Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 15 – anniversary, Domme and the 100

Last week was a fucking roller-coaster to say the list, and quite kinkalicious. Let’s begin with the less fun stuff.

1. Sub explosion

So I wrote about this earlier and yeah, it happened… But I am over it now. Pretty much thanks to what happened later last week, I will talk about it in a jiffy.

2. One year anniversary for being single

On the 9th of March, last Wednesday, it was my one year anniversary for being a single. And I made the following update to my Facebook. 🙂

single one year

3. Domme experience

So here we get to the kinky part… Remember I introduce a lovely lady Princess Cinder who was the guest pen here and wrote a kinky little story a while ago? Princess Cinder is in fact Sir Sade’s new submissive, and she’s the little lady this kitten was playing with also a while ago. So last week, kitten got a little task to go entertain Princess while Sir Sade was away. And I got an idea, what if for one session, I would be Domme Kitten. 😛 I will talk about it in more detail later this week. Stay tuned! 😉

4. The 100

I have said it a hundred times, Sir Sade is really really good at surprising me. His another amazing talent is to keep me in check. I know I was going to get the 100 strikes of the canes in some point, but not even in my wildest imagination did I think that He would give the 100 right after I played a Domme for two hours and had my head filled with power and control. In other words, I let the domliness go to my head. I felt indestructible. I am also going to write about this later, so stay tuned for this too! 😀

5. My first ever Trivial Pursuit win

So after a very kinky Thursday with the Domme thing and the 100, the weekend was quite relaxing. There was a sushi party. And an epic Trivial Pursuit match. I hate that game with a passion, cos I suck at it. But my nerdy side helped my team win the whole game. Cos the last question, the question to decide win or lose, was the following “What is the device called that storage all the information about Pokemons in the animation Pokemon?” I was jumping up and down from excitement! No one else knew the answer, and I ended up screaming out real loud “POKEDEX!” XD There were hardly any other moment in my life that I felt more proud of myself! Nerds FTW!


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