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Weekly Obsessions, part 19 – Homecooking, TWD and fesses

I seem to be very bad at putting up Weekly Obsessions on Sundays… But to cheer up your Monday, here it is now, better late than never, right? 😀

1. Cantonese homecooking

2016-04-11 11.06.56

Let’s begin with some food porn! This week was very heavily focused on Asian cuisine. I have had a long and still kinda ongoing phase of Korean food obsession, but last week I was in the mood of some nostalgic comfort food. I made three dishes of some of my favorite Cantonese homecooking, dishes that my mom made when I was a kid. You probably wouldn’t find these at your local Chinese restaurant, they are often considered not worthy of a restaurant menu. But they are so freaking delicious and easy to make, that it would be a shame if they only remain in Cantonese home kitchens.

Let’s go from right to left, first up the super-easy fried tomatoes and eggs. The two main ingredients are juicy ripe tomatoes and eggs. I used three medium size really ripe tomatoes chopped into generous chunks, two beaten eggs and a shit ton of garlic. Like six cloves, whole and smashed. Heat up the oil, in the garlic, mess them around for a while then in goes the tomato chunks. Then just let it sit on a hot stove for as long as the tomatoes need to soften up and break down. Then the seasoning side: salt and sugar, according to taste and how sweet the tomatoes already are. The secret seasoning here is Worcestershire sauce, few drops of that according to taste. When the tomatoes are all mushed up, add the eggs and mix it well. You can use one egg if you prefer runnier sauce, but I like mine thicker so I used two eggs. Add a handful of chopped green onion in the end. This is one of my favorite Chinese dish, and it goes so well with white rice.

Then some greens, the dish seen in the middle of my photo: fried broccoli (or actually broccolini), wood ear fungi strips and Chinese sausages and dried pork belly. Chinese sausages and dried pork belly are one of my favorite things in the world, they are basically marinated dried pork. The most basic ingredients for marinating are soy sauce and rice wine. I’m super picky when it comes to Chinese sausages, I only like the ones made by that one over 100 year-old shop in Guangzhou. Gladly, these sausages will stay good in the freezer for over a year easy, so whenever I or my family visit our home town, we get like ten packs of the sausages and it would last us a whole year. The dried pork belly my mom makes them herself. Marinating and then dried in a loooooow heat. I’m not sure of the process myself either. These dried meat products are quite salty and have a very distinct and fragrant taste, they go super well with rice and noodles as is, but they also give excellent flavor when fried with veggies. I love them particularly paired with broccoli. And I happened to have just wood ear strips in my freezer so I threw some of those into the pan as well. Add salt carefully here, it all depends how salty the dried meat are so taste first before you make it rain. The salt I mean. 😀

Last but not least, ‘egg corners’. Basically they are mini pork omelettes. I loooove these so much. Some recipes use minced pork, but I actually like to chop up my own pork from bigger chunks, I don’t like it too minced. More like tiny cubes. Whenever I use pork, I really like to use pork shoulder, often consider ‘the trash meat’ in Western cuisines, but we Asians love it. It’s not as fatty as pork belly, the fat is usually more equally proportioned. Pork shoulder is an extremely versatile piece of meat, it goes well in stir fries, as steaks or stews. And especially barbecued they are heavenly. Anyways, tiny cubes from two pork shoulder steaks, marinated with a tablespoon of soy sauce, mirin and sake (which is my go-to marinade) with a dash of dried garlic. Beat up 4-6 eggs, depending on the size of your steaks, season with salt. Combine the meat cubes and the beaten egg into a runny mixture. Throw in some chopped green onion. Heat up some oil on the non-stick frying pan and scoop up a laddleful of egg and meat mixture and fry them up on the pan. Sprinkle some white and black sesame seeds. Be patient, don’t touch or flip the mini omelette before it’s completely set. And because it’s pork, better over-cooked than raw. The day I made these, my sunflower seed oil was out, so I was forced to use liquid butter. The end result is super creamy tasting egg corners but they are a little too filling, with the fatty pork and butter combined. But I got myself a huge bag of delicious kimchi last week and turned out that fatty buttery mini pork omelettes taste divine with the spicy pickled cabbage. The sourness of kimchi cut the butter favor down a notch making it super delicious. I gotta go buy another bag of kimchi and make some kimchi omelette this week. 😛

