Kinky Dungeon

The Adventures of Domme Kitten

I felt excited. It all began with Sir Sade’s suggestion for kitten to go play with Princess Cinder with the strap on. And your favorite mischievous kitten got a great idea right away! How about me being a Domme for one session? I made a written proposal for Sir Sade, indicating that Domme Kitten wanted full control for the time until Sir Sade came home, and Domme Kitten wanted full control over the orgasm system. I planned for spanking, strap on action, glass dildo and butt plug action among other things. My proposal was approved, with the condition that I needed to record the whole thing for Sir Sade to watch later.

I felt nervous. On the day of the session, I was so freaking nervous. In the morning I put on a different kind of make-up than I usually do for sessions. I drew my brows with sharper angles, I used dark eye make-up instead of light. I chose a dark red lipstick. I picked out a leather corset and a leather short skirt to go with it. I didn’t quite planned out my session, I just knew what I wanted to do and I would do the necessary things to get to those things. I did plan on not even attempting to be as scary as Sir Sade. I’m more like a bratty Domme kind anyways. I like to tease, I like to dirty talk, I like to evil smile a lot.

I felt powerful. At the second I went through the door Princess Cinder opened for me. It was undeniably a huge rush to have someone to obey my every command. I’m shorter than Princess, but I felt eight feet tall. I could feel the power coursing through me, when I finally got a naked girl bent over my knees and the first sharp slap landed on her bare ass cheek. The best thing about being a masochist who loves to spank too, is that I don’t even feel the pain or numbness that my palm must be feeling while I did the slapping. Cos Domme Kitten doesn’t kid around, I either do it hard, or not at all. After a sound and long bare hand spanking, I picked up my innocent looking brush. You know the brush, I’ve written about the brush. It doesn’t do much damage but it hurt a whole lot on a large area. The sounds I made Princess Cinder make with the brush, they were simply delicious.

I felt sadistic. After a quite thorough warm-up spanking, it was time to move on to my weapon of choice, the riding crop. It was only my second time to use the crop, and I still needed practice on the accuracy and the strength. But the fun level was already over the top. I could seriously spank all night long. I love the feel of holding a crop, I love swinging it, I love how it feels when it hits its target, I love the sound of the crop hitting the flesh, I love seeing the flesh going bright red. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sexual sadist. I get turned on by inflicting pain through any means, but I’m also a spanko, so spanking is also my favorite way to inflict pain. And I said sexual sadist, because unlike just sadists, I don’t like hurting people without their consent. In order for me to enjoy it thoroughly, I need a willing participant on the other end of my crop.

I felt dominant. When it comes to giving a girl her orgasm, there’s hardly anything that makes me feel more powerful and dominant. Being a submissive myself, and knowing Sir Sade’s way for making His subs count to five before orgasms, I knew the only way for me to tease out more orgasms out of Princess Cinder was to play dirty. The reason I asked for full control over the orgasm system was because I was going to crush it. I told Princess that she didn’t need to ask permission to come, or count to five before coming. The only thing she needed to do was shout out when she was coming and she also had to keep track of how many orgasms. After that was firmly established, Domme Kitten got to work with a glass dildo and butt plug, a vibrator and the strap-on with a built in bullet vibrator for the strap on wearer’s pleasure. I am not too proud as a woman to admit, I get jealous of the cock sometimes. Oh the control I felt while fucking the Princess from behind, it felt so good that I came myself while doing that too. And the not needing to ask for permission to come, I felt like a Domme.

I felt invincible. Two hours and eight orgasms later (yes, I said eight), I felt fucking invincible. We fell back to the comfortable chatting with Princess Cinder as I transferred the video we just made to her computer. And we just realized that Sir Sade was still not home yet. Well, when a subbie is feeling invincible, that said subbie had the potential of turning into a little brat. I sent a somewhat provocative and definitely bratty text to Sir Sade wondering whether His Domliness was scared to come home, thinking that maybe Domme Kitten would take a turn on Him with the crop, you know Domme Kitten being all warmed up and shit. And with one sentence Sir Sade crushed my Domme high completely and I came crashing down back to the ground. One sentence! “Soak the canes.”

To be continued… Maybe.


I know I know, what a cliffhanger right. 😀 Well, it felt natural to end the story there, cos from that point onward, Domme Kitten was no more. The Domme disappeared and just kitten remained. All silliness aside, I was humbled by the experience. Of course I always knew the work Doms and Dommes need to do. The control and obedience don’t come for free. The responsibility and the sense of someone relying on me, it was more scary than arousing. Domme Kitten had tons of fun, but I still wasn’t that turned on by the dominant aspect. And I guess it was pretty fun for Princess Cinder too (with the eight orgasms and all) but I doubt I had the ability to see any sub into subspace. I just don’t have that vibe. Someday, with practice, I might be able to break someone with the crop. You might see more adventures from Domme Kitten in the future. Or not. 😀 We shall see. Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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