Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 12 – movies, zombies and hot pot

What an absurd and crazy week, if you have read the post about kitten play you would know why. I’m feeling a little disoriented. Fortunately I had three great Oscar nominated movies and a party on Saturday to anchor me somewhat in reality. So let’s begin with this week’s obsessions, which are strongly movie oriented.

1. Hot Pot party


There is a small but vibrant community of young Chinese living in the metropolitan area. I happen to know a few, but I’ve never joined the bigger gatherings until I was invited to one on Saturday, a hot pot party at my favorite guy friend’s place. Over 15 people turned up with large amount of food. I got to see my cousin who I haven’t seen for a long time. I met a girl who I played with when I was a kid and I haven’t seen her for maybe ten to fifteen years. There were also many who I have never met. The conversations were filled with several different languages, Cantonese, Chinese, Finnish and English all mixed into one. I hadn’t really expected to have such fun, but I guess the feeling of solidarity and being with people with the same cultural background and same kind of experiences growing up, it does create a strong sense of belonging. And of course, when it comes to Chinese people gatherings, food is not to be taken lightly, there were plenty and they were delicious. I am very much looking forward to the next gathering with more food and very good company indeed.

2. The Walking Dead

Finally! The break is over and The Walking Dead came back with a bang. And it started with this crazy episode that got me screaming, crying, angry and relieved. I know WD episodes can be absolutely nuts sometimes, but this last episode was quite something. Gladly the next episode is on pretty soon. Fingers crossed (and mild spoiler alert), I wish this is the season when they would finally kill off Rick. I am really tired of him.

3. Trumbo

A movie about Dalton Trumbo, one of the biggest screenwriters of all time, who along with other screenwriters were blacklisted because of their political beliefs. There were times when no one would buy his stories. Hiding behind fake names, Trumbo wrote one of the biggest movies of Hollywood history: The Roman Holiday, The Brave One and Spartacus. I am not that fluent with old Hollywood movies, but I do know the big ones, and it could hardly get any bigger than these movies that Trumbo wrote, all of which won Oscars. Bryan Cranston was simply phenomenal at his portray of Trumbo, especially scenes with Elle Fanning who played Trumbo’s daughter. Now I’ve seen four of five movies that are nominated for Best Actor (all but Steve Jobs) and all of them were better than Leonardo DiCaprio at The Revenant… I don’t know… feels unfair if Leo wins.

4. Carol

I adore Cate Blanchett. She’s such a stunningly beautiful woman. She plays Carol in the movie Carol, and what a beautifully made movie it was. It wasn’t that hard to imagine falling in love with Carol, I believe many in the audience including myself fell for her as hard as Therese played by Rooney Mara. Mara actually surprised me by holding her own opposite such a brightly shining star as Blanchett, actually Mara was amazing as the innocent Therese. As a matter of fact Cate Blanchett’s Carol inspired me, towards the end of the film I had this great idea for a story that I almost got distracted. I will try to write it tomorrow so I can get it out on Kinky Tuesday. Stay tuned! 😉

5. The Big Short

Last but definitely not least, I just watched The Big Short few hours ago. When I came out of the theater, my brains felt numb. The Big Short is the definition of a mind blown. Of course I sorta kinda know the story, but just the short version as what happened to the US economy few years ago. But I guess very few people actually know exactly what happened. And that is what The Big Short is going to tell you. It’s a crazy story. Made more crazy by being a true one. It started out being quite funny and absolutely ridiculous. But as the movie went on, it gradually got harder and harder to laugh, when the scale of what truly happened and what it meant for the regular people slowly dawned. The scene where it all came crashing down, I got chills all over my body. It’s all just a number’s game. But in this case, those numbers were deadly that destroyed lives of millions. The Big Short is the kind of movie that would make your brains melt. At least I had to pay extra attention in order to keep up. It’s also the kind of movie that changes you just a little big. It would take a while for me to get back to my optimistic self and to start trusting in humanity again.


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