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Weekly Obsession, part 16 – Sir Atticus

As promised, I am going to introduce someone I met this week. He has been my sole obsession all week, so I can’t think of a better way to write about Him for the first time on my Sunday’s Weekly Obsessions. He and I, we met on Tinder (how about that, huh). We started talking last Sunday, and there must have been thousands of messages by now. I have never met anyone so close to my level of nerdiness. 😀 His kinky side is still evolving but I already like where He’s at and I’m excited to witness the evolution, wherever He is heading. I have gone through many ideas as to the best way to introduce Him here. First, I had to come up with His alias here, and He reminded me of one my all-time favorite fictional character from the Iron Druid Saga written by Kevin Hearne, so His alias is now Sir Atticus. And then I decided that I will just go ahead and write a list about Him. You guys know how much I love lists. So here it is, and it’s going to be vanilla and kink all mixed up:

20 Ways Sir Atticus Charmed the Furballs Out of This Kitten

Charm 1 – The Quote
While most of the people I know haven’t seen Deadpool, most don’t even know what Deadpool is (I know, I obviously hang with wrong people), Sir Atticus quoted me Deadpool. The specific line is “It’s like I made you in a computer”. *melt like coconut oil in the sun* Way to charm a die hard Deadpool fangirl, Sir. 😉

Charm 2 – The Deal
Nothing bonds two people together like a mutual hate. And Sir and I can not stand the idea of Ben Affleck as Batman. I was like I can go watch the movie so I can talk trash about it later, but there is no way in all hell that even a dime is coming from my pocket and going into Ben’s pocket. And we struck a deal. No matter how this thing is going to end up being, may it be friendship, kink or relationship, we are going to see Batman vs Superman together. Plus He gets free movie tickets all the time, so neither of us need to pay for Ben.

Charm 3 – The Respect
From the very beginning, Sir is always very respectful. Especially when it came to kink. Which practically is the perfect way to get me to open up more easily. I felt that my limits and boundaries were respected and they are always going to be. My trust towards Him is building up quite fast.

Charm 4 – The Music
It’s the most peculiar thing. I have a versatile taste in music, I do love my TSwift and Selena, and Macklemore, and Metallica. But I have a secret list of random songs that were important to me, that have stories behind everyone of them, and they are sound a little similar. And the songs Sir sent me, His favorite songs, they sound just like songs from my secret list, but I have never heard about them. And I am endlessly amazed of the way He can sing along to almost any song…

Charm 5 – The Command
I almost always get pissed when men tried to tell me what to do before I recognize them as my Dom first. But on the second day Sir and I were just chatting, and I said something bratty. He asked me to choose a number, and I instantly knew what it meant, the number to how many times I thought I deserved to be spanked for my bratty comment. And I said twenty, without paying much attention to what just really happened. It was not until He apolozided later for commaning me, and that I had yet to give Him power to do that, it just came out. And I accepted His apology, cos me giving the number, it just came out of me too, quite naturally as a matter of fact… I wasn’t even angry, I just thought it was strange how my subbie side could already start to submit to someone I hadn’t even met yet. After two days of intensive chatting, I started to think that He couldn’t possibly be as great live as He was in the chat… except that He was, so much better live.

Charm 6 – The Touch
I’m the kind of girl who love touching all the time, but I also didn’t know to ask for permission from D-types. Within minutes after we met in a restaurant the first time, Sir gave me permission, probably unknowingly, to touch Him, almost whenever I want. And He did it with how casually He touched my hand, and caressed my thigh, and how He held me when I was a little cold when we walked outside…

Charm 7 – The Kiss
I think every girl has this fantasy of how the first kiss with a new person should feel like. I always just hoped that I would feel something. I usually just get smitten to the idea of being with someone, not smitten with that someone, so first kisses almost never felt like much of anything. But when Sir kissed me the first time, it was gentle, and light but all kinds of intense at the same time. At least in my own little head. Cos I felt it all the way in my lower stomach and vajayjay. I guess I do really like Him, not just the idea of Him.

Charm 8 – The Pull
After dinner on our first date, we went back to His place to drink wine and listen to music and talk about everything and anything. The vibe changed quite abruptly when I combed my hair with my hand for maybe the dozenth time, Sir suddenly said “stop playing with your hair” and already in mid-sentence He jumped up from His chair. The next thing I knew, He was on me, pulling my hair back hard enough to snap my head back. I’m not too proud to admit I might have moaned, and that my vagina did exploded a little.

Charm 9 – The Slap
Face-slapping is one of my favorite fetishes, the one I still can never see coming. Sir Atticus slaps really really hard. I’m always surprised at the force. And I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter every time a hard slap land on my face.

Charm 10 – The Throat
Choking is my another favorite, and I guess the very first time Sir put His hand around my throat, my subbie was His already. His to command, His to use, His to torture, His to shower with affection and kisses.

