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Seeds of Fear (#5 Hot Blood Series) – Book review, part 2/2

The part two book review of ‘Seeds of Fear’ took me a while to complete, but here it is.


Edward Lee
Okay this is a special one. It’s written in a dialogue kinda way, except you only get to read one person’s side. So here’s a thought, how about living dead working as prostitutes? Guess it is a good sale speech for blowjobs; no diseases, no need for air, and basically never get tired. I wonder whether necrophiles would like these working gals, cos basically they are dead, but basically living too. It’s really a cute little story that I would have loved to read more.
Length: 8 pages
Level of Sex: 0 Practically none, just a promise of a blowjob
My rating: 7 out of 10 

Kathryn Ptacek
The story of a nymphomaniac. Actually I thought it was a story of a vampire, I kept waiting for some blood-sucking action but it was just fucking. Tiny bit anticlimatic. But then there was a tiny little twist in the end that quickly turned the story to a dark territory then straight to pitch black. Nasty nasty ending. Got me covering my lady parts like it was me who got hit. 😀
Length: 14 pages
Level of Sex: 3 Decent amount, not very graphic
My rating: 7 out of 10 

The Watcher
Rex Miller and Jeff Gelb
What man hasn’t dreamt about watching two girls doing it, right? I would love to watch some man on man action too. The story is about a husband who had long since lost his interest in his own wife, except the thought of her with another woman excited him to no end. So if you want something enough, you would do you damnest to make it happen. Of course, this is ‘Hot Blood’, so naturally it all backfired. There is some good old fashion betrayal and revenge going on here, it’s definitely a fun read with a satisfying ending.
Length: 18 pages
Level of Sex: 3 Some girl on girl action
My rating: 8 out of 10 

Lullaby & Goodnight
Wayne Allen Sallee
So a police story. It reveals itself slowly. Sloooooowly. The build-up is actually super interesting, I mean a hooker with special talent, every perverted thing went through my mind. Child porn? Virgin fetish? School girl attraction? Something even more taboo? I was sitting on the edge of the imaginary chair and biting my nails about what it’s going to be. Then it was revealed, and it was none of the things that went through my mind. It was utterliar strange in a disgusting way, for sure. But it wasn’t that well executed that I would really feel gross out about it. And the story itself, unveiling itself equally slowly wasn’t that interesting either. Waste of 12 pages.
Length: 12 pages
Level of Sex: 1 Very little action, although the prospect of it was quite out of the world
My rating: 5 out of 10 

I Am Joe’s Penis
Scott H. Urban
Oh I haven’t read a talking penis story in a long while. They are always great entertaining, and ‘Joe’s Penis’ was not exception. At least the beginning of the story was. But then Joe’s penis had had enough and decided to take control. That’s when the story got interesting. Very very interesting. What would you do, if you are penis who gets to take the lead? 😛
Length: 7 pages
Level of Sex: 4 A four for its intensity and the theme
My rating: 9 out of 10 

What You See
Paul Dale Anderson
A woman with multiple personalities? Or something stranger? Even in the end I couldn’t be sure. It sure is interesting, but again, the eternal problem with short stories, I wished there could be more. Right when it got to the fascinating part, aka the gore probably, the story ended. I know I know, the saying goes that sometimes it’s more terrifying to be left to the reader’s own imagination. But I like stories that give it to me straight, all the gore, all the details, everything.
Length: 17 pages
Level of Sex: 3 It was a decent amount, not anything overtly graphic
My rating: 6 out of 10 

The Beast
Larry Tritten
Schizophrenia? Maybe. Let’s pretend it is. So it’s inside the mind of a schizophrenic boy who was convinced an animal is after him, and it sometimes possesses his mother. So you probably guess where this is going… This doesn’t seem like a story that belongs to the ‘Hot Blood’ series though.
Length: 7 pages
Level of Sex: 1 Ugh, parent sex.
My rating: 6 out of 10 

See Marilyn Monroe’s Panties!
Bentley Little
Oh God, this was strange. In short, road side tiny museum that is clearly all just bullshit, Marilyn Monroe’s panties that are actually alive? Yeah, I know, strange. And then the panties kinda have a strange pull on men, like a siren. Is it alien? Maybe. The ending is down right bizarre… and quite creepy too.
Length: 21 pages
Level of Sex: 2 Masturbation. Kinda. With panties? 
My rating: 6 out of 10 

Devil With a Blue Dress
P. D. Cacek
Now THIS was Hot Blood. A story of a veteran who went a little crazy over the unspeakable things he did back in Vietnam. They say a war would change a man, sometimes a war would just reveal one’s true colors. The things some men were capable off. The violence is not the worst I’ve ever read, but it surprised me, and I love to be surprised. It would have got a ten out of me, if it would have dived into the veteran’s head even more. Let all the crazy out on the page. This story should have been written in the first person format, although I usually dislike that, it would have been perfect inside crazy people’s heads.
Length: 25 pages
Level of Sex: 4 Just oral but hey, the level of gruesomeness more than covers it 
My rating: 9 out of 10 


Review of the whole book

Although ‘Seeds of Fear’ had many decent stories, its stories weren’t very ‘Hot Blood’. It’s a very specific tone and gives off a very specific vibe. So although book 5 is packed with great stories, it’s so far my least favorite Hot Blood book.

19 stories
Average rating: 6.8
Stories with a rating below or is 6 out of 10: 9
Stories with a rating 7-8 out of 10: 6
Stories with a rating 9 out of 10: 4

Best stories:
Just a Phone Call Away
Sympathy Call
I Am Joe’s Penis
Devil With a Blue Dress

Most erotic story: Just a Phone Call Away
Most memorable story: Just a Phone Call Away


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