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Inappropriate Fantasies – M


I was the new girl in town, just moved to the city two months ago. I took my time to get to know the circle, the people, the community in this place they called the land of kink. There had been tons of invitations to play from different Doms. I did carry a small reputation with me, I was trained by the most notorious sadist in the country. But I didn’t leave my mentor for just any Dom. I only had my eyes on one Dom, a Dom who also had a reputation, of being extremely selective, a Dom who played rough, a Dom everyone called M.

M didn’t like to attend to parties, but once every two months a party would be held in the biggest BDSM club in the city called Crimson. The sole purpose of this party was for M to choose a new submissive. Rumor has it that no sub had last longer than two months before being released by M, reasons unknown. In order to prove to myself and my mentor that I really had what it took to make it out here, what better way to do it than try and become the submissive of the most famous Dom in the city.

I prepared with care my outfit for the party in Crimson. I was wearing all white, a white corset, a white short skirt, a white pair of stay ups. I put on my white leather collar with a white leash. White was the color of submissives who were looking for Doms. It took me one humiliating call to my mentor and almost an hour of begging before an invitation was arranged for me. Eight o’clock sharp that evening a car was waiting for me to take me to Crimson.

Once I arrived in the club, I put the handle of the leash in my mouth between my teeth. If I left it hanging, that would mean any Dom could take the leash and lead me to play. I wasn’t planning to play with anyone but M. I went to sit on a table that overlooked the whole big room plus the entrance so that I couldn’t possibly miss the arrival of M. I waited patiently for over 30 minutes with the leash in my mouth, my eyes fixed on the entrance. Suddenly the whole room quieted down, the busy chatter ceased as everyone turned their heads toward the door.

In walked M. Short blond hair, stunningly blue eyes visibly even from a distance, wearing a simple white button down shirt, black trousers and leather riding boots; M’s signature look and the outfit looked incredibly sexy. I couldn’t avert my eyes. But I wanted to observe first, and not make my move yet. I saw half a dozen subs dressed in white approaching and offering M their leashes. All of them were denied with a cold smile. I knew that I very well could be one of them, being denied and then I would be forced to crawl back to my mentor with my tail between my legs. I knew I would never forgive myself for not giving it a try. I also knew I had to separate myself from other subs who walked up to M to offer their leash from their open palms.

I focused my eyes on M, willing those impossibly blue eyes to meet mine. And once they finally did from across the room, I didn’t waste one second. Keeping the intense eye contact, I drop to my hands and knees, with the leash still between my teeth, and I started crawling slowly across the big room. People parted way for me and I started to gather attention to my little journey. I realized how humiliating it would be if I get denied now that everyone’s focus was on me.

It seemed to take forever for me to arrive at M’s feet. When I finally did, I settled on the kneeling position, my eyes still locked on the blue. M wasn’t smiling, just looking at me. Everything faded from around me as I held the ice cold gaze. Please, please don’t reject me…

After an impossibly long time, so long that my legs start to go to sleep, I finally saw a little smile tucking at M’s lips. I almost teared up from relief when M reached out, placing a long-fingered hand palms up right under my chin. I obediently let go of the leash and let it drop on the waiting hand. The second the leash landed in M’s hand, I dropped my gaze in submission. I heard M’s low chuckle and I felt a little tuck on my leash. Placing my hands on the floor again, I started crawling after M. I could hardly believe I was chosen. But the real test was just getting started. M always tested the new sub on the night of the party before offering them the collar. And there was really no guarantee that I would be of satisfaction.

After a long crawl into the depths of Crimson, we finally arrived at M’s dungeon, which really looked more of a luxurious and classy five star hotel room. Except for the huge black St Andrews cross in the middle of the room and every empty space at the wall was filled with whips, crops, floggers and canes hanging in an orderly fashion.

