Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 13 – Room, punishment and the Oscars

I’m a little sick over here, so this is going to be short and sweet.

1. Room (2015)

The final four movies were watched this past week and one of them was Room. This will contain spoilers. I think I have the book somewhere but I have never got around to read it. It’s a story about a five-year-old Jack who is locked inside a room with his mother. It’s not an easy movie to watch, the movie was shot from young Jack’s point of view, everything was not shown but not everything needed to be shown in order for the audience to know what was going on. I haven’t seen much from Brie Larson who played the mother Joy, so I didn’t have an opinion about her pre-Room. She was stunning in her role, as was Jack who was played by Jacob Tremblay. The aftermath is really what made this movie a great one, the falling apart of the mother, how Jack got used to the world. During an interview, a reporter asked the mother Joy, why she didn’t ask for her captor to take Jack to a hospital so that he would get a chance to have a normal childhood. Joy looked surprised at the question and quite taken aback. To be completely honest, that hadn’t crossed my mind either as an audience member. Because I got to see it from Jack’s point of view, his ma was his whole life and she made it bearable. And Jack was Joy’s reason to leave, as selfish as it might sound, I think Joy, as any teenager would probably does, Joy didn’t want to let go. I sincerely believe that the so-called ultimate sacrifice to give Jack away has even crossed Joy’s mind. That one interview, that one moment in the movie made it all tangibly real and humane to me. I often thinks why only heroes and larger than life persons get a movie made out of them, why not the absolutely ordinary ones? The selfish ones. The ones that are real. That’s why Room earned almost top score from me.
My IMDb rating: 9 stars out of 10

2. Steve Jobs (2015)

I don’t like iProducts by default. Cos even as a little girl when iMacs invaded our school as the sole computers, I already hated them with fiery passion. I hated that fucking one button mouse, I hated the OS that was supposed to be ‘user-friendly’. I guess it was user-friendly, but I didn’t like that it treated me like I was an idiot. So PC girl for life. I thought it was completely arrogant the way iMacs work. Like they deemed us users as imbecile from the get-go, so we shouldn’t have access to the machines. Later I found out how it was their initiative to gift iMacs to schools for free, I didn’t see it as aaww-how-nice gesture, but a propaganda to form the next generation as Mac users. It’s outrageous! And don’t get me started about iPhones! Okay okay, I’ll stop. *deep breath*

So, a Steve Jobs movie came out and I wasn’t a least bit interested. But then Michael Fassbender went and got nominated for best actor and I kinda had to watch it. The first part of the movie I just kept yelling ‘I knew it!’ cos all my conspiracies I had as a kid got proven to be true. I just hated it cos the movie actually made me respect this guy in a way that I didn’t think I ever would. It was a very well made movie of a ruthless man and his career and dreams. Fassbender did an awesome job. So did Kate Winslet.
My IMDb rating: 7 stars out of 10

3. Deadpool plushy 

20160225_140520I was not quiet about my love for Deadpool and his movie. So I want something to kinda mark this year as the year when Deadpool became my favorite movie of the year. I’m not big on plushy toys, I don’t have many of hairy ones at all. I have a cute as hell dragon hairless plushy called Edgar, and now I have Poolie. He is super adorable with his to little katanas, utility belt and mischievous eyes. Always with Funko products, Poolie has some difficulties to stand on his own, but I already made Edgar the dragon his pet, so Poolie can kinda stand on my dining table / computer table with the support of Edgar. ❤

4. Punishment

I couldn’t quite recall without checking my calendar that when I got a good spanking the last time. So although I have got zen about not knowing when I would get my next session, I was gradually getting more restless and more bratty because the lack of spanking. So I asked, nicely and politely, for a discipline restoration session from Sir Sade, and He was happy to oblige yesterday. I would love to talk about this a little more next Tuesday. Stay tuned.

5. The Oscars

Finally, the wait is over. Although I don’t get to watch the Oscars until on Monday, but I’m as hype as I can be while having a little fever and every time I cough it feels like my lungs are flying out of my throat. Dear Oscars, you better not disappoint the sick girl.



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