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Let’s Talk About Love – Valentine’s Day Movie Special

On the dawn of my blogging days back in 2012, I did this little Valentine’s Day special in which I talked about couples on-screen, whether it be big or small. Four years later, I’m writing another Valentine’s Day special. So in four years, what had changed? A lot, obviously, but I still strongly dislike rom-coms, or romantic stories in general. But since it’s Valentine’s week and I finally get to see Deadpool on Saturday, I’m in a super good mood. So I went through all the movies I’ve watched, and picked out five movies/series of movies that were about love and that I liked. I was going to do a top 10 list again, but I seriously couldn’t find ten romantic movies that I actually liked out of my over 1500-watched-movies list. So five it is. I’m warning you guys, I do have my Disney side, the pink, the fluffy, the extremely girly girl sugary side, and I am about to let it all out in this post.

Rocky & Adrian (Rocky, so in love since 1976)

“All I wanted her to do was trust me… and she did.”

Let’s begin this mini list with a heavy weight champ. 😛 Talking about going the distance! I have always thought that it was a joke when some people would say ‘Rocky’ is a love story, but after seeing all the Rockys just recently, some people were right. Rocky and Adrian is the cutest couple in all of movie history. I adore their simple yet pure love for each other, the large amount of silly jokes Rocky had told Adrian in their long relationship. The support Adrian gave Rocky, although she was always worried sick every time he fought. They were there for each other, always. Obviously, watching Rocky Balboa (2006) broke my heart, Rocky seemed so lost without his Adrian. Fast-forward ten years in ‘Creed’, Rocky’s emotional breakdown in the locker room about everything, everyone that had moved on without him, it was like a kick to the gut to my soul. A girl could only hope to find something remotely similar to what Rocky and Adrian had. Relationship goal, that’s what they are. To have someone say my name like Rocky always hollers “Yo, Adrian” ❤

John & Jane Smith (Mr & Mrs Smith, 2005)

I know, I know, some of you still remember this movie as the one that broke up Brad and Jennifer, but hey, there is never guarantee that you would get it right the first time. Brad and Angie’s chemistry in ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ was electric and palpable. When I went to see the movie back in 2005, me and my friend caught a movie theater worker taking down huge Mr & Mrs Smith posters down from the wall, and without delay we rushed to this cute guy and asked whether we could have two of those posters. Flirting would get you far, girls, don’t hesitate to do it. 😉 We got the posters, one of Brad, one of Angie. And no, there wasn’t even a fight who would had which poster, I wanted Angie. Yes, I will choose Angelina Jolie over Brad Pitt any given day.

Anyhoo, back to this fiery couple. As a gamer, I understand this perfectly: the pair that plays together, stays together. I have never had the chance to actually play games like World of Warcraft together with my partner, but it was a huge rush just playing with my friends, so I guess playing with my partner would be all kinds of awesome. Of course, in the movie, it was a little more intense than nerds playing video games together. 😀 Mr & Mrs Smith was a quality action movie with a strikingly beautiful couple to oggle and some steamy scenes that made my early 20s ass squirm in my seat in the theater.

Theodore & Samantha (Her, 2013)

Time to move on to something softer than guns and shooting. For the life of me, I can’t think of any other movie that depict the falling in love quite as tenderly as in ‘Her’. This movie was beautifully made, and even as a girl who loves the physical aspect of relationships, I do see how easily someone can fall in love with an AI, especially one with the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Take Theodore, a lonely, introverted man who sheds his shell to show the beauty and wonders of the world to Samantha the AI, even if she’s just a machine, but she’s someone who gets easily excited about absolutely everything. I love people who get excited about things, cos I am like that too. That’s one of the reason why I love my nerdy side, the fangirl side that still dance around the house in an ecstatic state whenever a new superhero movie is announced. I keep falling in love with fictional characters, I would cry over books and movies, you can get me to get excited over everything that is remotely awesome. I love that side of myself, that I still see the world with a sparkle of child-like wonder in my eyes, I would fight with all my might to stay that way for the rest of my life. Maybe that’s why I adore the love story with Theodore and Samantha. Although it is about falling out of love too as well as falling in love, and the possessive nature of some human beings, it’s still a stunningly made movie.