I crawled until I was right in front of the St Andrew’s cross, and I stopped when I felt the leash going slack. With my eyes still cast down, I saw a pair of black riding boots right in front of me. I felt the leash tugging, this time upwards. I stood up, ignoring my knees’ painful complains about the sudden change of position. I stood with my back straight, my head bowed. I felt fingers under my chin lifting my head up. But I knew better than to look up before I was told to do so. I wasn’t told, so I kept my eyes down cast. Then I heard M’s low voice almost whispering:

“I’ve heard of you. You were trained by that arrogant sadistic beast of a man for almost two years. It is quite impressive that you could tolerate him for that long, I give you that. But look where you are now, offering me your leash. Or is this some kind of final test before graduation. That if you can get through the night with me, you consider your two years of training worth it all. Well, I am curious. Let’s see what you’re made of, shall we?”

I felt myself froze up before uttering “Yes…” M hadn’t tell me yet the proper way to address…

“Yes, what?” I heard M’s voice. Well, here goes nothing.

“Yes, M-” my reply was cut short with a hard slap across my face that had my head whipped to the side, fiery heat rising quickly on my cheek.

M leaned in really close and whispered: “You haven’t earned the privilege to call me that yet. Your safe word is red. I don’t use yellow. If you can’t take it, then I will stop the whole thing. Nod if you understood.”

I nodded my head.

M continued: “Turn around, face the cross, put your hands up and grab those handles. Spread your legs wide apart. Letting go of the handles is the same as saying ‘red’. Nod if you understood.”

I nodded again and did as I was told. The handles were high up. With my legs spread wide, I straightened my back into full height and took hold of the handles. M wasn’t going to restrain me in any way. All of it was a test. A test of my willingness to obey, a test how well I could take it without the support of ropes or other forms of bondage. A blindfold was placed on my eyes, and the room became pitch black. The lack of sight seemed to make me hyper aware of the sounds around me, and it was eerily quiet.

I gasped loudly when I suddenly felt something cold on my right arm. The cold left my skin and I heard some fast paced clicking sounds just on my right side. I recognized the sound and I shivered, it was the sound of butterfly knife being opened and closed. I braced myself for some cutting, feeling awe that M was actually going to begin with something so intense. But then I felt my short skirt being cut with the knife, the now useless fabric falling from my waist. Next went my white silk underwear, after that I could feel the knife under the lacing of my corset. One by one, with a little firm tuck, the lacing of my corset was being severed. The corset fell on the floor to make company with my ruined dress. Finally I felt the knife inside the hem of my stay up stockings, both of them were quickly cut and ripped apart.

I heard footsteps going away from me, and I imagined M backing up to admire the handiwork of the butterfly knife. I was hanging for the St Andrew’s cross all naked except for my collar and leash.

From a little distance, I heard M’s voice again: “You know, I received a call from that mentor of yours. He told me your least favorite spanking instrument is the bullwhip, although your hard little head would never admit it. Let’s see if he’s right.” As if to stress the point, I heard a whip whistling through the air and making a crack loud as the thunder. I jumped at the sound and my reaction made M chuckled.

I felt the first sting on my left butt cheek before I actually heard the crack when the tip of the whip met my skin. I squeezed the handles hard to prevent from screaming out loud. I guess there was some pride left in me, no way I was screaming at the first hit. The second hit landed on the exact spot as the last one, same amount of force but hurt twice as much. On the sixth hit on the same spot, I cracked and let out a shriek.

I could practically heard the satisfaction dripping from M’s voice: “There it is. I almost thought you lost your voice.”

After that M moved on to my right butt cheek, giving it the equal treatment. My screams of pain weren’t shy anymore, along with every hit I cried out loudly. I counted forty hits, twenty on each cheeks. I was panting hard after that but I knew it was just getting started. When I heard the whistle of the whip, this time twice as loud and two loud cracks, one closely followed by another, I knew M had brought a second whip into play. After all, double whips were M’s so-called party trick. I heard the foot steps coming a little closer. Then I felt both of the whips slicing through the air and lashing on each side of my back. I let out a wet scream, trying hard to swallow the lump forming in my throat. Back whipping could break me so easily that it was almost unfair. Then the hits started alternating left and right landing on my backside. It was all I could do to not arch my back or move at all because precision was the key in whippings, and injuries were sometimes due to a submissive unable to stay put.

The whipping stretched on and on, as pain became my whole world. My panting turned to sobbing fifty hits ago and they were still going. It went on until I was positive that there weren’t many unmarked spot on my back and butt. Finally the whips quieted down, and my ears were ringing from all the cracking. My arms felt numb from holding on for so long.

