Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 17 – work, job and 24 hours

Oh this is so late. And on the Kinky Tuesday slot too! So sorry about that, the Easter holiday kinda messed up my schedule bit time. Let’s get right on to the Weekly Obsessions of last week.

1. Restarting Fitness Blender
Yup, three weeks of being sick and then just a lazy ass, last week I finally restarted my morning workout routine. I managed three days of working out and I could feel every minute of that three missed weeks. On the third morning my body was yelling at me “Da fuck you think you’re doing, woman, go back to bed and do not move.” I mentioned about this to Sir Atticus, and He had actually named Himself as my personal trainer. I am to report to Him every morning, and He upped the challenge to six days a week. If this doesn’t kill me, it would cheesily and literally make me stronger by the end of this round of eight-week-workout routine. πŸ˜€

2. Interviews
So I’ve been leisurely searching for a new job for four months now. And the week I met Sir Atticus, I got invitations to two job interviews (first ones) and at my current job they offered me a permanent contract. Yes, I am viewing Sir as my lucky charm. πŸ˜€ Not getting either of those jobs doesn’t matter, getting to interviews at least proved that I still have some market value and they gave me an extra boost to my confidence that I might actually find a new job in this shitty economy.

3. Justice mess
Yup, I went to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. *sigh* Where do I begin? Well, it was so fucking bad. The CGI was terrible, the fighting was from the gutter, it was too long and oh so boring. So messy, so much unnecessary stuff. And I was correct, Ben Affleck was terrible as Batman. Not talking about his acting skills, it’s just that he’s not Batman. And what the fuck was that training montage? Seriously?? Way too much screen time for Wonder Woman, I am already bored of her and I’m not interested in seeing her own movie. It was marketed as a versus movie, but it really was not. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor… holy shit it failed magnificently. I think he tried to channel the late great Heath Ledger’s Joker, but instead of being intimidating and crazy, he was just freaking annoying. The I-just-want-to-slap-the-living-daylight-out-of-him annoying. The Lois Lane and Superman’s stuff was blah. Don’t really care. To cut it short, a movie that failed to excite me in any shape or form. I had really low expectations when I went in, but it actually was worse than I expected. And it pisses me off that it’s still a fan movie so the box office is according to that.

4. Twenty-four-seven
My Easter holiday began with a 24 hours spent with Sir Atticus. It was a 24 hours view on how things could be when it’s 24/7. And it was so freaking fun! In the 24-hour-period of time I was being thrown to the bed (literally I was being lifted up and thrown to bed) and had some glorious rough sex with. Sir cooked dinner for me, while I was tied up in His bed, full body bondage, with my legs wide open and in the air and a vibrator held on my clitoris with ropes. After dinner and that shitty movie I was just talking about, there were drinks and back to His place. And for the first time I experienced sleeping while being tied up. My wrists were loosely tied together with enough distance in between. The rope went also loosely around my neck, my waist and finally I was tied to His bed. I slept surprisingly well. Guess I felt very safe with Him. I liked spending time with Sir, I like that it was vanilla mixed with kink, with the D/s dynamic ever so present, just slightly stronger sometimes and weaker in other times. AndΒ it was just like the way I pictured it. And I’m sure this is the kind of relationship I want.

5. Happy Easter for me
So Sunday I spent having dinner with my folks. And when I was about to leave, I got a message from Sir Atticus that I was to let Him know as soon as I got home, that He had a task for me. Oh was I in for a surprise! I am going to write about this surprise next week. Until then, stay kinky! πŸ˜‰


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