Charm 11 – The Blue
I almost always keep my eyes closed, but His ‘Look at me’ is becoming one of my favorite commands. He would tell me to look at Him while He was for example choking me. And I would obey, opening my eyes, and all I could see would be His blue eyes.

Charm 12 – The Admiration
My body is quite marked, what with the dressage whip and the canes not that long ago. And I was a little nervous about showing Him my marks. But His assurance that I had nothing to be nervous about calmed me. And when He first see my thighs and the tiger stripes from the dressage whip, and His genuine reaction about how pretty they looked, it meant a lot to me.

Charm 13 – The Comfort
Sir Atticus just has a way to make me feel really comfortable with Him. That I can pretty much tell me anything about myself and how I feel. He does have a way with words, He always seem to know just what to say and when whenever I’m feeling nervous or unsure. I’m even comfortable showing Him my insecurities which I almost always hide from everyone else, sometimes even from myself.

Charm 14 – The Orgasms
I don’t cum easily when I’m with someone else. I even wrote about the Big O a while back. So you can only imagine my surprise when He made me orgasm with His fingers only. And it was unlike the orgasms I was used to. I would need to put more thoughts into this before I could explain properly, but they were nonetheless intense. And during our first time together, He made me climaxed twice.

Charm 15 – The Care
I adore the contrast. How intense Sir Atticus could be, and how gentle and caring He could be. After our first time, I was lying naked in His bed with a folded blanket just covering my middle, I didn’t want to make a mess and unfold the blanket. When He came to back to bed from the bathroom and saw me, He unfolded the blanket fully and tucked me in gently. Cos He remembered that I was a little cold earlier. This may sound like something some girls would take for granted, but this girl has never been pampered in this way before…

Charm 16 – The D
The subbie in me was super-excited about the fact that Sir Atticus didn’t fuck me the first time, He didn’t think I had earned it yet. And almost subconsciously, that has become my measure to determine whether someone is a true Dom or not and whether someone is treating me like a true sub or not: is He going to give me the cock even if I hadn’t deserve it yet. But balance in everything, Sir promised me if I was a good girl, He would fuck me on our second time. And that He did. 😉 Holy shit, did He ever. I couldn’t even describe how good it felt to feel His cock inside my pussy.

Charm 17 – The Broken
I had been broken before during sessions, mostly by pain, once by humiliation mixed with pain. But if you tell me that I would ever be broken by pleasure, I would look at you like a fucking lunatic. But that exact thing happened yesterday. A vibrating dildo in my pussy, a glass dildo in my ass, me on all fours little covered in His piss, He fucked me with both toys mercilessly and hard. For the life of me I don’t remember how many times I came, but the pleasure was so intense it almost felt like one giant orgasm that went on forever with little peaks into the almost intolerable level of pleasure. It was almost painful. I became unaware of my surroundings, I was completely cockdrunk (except with dildos), I have never been fucked so hard with double penetration, my DP experiences are quite limited. I wanted to pee so much, but I know it wouldn’t be possible. I broke and I began sobbing uncontrollably. It was all too much, and I had never been so close to saying my safe-word because I couldn’t take the pleasure much longer. If Sir hadn’t stopped then, I would have safe-worded. After I came back onto the ground from deep subspace, I was lying on the floor in piss, His arms around me and I was clinging onto Him and was still sobbing. My lady parts haven’t taken such action in a long time, hell, like ever, so both of them bled a little. But I felt safe in His arms, I felt blissful and cared for. And that was how I was broken the first time with pleasure.

Charm 18 – The Feel
After knowing each other for only a week, I already recognize Him as my Dominant. It all just felt natural, how willingly I was to kneel before Him, to submit. It was His kindness, His gentleness that earned my submission, even more than His hardness, His tight hold and His kink. I knew Him to care about me more than as a fuck toy and that just make me want to be His fuck toy, His slut, anything He wants me to be.

Charm 19 – The Assignments
Oh how I miss assignments. They are like little hugs and kisses when Sir is not with me. And by doing assignments like recording myself cleaning with a kitten butt plug tail on or like today, with no panties all day, I know I please Him. And yes I am writing this with no panties on. 😛 And believe or not, I’m even excited about the fact that I need permission to masturbate again… although we hadn’t discuss that. It does kind of feel natural.

Charm 20 – The Excitement
The time will show how far it would go with Sir Atticus. But I am excited about us, about Him. It already felt like it’s more than just session partners with Him, cos I enjoy immensely being with Sir even outside of sessions. As a matter of fact, the vanilla and the kink kinda molded into one sometimes. And that is exactly what I wanted, the 24/7, when it’s kinky and vanilla at the same time, all the time. I have no idea where and how far this would go, but I’m excited to find out.


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