Edward & Lee (Secretary, 2002)

Did you actually think that I wouldn’t choose the one romantic movie about a BDSM relationship that was so much more well-made than 50 Shades of Crap? ‘Secretary’ is one of my all time favorite movie. Because I’m endlessly amused that I am a secretary too. Because I adore Maggie Gyllenhaal. Because I love the bratty side of Lee. I watched this back in… 2010 I guess? Right before I met my ex. I have discovered that I am a submissive, but I haven’t done any reading or research about what it truly means. So I went in blind and I loved the movie. Although I didn’t recognize all the aspects of a D/s relationship put in the movie back then, it still felt right to me. Self-discovery is an amazing things, dear readers.

Just last year I rewatched ‘Secretary’ again, and fell harder in love with the movie, cos it plays out some of the crucial parts of a working D/s relationship so well, of course a little too dramatically, but hey, it’s a movie. There are some aspects I dislike in the movie, like Lee being a real masochist, not just a sexual one. She used physical pain to escape emotional pain. BDSM should never be the escape route, kids, don’t do it. Okay, enough lecturing. Back to Lee. I love how the relationship between Edward and Lee turned Lee from a timid little girl into a confident sexy woman. She blossomed under the not-always-so-gentle-touch of Edward. And Edward found someone in Lee who accepts him and his needs just as they are.

Adam & Eve (Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013)

I wrote the review for this movie back in 2014 in my other blog. I just went back to reread it and it is still one of my favorite reviews. So, I am just going copy and paste it here, cos you wouldn’t click the link anyways. 😀

I have a soft spot for vampires. Because they’re what I want to be if I’m not human. I’m not hot for their eternal youth, or fangs, or speed or strength, or Queen of the Damned forbid their sparkling-in-the-sun bodies (though I am an old-school kind of gal, I like the version where vampires go poof under the sun). What I longed for is all the eternity they have. I don’t get people who would fear the forever, afraid they would get bored. What I wouldn’t do to get all the time in the world? So much time that I can read “War and Peace” in one sitting. Or watch every single episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. So for me, vampirism is all about living forever. In that sense,“Only Lovers Left Alive” is the best vampire movie I’ve ever seen.

Starring Tilda Swinton as Eve and Tom Hiddleston as Adam, they’re a vampire couple who has been together and in love with each other for centuries. It’s actually quite a beautiful description of love. Two persons (in this case, vampires) who don’t necessarily even need to live in the same city, but are always there for each other. And no matter how much time passes, their love and respect for one another is still strikingly present. The tenderness was hard to watch for time to time. Like the photo above, it is beautiful, yet it feels a bit too personal.

Tilda Swinton as Eve

I love Tilda Swinton and her Eve’s the exact kind of vampire that I would probably be; surrounded by books. I loved the long scene showing Eve packing her favorite books for a long journey. I loved the fact that she didn’t bring anything else with her except books. Another great perk of being a vampire: you have the time to learn numerous languages so you can read every master piece of literature in its original language. Eve is quite a little drop of sunshine for a vampire, who enjoy all the exciting events that us humans created, like the Middle Age and Inquisition. Thus she’s the best counterpart for her melancholy liege lord, Adam.

Tom Hiddleston as Adam

Instead of books, Adam surrounds himself with every kind of musical instruments and creates eerily beautiful pieces of music.  Instead of being amused by our antics like Eve, Adam is quite sick of us zombies (that’s what they call humans). He seems to be always sad to the point of being suicidal, except when he’s around Eve. With Eve, he seems to come alive, well, as alive as a vampire can be. Tom Hiddleston plays brilliantly a role that’s quite the opposite from his previous role as Loki. There’s a vulnerability in Tom that makes Adam’s dull characteristics amusingly awkward and lovingly adorable.

The third bright star of the movie is the music, which is simply put breathtaking. Especially the Lebanese lady’s performance near the end of the movie. The music created a unique atmosphere to the whole movie experience.

All in all, I loved the peaceful pace, the pitch black humor and almost banal problems of our heroes. After all, if you have eternity, why rush?


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