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Is That a Thing? – Kitten Play

I am a submissive first and foremost. I have some other tendencies time to time, I get bratty when I go longer without a proper spanking, I am rarely a little but I have my moments, I am masochistic whenever I’m submitting. But it kinda surprised me too that I found myself gravitating towards one particular sub-genre (get it? sub genre *silly laugh*), and that is being a pet. More specifically a kitten. As someone having trouble asking for affection from D-types, it is only natural that I would choose a role that would allow me to express and beg for affection in a more organic way. So a kitten it is. 🙂 The role came on gradually. It started with me calling myself a kitten and using the kitten emoji in messages with Sir Sade (formerly known as ‘my Dom’) whenever I was feeling affectionate. Or I was asking for something. 😛 And then it became more and more frequent. And then last Christmas, as a Christmas present for myself, I bought a cute red kitten collar with a little red bell and a thick furry tail with a butt plug. I have tried the tail on for a few times to take photos, but I haven’t had any experience of kitten play in a session. Until yesterday. 😛

This kitten is recruited by Sir Sade as a little surprise for a group session. I had taken the role of a sex toy before in group sessions, and being a kitten is a similar role, with a little more freedom to move around. I wasn’t allowed to speak when the collar is on, but otherwise not as much eye-contact restrictions etc.

Yesterday’s session started in Sir Sade’s car, we were going to go pick up a delightful little lady. Kitten waited in the car patiently, making sure her tail was firmly intact. I was told to entertain the little lady in the back seat the best that I could for the 20 minute drive. And that kitten did, I was kneeling on the backseat with my head buried in a delicious pussy for almost the whole drive. Oh how kitten missed licking pussy. Any car passing our car would have gotten a naughty view of an ass with a thick fluffy tail sticking out, or a girl tightly grabbing the seats of the car moaning while her pussy was being entertained. I have always been a little exhibitionist, showing myself and sex in semi-public turn me on immensely. So when the car stopped at the red lights, I got even more excited about a potential audience. Twenty-minute drive ended prematurely, kitten only managed to give the little lady one orgasm during the ride. But once we arrived I was allowed to continue where we left off on the sofa.

And that was the proper start to a very fun night of serving as a kitten. There were lot of pussy licking, blowjob and rimming. One of my favorite place to lick is the juncture. 😛 You know, the spot where a cock goes in and out of a pussy. There is a very specific scent to it, caused by pussy juice, sweat and friction, and the salty taste of it drives me insane with arousal. Try that spot if you want to know what exactly lust tastes like. Of course I missed giving blowjobs, two-girl blowjobs and the most of all the rimming.

With my tail intact, I was in a constant state of arousal. But kitten’s job was to serve last night, so I wasn’t even expecting to get anything inside of me in addition to the tail butt plug. And the last thing I expected was getting one of the best orgasm in my entire life. Of course, I have been deprived of a session for so long, that I shouldn’t really be surprised. After the little lady tasted this pussy cat’s pussy for a while and kitten watching a very hot show of Sir Sade fucked her at the same time in the ass from behind, both girls were told to move on the bed so that our pussies were facing each other. Then Sir Sade got the huge pink double dildo out, inserting the other end in the little lady’s wet pussy and then pushing the other end in my pussy. It was a tight squeeze because of the medium size anal plug already inside my ass. Kitten felt so filled once the dildo was inside. Us girls moved back and forth for a while, then Sir Sade decided to up the level of pleasure by a huge step; He placed vibrators on both of our clitorises. It was too much, way too much for me. Suddenly I remembered my collar. If I wasn’t allowed to talk, how could I ask for permission to cum? I got Sir Sade’s attention and I tapped my collar with my fingers. I was so terrified to cum without permission. I wasn’t sure how Sir Sade understood my tapping, but He apparently took it as a sign to actually get me to cum. He ordered little lady to hold her vibrator, freeing up His right hand. The next thing I felt was His hand on my throat, cutting the oxygen completely. I knew He choked me hard cos almost instantly I lost the sensation on both of my hands. Then came the sharp slaps on my face, my cheeks instantly burning up like it was pushed against hot asphalt heated up by the summer afternoon sun. He kept doing it for a little while, until I absolutely couldn’t take it anymore. As for the collar, I decided ‘fuck it’, better ask for permission to cum despite the collar than cum without permission. With His hand firmly around my throat, I whispered as loud as possible “May I please cum, Sir?” I knew the count to five was next, and I did it as loud as I could and as quickly as I could. After saying five, I exploded like fireworks on New Year’s Day. There were maybe a handful of times during my sex history that I came so hard that I couldn’t see straight, I squeezed the blanket on the bed so hard my fingers went numb. Once it was over, a sharp headache hit me. That always happens to me when an orgasm is so great that it gathers all the blood down south and when it’s over all the blood rushes back to the head like a fucking tsunami. And later I realized, that was my first forced orgasm. And just when I thought forced orgasm is just not possible for me, someone who couldn’t usually cum at all when I’m not alone…

I was quite wobbly after that. Kitten was ordered to bring my canes with me. And to the last minute, I was kinda hoping that wouldn’t be kitten’s ass that the canes were tested on. No such luck. After the literally mind-blowing orgasm, I was tied to the dining table with my ass out and kitten tail hanging in the middle to receive the cane demonstration along with some warm-up spanking. The canes still managed to scare me shitless, I couldn’t help from shaking and whimpering like a scared little kitten once the canes were placed in front of me, deliberately put in my line of sight by Sir Sade (He didn’t earn His alias after the father of sadism for nothing). Although Sir Sade didn’t strike nearly as hard as during punishments, it’s the fear of what He is capable of that did nothing to lessen the suffering. When it was the little lady’s turn to be tied up on the table, kitten was given a rare treat. I had the honor to swing the crop. Ten hits on the pretty round ass. I didn’t dare to hit too hard, but I was hooked almost instantly. Sir Sade’s crop was a little too long for my size, but I love the feel, the sound of it. I wanted to go harder, harder still, I wanted to use maximum force, but before I get to know the little lady more and about where exactly her pain threshold is, I only used maybe 50 % of my strength. If I thought before that using my hand and the Body shop hair brush were fun, they were nothing compared to the crop. I fell in love with wielding it, it is my weapon of choice.

Last but not least, kitten was rewarded with Sir Sade cumming in my mouth and then me sharing the load with the little lady. It was a fun night. How about the little lady, you ask? Well, she got seven orgasms according to my counting, so I think she’s doing just fine. 😉 When I finally took the tail off, I have had the plug for almost three hours straight and it felt very good all that time. As much as I hate the canes I do adore the marks they leave behind. Although there weren’t much very visible marks, I could feel it all night and all day today. Might still feel it tomorrow. I had fun to be a kitten, and I can’t wait to explore more of different aspects of kitten play in the future. Meeeow ❤


2 thoughts on “Is That a Thing? – Kitten Play

  1. Such a riveting read! I use the title kitten but I’ve never actually engaged in kitten play, but this is definitely a little push in that direction for me. I love it. Your writing is awesome, following and liking! Also I really like “slapassformotivation.” I cracked up. twice.


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