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The Oscars 2016

Last Thursday I placed my bets on the Oscars and made my own predictions. Just finished watching the Oscars couple of hours ago and I feel… unfulfilled. Although there were many good movies nominated this year, many great movies weren’t. The only passionate category this year for me was the best supporting actor category. Cos Sly was nominated for the role of Rocky, and it’s about time the Academy recognized Rocky. Out of the 19 categories I’ve predicted, I got 16 correct, so three misses and Rocky was one of them. 😦 The other misses were Visual Effects and Best Picture.

I was pretty upset that Sly didn’t get his award. Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies won that category. Don’t get me wrong, Rylance’s performance was decent enough but out of the other four nominated, I wouldn’t choose him over Sly. Tom Hardy would have been my second choice.

And just as everything had been so hyped up about, Leo did win for the role of the Revenant. Leo is not my choice, cos I think he wasn’t the best in the bunch but now that Leo got his Oscar, maybe we can get a little break from him now finally. He can now stop trying so hard.

Before I go into the Best Picture category, which I got wrong, let’s talk a little about the performances. Sam Smith looked phenomenal, he looked like JT! He seems a little nervous though on stage, and his singing was a little pitchy, but I’m happy that he won for Bond song. Lady Gaga’s performance was powerful and got me in tears in the end. And then Chris Rock, he is not my favorite black comedian of all time, but I think he did a decent job hosting. There was shade, there was sarcastic jokes. And I find it funny that there were so much diversity at the presenters this year, it just goes to highlight the fact that there was no diversity in the nominees.

And then the final category, Best Picture went to Spotlight. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Out of the eight nominated best pictures, three of them got a 9/10 rating from me: Room, The Big Short and Spotlight. It was tough for me to choose one to bet on, but since I happened to like The Big Short more out of the three, I chose it. But I would have been just as happy if one of the other two won, and Spotlight did. As long as The Revenant didn’t win.

It was a busy couple of months filled with good movies but I am also glad that the Oscar ordeal is over now. See you next year.


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