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Kitten’s Easter Surprise

It was Easter Sunday few weeks ago. I was at my parent’s house having the annual Easter dinner. Sir Atticus spent His Easter Sunday with His friends. In the evening when I was about to leave my parent’s place, I got a message from Sir stating that He had a task for me and I was to let Him know as soon as I get home. I was so excited about a task, they are like hugs when I’m not with Sir. This kitten sent a text to Sir while I was still walking up the stairs to my small apartment. The first part of the task came quickly: “Put on full make up.” I quickly washed my face and carefully applied full make up with blood red lips. The second part was to take a photo of myself on my knees. Then it was take a photo on my knees naked. Then I was to write three words of my choosing on my naked body and take a photo of that. I wrote ‘I’m Yours, Sir’ just above my breasts. I was still on my knees naked when I got the next text that I seriously needed to read many times to make sure I understood it correctly: “Go kneel beside the door and wait for me to come.” :O

So many thoughts went through my head when I was kneeling in front of my door and waiting. Sir was coming to my place? What was He going to do to me? I wasn’t that well prepared, at least I had make up on. I was equally scared and excited. Then I heard the knocks on my door and I jumped a little. I leaned forward and opened the door without getting up from my knees. Sir was very pleased seeing me on my knees waiting just as He told me to. He gave me a lingering kiss and then told me to undress Him completely. Then He lead me straight to my bathroom. In the bathroom I was told to kneel again in front of the toilet and I was facing one of my favorite things as of right now: Sir’s cock. For a second nothing happened, I was just staring at the cock that I wanted so much to suck on until it gets hard and rigid. Then I saw a tiny little twitch and then a strong shower of warm urine came out and onto me. The shower moved higher up towards my face, I opened my mouth to receive some of it and closed my eyes when the shower reached high enough. It felt almost hot on my face and in my mouth and for a couple of seconds I couldn’t breath at all. Then the shower stopped and I was allowed to swallow. This was the point when subspace set in and my memory of what happened next got a little murky. I do remember what happened but in what order and for how long and how many times, I can’t possibly remember.

I remember that between multiple times of golden showers. There were hard slaps across my face. There were spitting on my face and Sir smearing the perfectly done make up all over. There were more showers that I received obediently in my mouth again. Sir would also spit in my mouth while I was still holding the golden liquid and then I would be allowed to swallowed all of Sir’s gifts together. There was also Sir pushing me hard against the toilet, tilting my head back so my hair was in the toilet bowl, and He would flush the toilet to make all my head wet. And in between all this I was allowed little treats like getting to service Him with my mouth and Sir would fuck my mouth hard until I gagged on Him. One memory did stand out among others, because the level of hotness about the act was insane. I had never come so close to just randomly orgasm without anything even touching me. I was leaning against the toilet, my head tilted back, and Sir urinated again in my mouth. Then He did something I think even He hadn’t planned to do, He just felt like doing it at the time. He leaned down close to my open mouth, and put His tongue in my mouth and stirred the liquid inside. I could feel His tongue and hot breath in my mouth. It was so fucking hot.

After all that I was quite positive that Sir was as turned on as I was. I was asked to stand up, put my hands on the sink and keep them there. I was then told to look at myself in the mirror, with all of my make up smeared and ruined and hair wet from urine and toilet water. I was covered in Sir’s marks. I was told to look at myself from the mirror when He fucked me hard from behind. It was undoubtedly some of the best sex I had ever had, watching myself being fucked in the mirror while being so utterly turned on by all the markings. Sir marked me once again by letting me service Him with my mouth until He gifted me His delicious sperm.

What an amazing session it was. It was surprising in every way possible. When Sir and I were in the shower together afterwards, He washed the “I’m Yours, Sir” off of my chest, at the same time saying that even if the words had to be washed away, He knew it to be true. And it was. Still is. Sir finished His shower before me and it was when I was washing myself in the shower that I remembered just how messy my apartment was. When I came out of the shower, Sir and I cuddled a bit on the sofa still wet from the shower. He then told me to go look in my oven. I was very confused but I obeyed anyways. In my oven I found two blueberry muffins sitting there, nice and warm. Apparently Sir Atticus had brought kitten two of the muffin batch that He made Himself, and He had warmed them up for me while I was in the shower. I know, right? Sir is totally spoiling me rotten. Sir also stayed the night that evening, so this kitten got to fall asleep, utterly blissful and almost purring in contentment, right next to her Dominant. ❤


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