywood sea as of right now, is because the success the past eight years. Marvel has a big hand in making superhero movies fun but meaningful at the same time. The characters are not just superheroes, they are complex multi-dimensional beings, their humanity have always shone brighter than their superpowers. Blockbusters with lots of heart. And when you put it like that, Benedict seems to fit like a missing puzzle piece.

So Doctor Strange is the reason I decided to continue my Fangirl Moment -series, which I began with Emma Stone back in September. I first see Benedict Cumberbatch was at Star Trek. He didn’t quite catch my attention as Khan, but then I watched cast interviews and I got a little smitten with the oddly charming Benedict. Then I decided to buy Sherlock the TV show on bluray. I’ve heard only good about it and I had always like Sherlock Holmes stories. Sherlock blew my mind. It was so very good. And Benedict as Sherlock was pure perfection, I fell head over heels for him. I mean who wouldn’t. Then and there Benedict Cumberbatch became something of a mystery for me. If I am perfectly honest, and objectively speaking, Benedict is not your typical cover-boy material, he is not good-looking in the traditional sense. He’s someone you might pass without looking twice on the street. But there is something about him that’s completely impossible to explain or describe. It’s the intoxicating combination of his incredibly deep and soulful voice, his weirdly colored mesmerizing eyes and his mere presence that is so charming and demanding that you simply can’t look away whenever he is on screen. I have never met a woman who is not completely infatuated with Benedict. Even his unique surname inspire adoration. The accent surely doesn’t hurt either.

Not only for the role of the lovable high functioning sociopath of Sherlock, I adore Benedict as the father of computer Alan Turing. His performance was precise and moving and the whole movie of The Imitation Game got me feeling so much different things. Like how much this unsung hero Alan Turing deserved this nerdy gal’s admiration, because I do love computers. And how much sadness this bi-sexual girl felt towards the gay genius. If it was even possible, Benedict as Alan Turing earned my eternal love as an actor. I can’t wait for Benedict’s Doctor Strange to win over the crazy fangirl. Well, to be honest, with the teaser trailer alone, he already had me.

So as the cherry on the top, let’s watch a video of Benedict introducing the trailer of Doctor Strange on Jimmy Kimmel.

Along with this video, he became my hero (because I HATE balloons).


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