Kinky Dungeon

Discipline and Punishment

I have briefly written about the importance of punishments earlier in D/s relationships. If it was long time since the last session with Sir Sade, then the last punishment was longer away still. The group session couple of weeks ago was super fun, but it was the first session that I had to work to concentrate on Sir. I have had group sessions before, and never had I any problems concentrating. It might be because it had been a while, and also because I like the third party of the group session a lot. But I could feel it, I was getting more restless and brat side is getting out more and more. I would verbally test Him a lot, being disrespectful just to get a reaction. I was like a cat pushing stuff off the table to get attention. But I’m not a brat, I do get bratty but I don’t particularly like to be. I’m basically addicted to hearing ‘good girl’ and ‘good kitten’. So I knew what I had to do before the next session, I had to ask for a discipline restoring session from Sir Sade, and as helpful and gracious as always, Sir was happy to oblige.

So last Saturday I prepared myself for the ordeal. I was so fucking scared. I had earlier brought my canes for Sir Sade to keep in His closet, cos in my search for another Dom, I don’t necessarily want him to know about the canes. Yes, I’m a pussy, so what? At the same time, I made Sir Sade’s job a lot easier when it comes to punishing me, cos hey He already has the canes ready and waiting. So I was just to bring my ass to the slaughter. The bus trip to His Domliness’s place felt like forever and in a blink of an eye at the same time. The girl who was part of the group session last time, she was observing the session through Skype cos she has never seen a punishment before and she wanted to know what it was like. So I knew I was going to be watched and the thought turned me on a bit. But at the same time I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate if I knew I was being watched. Again, I probably should give more credit to Sir Sade.

He had me under His rule right the second I took off my coat. I had almost forgotten how strong His Dom vibe can be when He chooses to let it out. I was plunged into the subspace with really rough maneuvers, and He made my insides shiver from fear when He made me look into His eyes and answered to Him. One question stood out for me, the one question from which I knew He was not going to go easy on me because of the audience: “You don’t think that you’re going to get any pleasure today now, do you?” I shook my head furiously, my mouth was already gagged with my underwear. And you all know what me being gagged means. It meant it was going to hurt like hell.

Sir Sade began with me standing against the wall and with my hands up. I hate breast spanking. Sir Sade had a new toy too, what I believe is called the dressage whip, a long thin flexible horse whip. It sure looked scary. And it was a devilish weapon, because it was very flexible, it hurt as much as a single tail or a very well soaked cane. I won’t go into details as to what all the hellish things this new whip can do, cos I am going to write about it. Yes, it deserves its own post. But it hurts a lot on the breasts, and it’s way more scarier than the flogger on pussy whipping. And that was what was next, thigh and pussy whipping. I had never got bruises on my vajayjay, well, first time for everything, right? The pain from pussy whipping… it was something else.

Once the front side was fully whipped, I was flipped onto my stomach and it was my butt’s turn. After a very thorough warm up with the flogger and a bullwhip, I was deemed worthy of the canes. The disciplinary restoration was done, I was back to my very obedient self, but the bad behavior still needed to be punished. Sir Sade asked whether I remember my worst caning punishment, the 70 strikes. Like I could ever forget something like that… So then began the counting. I hate counting. I’m so bad at counting. And Sir Sade didn’t make counting easier by adding phrases like “thank you, Sir for the discipline” and “thank you, Sir, may I have another”. But I did make it through. Although I did break down already during the brutal breast whipping, I was downright sobbing after the pussy whipping. And I left teeth marks on my cane for biting it too hard. But I felt much calmer, more zen after more than an hour of whipping and caning. I was happy to go back being an obedient little kitten.

The lesson of the story? That little subbies need to be punished once in a while. And that dressage whips are the weapon of the devil. And that a good spanking makes me happy, cos when I went to visit my friend after the session, my friend said I looked radiant. 😀 It’s good to be well-behaved again. Until next time. 😉


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