2. Beef noodle soup 

2016-04-11 11.09.37

I’m a huge fan of beef noodle soup and there is literally hundreds of different combination. Last week my dad made some beef tendons. And because beef tendons are harder to come by in Finland, we usually use the meat surrounding the tendons too. This is something I probably would never prepare myself cos tendons need hours of slow cooking. Glad I have Asian parents when it comes to food. So I got a small batch of well seasoned and perfectly cooked beef tendons, some Asian greens, beansprouts and a lot of coriander. This time I chose udon as my noodle type. I cooked the udon noodles in plain water, then seasoned them with few drops of fish sauce and roasted sesame oil. Then I grab a box of my favorite brand of beef broth, cooked the veggies and beansprout in it, and re-heat the beef again in the broth too. This is really a quick version of the real deal, but because the brand of broth I use is already very good quality and the tendons are super beefy, in matter of minutes I got myself a bowl of amazing beef soup. The secret here is coriander, lots and lots of coriander. I know some people hate coriander, but it’s a deadly sin to leave it out when it comes to beef soup noodles. If you really don’t like to eat it, then don’t eat it, but at least put coriander in the broth while it’s still boiling to get the favor.

3. The Walking Dead season finale

The season of the Walking Dead was quite eventful. Is it my absolute favorite? Not necessarily. Just because there were lots of WTF and characters acting out of character. Lots of recklessness and plain stupidity from my favorite characters. I felt the really powerful episodes were the first and the last, the stuff in between wasn’t that interesting. In the true TWD fashion, some shake-ups in relationships that I really couldn’t care less, and some deaths that I also couldn’t care less. In that sense, season six was unusually weak. There were scares that made me hate the show, but it made me a little mad when I knew it was just a scare. I’m conflicted like that, sue me. I just don’t like to be cheated of my tears and emotions in such fashion. I mean, if I cried for someone’s death on a TV show, that person better stay dead, even if that person’s death was the last thing I wanted to see. And then the ending. I know TWD love its cliffhangers. But come on! Really?? The worst cliffy to this date. There are tons of crazy videos on Youtube now of people trying to analyze what really happened in the last 30 seconds of TWD season six grand finale, I will not admit that I had watched some of those videos. The opening of season seven is better be fucking spectacular, if you are making me wait seven months for the answer. Sorry about this really confusing rant. Just TWD is one of those shows that I love and hate, but I just have to watch it till the bitter end.

4. Eddie The Eagle

Poster courtesy of Upcoming Wiki

I have many guilty pleasures, like country music, Ed Sheeran and sport movies. My favorite movie of 2015 was Kingsman and I adore the young main actor Taron Egerton in it. So of course I followed closely which movies he was doing after Kingsman. I have no idea who Eddie The Eagle Edwards was, I don’t watch sports much, the least winter sports. But when I heard Taron was going to star as Eddie the Eagle, I read Eddie’s story briefly online. And I loved it! It’s just the underdog story that I love so much. And after watching the trailer, I knew it was the movie I wanted to see. I really didn’t mind Hugh Jackman in it either. 😀 I am sure the movie was dramatized to make the training look more crazy than it really was, but if the movie wasn’t that far from the truth, Eddie was truly crazy! In the most endearing way possible. His mere determination to become an Olympian, it was such an far-fetched dream, it was pure madness. In the movie Eddie had a mom who was ridiculously supporting all throughout Eddie’s life, truly the best mom ever. Was Eddie the Eagle my favorite sports movie ever? No, it’s not, cos my favorite is Rocky and it’s hella hard to beat Rocky. But Eddie is a feel good movie with tons a comic reliefs and a great cast, and it was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon and really no complaining about the company either cos I saw the movie with Sir Atticus. 😛
My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

5. Fesses

And talking about Sir Atticus. It’s crazy that we have only known each other for a mere month. And I really am having the time of my life whenever I’m with Him. Although I really do enjoy this phase, the getting to know each other part, the discovering phase, and for once in my life I don’t mind taking it real slow, I actually quite enjoy it. There is a sense of security that He gives me, that we might just be heading for the direction we both want. Nonetheless, my insecurities are still there. What if He doesn’t like me that way? What if all of it is just my vivid imagination? Lots of what-ifs. Whenever I face my insecurities concerning relationships, I would try to not think what the other person might be thinking, cos you can never really know that unless you ask the other person, and they don’t always answer. So instead of drown in the sea of what-ifs, I would focus on myself. I would ask myself questions and then answer them. Do I like Him? Yes, very much. Do I enjoy spending time with Him, vanilla and kinky? Yes and yes. Do I see myself being with Him apart from D/s? Yes, I think we are already doing that. Would my own feelings change in any way if He doesn’t feel the same way? Not really. So with those kind of answers in my mind, I decided to fess up to Him. Basically I just vomited all those stuff out about my feels in a very messy and incoherent kind of way, and in a very subbie fashion, I pass to reign to Sir. He can set the pace. All I ask from Him is that He would keep me up to date. I am glad that He actually made me feel comfortable enough to talk about something as intimate and personal as that. He makes it really easy for me to share my thoughts, and fears, and regrets without having to worry that He would ever judge me or think any less of me. For that I am so grateful.


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