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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 5 – The Hand

Back to the basics. Many people, girls and boys alike, have surely experienced the sharp slap of the hand on the bottom during sex. I had too. As a big fan of doggy style position, my butt had been slapped many times. But they never quite aroused the subbie in me. And hardly ever a vanilla man would hit hard enough to interest the masochist in me either. I used to have to show guys how hard to slap. Oh and boys, tightening your butt muscles just would make it hurt more. So just relax. πŸ˜‰

The first time I was bent over the knee and given a hearty spanking by the hand was during my very first session with my first Dom. As a matter of fact, it was the very first thing he did, if not counting the hair pulling. I wrote about my first time here. And I briefly talked about the bare hand spanking in it. Let’s talk more about it. The sensation that I was bent over the knee the first time, it was nothing short of odd. Of course it was a completely new experience, being spanked for the first time with proper force and most importantly, with purpose. In addition to desire and peace finely mixed together, there were a healthy dose of surprise, disbelief and relief too. Surprised of how at home I felt being exposed like that. Disbelieving that surrendering was actually turning me on for real. Relieved that it wasn’t all only in my head. It was my very first taste of what submitting feels like.

As to how the hand itself felt like. It was sensual, soft and hard at the same time. It was warm. It produced the kind of pain that is pure heat, without the sting of a flogger, the stab of cane or the bruising force of the crop. The hand goes straight to the heat that I love so much. It almost feel too good to be true, that I don’t need to pay the price in order to get the reward. And of course, the pain delivered by the hand is limited. For example I don’t get bruises by the hand anymore, my ass is too jaded for that. πŸ˜€ But my first time, I did get some pretty little bruises all over my butt. πŸ™‚

So, I’ve always thought the hand be on the soft-core side of spanking. I know I know, my Dom has proven me wrong many times, but He has yet to prove me wrong with the hand yet. Except that one time. One vicious slap on my buttocks that made me jump from the shock. I’m not sure though, whether it hurt His hand more or my butt.

And I have had chances to try being the one doing the spanking with my hand. And I absolutely 100% adore it. I love the sensation it stings my hand. I love the contact, the reaction of the spankee. The little sadist living inside me love spanking. I sometimes eye my Dom’s butt with naughty thoughts too, but then I remember the canes. I did get a freebie once, cos you know, I was a very good girl. And it was so much fun! I do want to learn to use the other spanking devices too. Hope my Dom will someday teach me more. πŸ™‚


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