Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 9 -Tinder, priests and Leo

Now that was one hectic weekend. And emotionally this week was pretty crazy too. But I feel like I’m on a much more stable state of mind right now, and getting better and better. So let’s go into stuff I was obsessed with this past week, sans the emo stuff.

1. Tinder

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to try out Tinder for searching new play partners. Like I mention before, I still want an Owner but I don’t want to find a Dom with that in mind. I would just look for a Dom to play with and see where it goes. So back to Tinder. Cos I’m shallow. 😀 I did put my own photo in there to, but as the first photo I chose a photo I found online (on the left). It does look a little provocative, but the stance is very recognizable within kink community. I did not mention being a sub. It did work, to lure Dominants in. I’ve been chatting with a few but no one promising has yet appeared. But I underestimated the influence of 50 Shades. There were far more vanilla men speaking to me than I expected. Most of them fucking morons, along the lines of ‘wanna fuck’, ‘so you’re a slut’ and ‘you want me to take you hard from behind’. *roll eyes* Some of them are genuinely interested, and they stay respectful, I don’t mind talking to them. Cos if there is a little chance for me to turn them to the dark side, I’ll take it. 😀 This world can use more kinky people, don’t you agree? 😉 I did go on a date last night with a British Dominant, who contacted me through Fetlife. What is it about that accent that makes Brits automatically hot? 😀 Well, it’s still premature, but I like him, so let’s see if there would be something more… naughty to tell later. 😉

2. X-files

So the X-files is back! I watched the first episode, not really knowing what to expect. I was a huge X-Files fan when they came on TV in Finland when I was still a teen. The movie was disappointing though so I kinda buried my fandom after that. I did buy the whole show on DVD, and rewatched the first four seasons. I was excited when they announced the show. So the first episode… well they really didn’t disappoint on the shock factor. Dropping a freaking bomb that size already on the first episode? I start to get dangerously hopeful for this mini-series to be phenomenal. It just might be the closure, a proper burial for one of the most awesome show of our generation.

3. The Shadows by J.R. Ward

So this is the book I was talking about earlier this week, the one that has been affecting me emotionally. It is this long running book series called Black Dagger Brotherhood. I have a soft spot for vampire literature, and the Brothers represent an unique take of the traditional Dracula type or Anne Rice type of Gothic vampires. The Brothers are huge warrior like men, dreamy and deadly. The series have well written action and sex scenes, and the Shadows book has some heart-wrenching scenes between true brothers. The loyalty, the courage, the sacrifices, they always get me.

4. Spotlight

On Friday I went to see ‘Spotlight‘. That was very hard to watch indeed. It kinda remind me another movie back from 2008 “Doubt”, but instead of just one priest, Spotlight was in a much larger scale. It was truly a very well made movie, powerful without being too overtly judgmental, although it had all the facts to really point the fingers. It just did a really good job at showing the audience the facts, the evidences and let us do the judging, like true journalism is supposed to. I don’t have bad things to say about this, the cast was phenomenal. Except Mark Ruffalo. He is even nominated for the best supporting role, but I didn’t get why. The whole movie, he looked like he had a marble in his mouth while he’s talking. I could hardly stand it. It was so annoying! Apart from that, I liked it a lot.

5. Leo and the Bear

Oh Leo, Leo, Leo. I saw The Revenant yesterday. I actually had really high expectations. It is Alejandro G. Iñárritu after all, the director of Birdman which was one of my favorite movies of all time. When it comes to cinematography, it did live up to the expectations. The movie was a piece of art, really beautifully shot with almost magical camera work. Especially the first fight scene, it was just wow. But the story… there really isn’t enough story to warrant two and a half hours. And this was supposed to be the movie that will get Leo the golden statue, but he wasn’t even that good in it. He was okay. He was much better in Wolf of Wall Street or even Django Unchained. On the other hand, Tom Hardy was so so good. So especially setting Tom and Leo side by side, Tom is the one worthy of that Oscar.


Next on Kinky Tuesday, The Big O. Until then, stay kinky. 😉


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