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“Dinner” by Princess Cinder

Surprise Saturday! How about a little sum’in sum’in to spice up your Valentine’s Day for tomorrow? I had the privilege to read a story written by a lovely lady earlier this week. A story that this lady described as being quite ‘tame’. Well, if this is ‘tame’ in her opinion, I can’t wait to read something of hers that she would describe as ‘naughty’. Right after reading her little story, I asked her permission to translate it into English and publish it in this little blog. So without further ado, it’s definitely my pleasure to introduce to you: Princess Cinder and her story “Dinner”.


I busied myself in the kitchen just like any other evening. Although there were more items on tonight’s menu that required more minute attention to detail than usual, because there were going to be guest diners and I only wanted to serve the best for the guests. Another thing that made this occasion special was that instead of being the hostess, tonight my place was to wait and serve the guests the best to my ability. I certainly did not want to disappoint my Sire, tonight’s host either, so I was acutely nervous. As a matter of fact, tonight’s dinner was anything else but mundane, because today was the day that I wanted to prove myself as a good slut.

The doorbell rang and first guests arrived. I went to take their coats and hung them up. My task was not guest entertainment, not yet, so I went and offered them something to drink and I just smiled bashfully as Sire bid them welcome and escorted them towards the dining table. My cheeks were red hot from all the tension and the thought that I was to guarantee the pleasure of the guests in every way possible aroused me immensely. I felt the heat between my legs, my short skirt felt a little too short and the neckline of my shirt offered too generous a view.

I poured wine in a young man’s glass, my hands shaking. I noticed him glanced at me with a roguish gleam in his eyes. His glance stirred me and I spilled some wine on the tablecloth. I apologized profusely. Sire looked at me reproachfully and I knew that I would get punished for this later. Now, however, with a calm voice, Sire only told me to clean up the mess. That young man didn’t seem to mind the mess. He laid his hand on my bottom, stating that the universe could handle a few spilled drops of wine and that I could make up my mistake in some other way after dinner. I flushed bright red and other guests chuckled at my reaction, I felt humiliation rising up in me and I had to escape to the kitchen for a breather.

With my eyes closed I leaned upon the kitchen sink and I questioned whether I had what it took, whether I could be anyone’s slut or whether I would only bring disappointments. Suddenly, I felt a hand brushing my hips and I jumped, but didn’t turn around. I heard a voice of a stranger, almost whispering, that he hadn’t quite got enough of the main course yet and had come to collect what was missing. At the same time confident fingers dived under my skirt straight to my bare pussy. Not until then that I realized just how wet I was, his fingers slid right in and he sniggered: “You are a horny little slut, aren’t you…”. The belt to his suit pants were unbuckled, he pushed me against the kitchen counter, lifted my skirt and almost without warning he penetrated me. His cock felt incredible and I moaned. He told me to be quiet so that I wouldn’t disturb other diners’ appetite, it really wasn’t my business to gather attention. The edge of the counter pressed up against my stomach viciously as he fucked me from behind mercilessly. In the end he unloaded on my bottom, he took a roll of hand towel from the counter and told me to clean myself up. Shamed, I wiped myself clean until I realized the young man at whose place I spilled the wine was leaning against the kitchen entrance. With the same roguish gleam in his eyes he stared at me, my skirt still all the way up on my waist, so I was standing there with my pussy bare to him.

“I guess it’s my turn now,” he said. The familiar sound of a belt being unbuckled, and I backed up as he shoved me towards the kitchen table. “Jerk me off,” he ordered and I obeyed. It didn’t take long for him to get rock hard and he thrust his cock in my already dripping wet pussy, with me sitting on the edge of the table. The position aroused me further and I felt myself rising up toward my peak as this man kept ramming himself into me. A small squeak escaped my mouth, but then he slapped me hard on my face and stated that it was not my place to enjoy this party. He cum on my stomach and the roguish gleam turned slightly contemptuous: “You are quite a whore, aren’t you”.

I cleaned myself up again and I knew that it was time to prepare dessert. When I emerged back to the living room, the pet kitten was already entertaining two other male guests. I looked on jealously at the merry kitten play. She was jumping up and down mirthfully on the sofa on a man’s cock and at the same time took another man’s cock in her mouth. Sire observed approvingly as His pet kitten pleased the guests so. He glanced towards me with a little disdain, probably because I made them wait for their glasses of cognac for too long. I served cognac to the two men who fucked me and to a third man to whom I hadn’t pay much attention earlier. He looked me straight in the eyes and stated that he had heard I had a generous ass. I was baffled and I searched for eye contact with Sire for some help as how to respond. Sire just looked at me, amused that His slut was rendered speechless. “I want to serve as well as possible…”, was my reply.

I was put on my back on the dining table and it was dessert time for the kitten. Sire had poured some thick cream on me, cream that the kitten loved. The kitten was on top of me on all fours and she licked the cream off of my breasts, my stomach, my inner thighs… My pussy throbbed, I wanted it so bad that the kitten would lick the cream and the wetness from my pussy and release me. The men sipped their cognac and observed the kitten play. I hadn’t been this close to orgasm without a single touch to the clitoris. Just one little lick… please give it to me, kitten! And finally, the kitten lowered her nimble kitten tongue on my pussy and a huge orgasm washed over me immediately. My back arched and I moaned loudly. The kitten didn’t let me off the hook that easy and instead of letting my orgasm died down instantly she got me to ride it a long time by brushing my labia lips and my asshole with her fingers. She spread the wetness of my pussy towards my asshole, she might had guessed what was going to happen next. I heard Sire’s voice, “on your stomach”. I lay on the table on my stomach, my feet on the floor and I guessed that the last guest hadn’t been entertained yet. There he was, he started pushing his cock in my ass and because of the wetness, the cock slid right in. And then he fucked me, almost too hard, it felt like my ass couldn’t take much of it any longer. The cock felt huge and it almost made me tear up. He unloaded straight into my ass and I was left exhausted on the table. I heard that Sire ordered me to spread my butt cheeks and He told the kitten to lick me clean. And I felt kitten’s tongue in my asshole.

I felt like I had been thoroughly fucked, but the errands of a waitress awaited me. I fixed my hair a bit and wiped the corners of my eyes, I still needed to help the guests put their coats on. The front door closed and it felt like that my feet could barely keep me upright. What a night!

Sire came to stand beside me, turned and looked at me and asked:
“Did I give you permission to come…?”



Hot. As. Fuck.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for more stories from Princess Cinder. Maybe real soon… 😉


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