All of a sudden I felt M’s whole body pressing against my burning back. Because of my raw skin, I could feel every shape of M’s body through the clothes, and almost leaned back. Instead I settled on moaning loudly. I felt those long-fingered hands landing on my naked waist, slowly travelling up my side, fingers gently brushing the side of my breasts still going upward along my arms until M’s hand were cupping mine that were holding the handles. I mildly felt fingers tapping the back of my hands, indicating I was to let go. Slowly I lose up my fingers that were tightly wrapped around the handle. M grabbed my wrists gently and slowly helped me drop my hands down. The blood rushing back to my hands all of a sudden was excruciating. Wrapping my arms around my middle, M enveloped me in a firm embrace and whispered into my ears: “Good girl. You are the first little sub who could take the complete whipping without collapsing or calling ‘red’. I am very proud of you. One more test and the collar is yours.”

With that M turned my around, holding my wrists behind my back. Then M reached behind me to tie my wrists onto the mid-section of the cross. Then a rope came around my left ankle, a simple knot securing the rope and then my left leg was hoisted up in the air until it was almost parallel to the ground. My pussy was wide open and I felt my wetness dripping out of me in this position.

I felt M’s warm breath right in front of my face: “I was also told that you are very well trained with muscle control. I am very strict on orgasm control. My submissive is not allowed to ask for permission to cum, I say when you get to cum. If you could hold it in and not climax before I say so, you have then earned the right to address me properly.”

With that said, M inserted a large dildo deep inside of me in one hard shove. I contracted my vaginal muscles immediately as I knew that the dildo would slide right out because of how wet I already was. I half moaned and groaned when I felt the dildo starting to vibrate hard in me. M was not kidding around. Holding in a vibrating dildo in this position with a dripping wet pussy, I was so ready to climax any second. I froze up, staying rock still and giving it all into concentration on keeping the dildo in me, while trying hard not to cum.

When I finally found my peace that I could hold the position for as long as it was required of me, I felt little stings all over my pussy. A flogger!? Harder still came the second kiss from the flogger right on my pussy and I almost dropped the dildo it felt so good. M stopped at the fifth strike to say: “Fifteen more of these and I just might let you cum.” As M said the last word, the flogger stroke my core again. Then again. And again. The force escalating. Half way through I had to bite my lips hard, so hard I could taste blood. At strike fifteen I started to panic that I couldn’t make it through, my lone leg standing was starting to shake. When strike sixteen hit M started to count down from five and that seemed to give me strength to take the rest. With strike twenty, I finally let go of the breath I didn’t realize I was holding and I felt a hand stroking my sweat and tears stained face. The blindfold was lifted and I blinked rapidly to adjust to the light. Then I felt fingers under my chin and a command to look up. My blurry vision slowly focused on those blue eyes again. I felt M took hold of the dildo and I was told to let go. I breathed deeply a couple of times before relaxing my muscles, letting the dildo go. M slowly pulled the vibrating dildo almost all the way out, but still leaving the head in me. With those blue eyes fixed on mine and a smirk playing on the lips, M ordered simply: “Cum now.” And then the dildo was being thrust into me forcefully and that was all it took for me to unravel. Waves and waves of unaltered pleasure hit me with full force, all I could see was blue and nothing else.

When I finally came down from one of the best orgasm in my entire life, I was kneeling on the floor panting, somehow my leg was let down and my wrists unbound. A bright red collar was presented in front of me with a question: “You have earned this. Look up and tell me. Will you accept my collar and become my property?”

I looked up from the kneeling position. I felt myself smiling so wide that my cheek hurt. I had worked so hard to earn the right to say the answer. I stared at the blue and answered: “Yes, Mistress.”


A little story that hit me while I was watching ‘Carol’ last Friday. Yes, M as in Mistress. The majestic Cate Blanchett was who I had in mind for the role of Mistress. I hope you enjoyed this little story as much as I did writing it. The thought of playing with a Domme has been circling around my head for a while now, I just might talk about that later. We’ll see. 🙂


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