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Favorite Youtube Channels

So I began watching Youtube more seriously roughly two and a half years ago, meaning I go there looking for something more stable than random video surfing. And ever since I moved to my own place and decided not to get a TV, Youtube has since become my TV. I nearly always have it on playing something while I’m doing something else like cooking and writing. Favorite Youtubers come and go, the list of channels I’ve subscribed to have changed a lot these few years. I’ve noticed that those who have an almost iron-clad updating schedule are the channels that became my favorites. Here I’m introducing five of my favorite channels that I visit whenever there is an update, and for some of these channels that is every day.

1. Wendy Williams Show

I do not consider myself a gossip girl. I never read gossip magazines, I get really awkward when colleagues gossip about other colleagues. I do love telling stories about friends and adventures, but I don’t consider that gossiping. I stumbled upon an interview on the Ellen Show channel, she interviewed a day time talk show host named Wendy Williams. Oh boy, she was one mean lady. 😀 I instantly fell for her style; sharp, to the point, take no prisoners. She is mean when mean is due. I quickly went to her Youtube channel and I have watched her talking about celebrity gossips on ‘Hot Topics’ ever since. Although I really don’t care about the celebrities, it is still great fun to watch Miss Wendy telling stories about them. As Miss Wendy said once “I’m not judging. I’m judgmental.” Gotta love Miss Wendy.

2. Just Kidding News

Okay, I do realize that JK News might not be for everyone. I bonded with the JK crew cos like me, most of them are minorities. They get what it’s like to have Asian parents. When you are foreigner living in Western country, you would grow up with certain toughness and cynicism. It is not really a news program, they choose random and crazy news around the world, super violent crime stories, ridiculous people doing crazy stuff etc etc. They swear a lot, the opinions are real and cheeky and sometimes even extreme. But I’ve watched them for quite a while now, and have got to know every crew member separately. It’s a great show to just put on and listen while I’m doing something else. Their update schedule is crazy, they do it several times a day. Several videos a day! That’s really crazy. You truly never run out of stuff to watch. When I started watching, I went back and watch all the videos in the beginning (yes yes I have a boring job, so I listen to lots of JK News at work), so I get all their jokes, quite a few of them are inside jokes. But if you want something different than the regular news broadcast, go for JK News.

3. David So Comedy

One of the regular guest member of JK News is David So, who is by far my favorite. A loud Korean man with a great sense of humor and a very straight forward attitude towards everything. Honest and loud opinions. I like that in a comedian. And once in a while he gives great insight to the big questions too, which means he is actually quite smart. Also something I like in a comedian. His humor might not be for everyone, but watch one of his videos down here and judge for yourself.

4. IISuperwomanII

Need I introduce this awesome sauce woman anymore? Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is one of the biggest Youtuber right now and if you have ever watched her videos, you would completely understand why. She is witty and delightful and so full of energy. I like the videos she just talking something funny and I love those sketches she does where she plays her own parents. Of course, her story is quite inspiring too. She started making videos because she was suffering depression and she just wanted to be more happy. In the process she make the world a happier place by getting so many of her audience laugh. Here’s a sample of her humor.

5. Simon and Martina (formerly known as ‘Eat Your Kimchi’)

There are tons of people doing vlogs about living in a foreign country. The very first video I watched from Simon and Martina was about eating instant cup noodle like a boss. It was a funny video with great tips how to pimp your instant noodle. So I kept watching. Their channel was called ‘Eat Your Kimchi’ earlier cos they are a Canadian married couple living in South-Korea. Before them, I wasn’t really interested in travelling to South-Korea but after watching them talk about the culture, the food and places to go, I fell in love with the country along with Simon and Martina. They are such a cute couple and their videos are really funny. And as a foodie, their FAP FAPs (Food Adventure Program For Awesome People) and their foodporn…oh man, don’t ever watch these while you’re hungry! So recently they moved to Japan, and I can’t wait for them to make me fall in love with Japan even more than I already am! Here’s one of their videos.


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