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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 7 – The Cane, part 2

Double update today! Cos I kinda owe you guys this particular post two days ago. And yes, it’s about the cane, and a very specific caning session. The reason why I got the punishment of 100 strikes of the canes can be read here. And then about the day when I got a little surprise caning can be read here.

The story so far…

And with one sentence Sir Sade crushed my Domme high completely and I came crashing down back to the ground. One sentence! “Soak the canes.”

Princess Cinder read that sentence to me from her phone, but I received the same message in my phone too. We just looked at each other and the phone and then back to each other, dumbfound. Was Sir Sade fucking kidding me? He was going to give me my punishment right after I had been playing a Domme for two hours? Well, I did as I was told, I put the canes in water to soak. Then all that was left to do was wait. I might or might not have drank a glass of red wine really quickly. As I’ve said before, 70 strikes of the canes are the worst I’ve taken before and always with a proper warm up spanking. But this time it was 100 strikes with no warm up.

This time, to stress the severity of the punishment, I was bent over a small bench with not much support. As usual, the other cane was put in my mouth as a gag while the other one was being used for spanking. Since I couldn’t count out loud, Princess Cinder was tasked to count down from the 100, which meant she had to watch. And then it began. I broke down already at twenty. Whenever Sir Sade exchanged the cane He was using from the gag one, He would ask me how many was done. Doing math while you break down from the pain was its own brand of torture. Sir Sade wasn’t joking either, the first 50 strikes were dealt out swiftly but with no mercy on the force.

Bloody broken cane

It crossed my mind many times that there was no way I could take 100. But I surprised myself. Although it felt like an eternity, ninety strikes were over. The last ten, the gag was released from my mouth and I was told to count down the last ten strikes. The last ten were also the hardest ones. I was hardly coherent I was crying and sobbing so hard. Princess Cinder told me afterwards, that she couldn’t watch the last ten and she was relieved that she didn’t need to count. I have no idea how it looked like. All I knew was that it hurt a lot, and the kind of pain that I didn’t enjoy at all. It was also super whiplashy, cos literally just a while ago I was the one calling the shots. Anyway, the thicker one of the canes actually broke. And a couple more blood stains were left on it. I’m not sure whether I would replace the cane, cos rattan canes require too much work to maintain in such a dry climate as it is in Finland. Also, I feel like it was an almost poetic moment the cane broke, like it was foretelling a new chapter in my life. A new phase. Because Sir Atticus entered my life the day after the caning. I don’t usually believe in fate, but I do enjoy strange coincidences when they happen. Next on Kinky Tuesday, it’s something I never expected to write, something about the big O again. Until then, stay kinky. 😉


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