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Inappropriate Fantasies – Mr Hunter, part 2

My head is full of these naughty fantasies all weekend because well… I’m horny. Like really really really horny. Because the last time I got to have my Dom’s cock inside me was 25th of November. Since then, there was my trip and other various reasons that I didn’t get the D in any point. So there’s really no wonder and I went a little crazy and had all these dirty thoughts in my head. Just like the flu, I believe it would heal faster by giving it to others (just kidding), I would love to share those kinky fantasies with you guys, in the form of a Mr Hunter story, part two. In case you missed the part one, here it is. I hope you like it. And I hope the universe would just stop fucking cockblocking me.


Chapter 2 – A Meeting

I couldn’t remember a thing how I got from the copy room to the conference room with all the meeting materials. Nor did I recall how I managed to place the material on the table in the right order. I simply couldn’t wrap my head around what had just happened, what was happening now and what was going to happen.

Directors and managers from different departments were starting to pour into the room. My brains vaguely registered it when Mr Adonis-Reincarnate walked in and took his usual seat on the left side next to Mr Smith, the CEO of the agency. I finally refocused on my surroundings when Mr Hunter entered the room. My eyes followed his every move towards his seat on the right to Mr Smith. He didn’t even look my way. Is he going to pretend nothing happened? What if he does pretend nothing happened? Am I okay with it?

 Why wouldn’t you be okay? An hour ago, you didn’t even know what his eye color was. Now you’re experiencing withdrawal issues already?

I was sporting a serious headache when I got ready to take my seat away from the table. My job was usually the handiwork; taking care of the material, preparing for slideshows, turning the light on and off, getting more coffee. So I was quite surprised when James, without looking up from his file, addressed me.

“Ms King, my assistant called in sick today. Do you mind doing her job taking notes for today’s meeting?”

I stared at him blankly probably way too long before I realized that he was actually talking to me. “Yes, Mr Hunter. I mean no, Sir, I don’t mind taking notes.”

“Come take your seat next to me,” came the next command from him.

I quickly stood up from my seat in the corner and walked toward Mr Hunter as I replied “Yes, Sir.”

His eyes seemed to sparkle at my answer and a tiny smirk played on his lips.

Sitting right next to him proved to be extremely distracting. Taking semi-coherent notes of the meeting while feeling the heat coming of his body so close to me was to say the least challenging. My crotch seemed to be throbbing still from the copy room incident. He had actually left me so dripping wet that I had to remove my underwear after he left the copy room. The wet panties were getting uncomfortable. A presentation was given during some point during the meeting and all the lights were turned off. Everybody concentrated on the numbers and charts on the big screen. I just stared at them but not really understanding them.

Suddenly I felt a big warm hand on the back of my neck and I inhaled sharply from the surprise. It sent chills down my spine and all that I could do was not gasp out loud. I tried to look back at Mr Hunter discreetly but his hand on the back of my neck prevented my head from turning. At first he massaged me lightly. And if I thought that felt amazing, I really wasn’t prepared for how good it felt the next thing he did. I felt his hand moved slightly upwards on the back of my neck, into my hair. The next thing I knew, he took a handful of my hair from their roots and pulled back and downwards just enough to lift my chin upwards and my back arched just a bit. I started to breathe heavier. What is it with this man? How can he play me like an instrument with such simple gestures? His hand left my hair and I immediately missed the contact. However, his other hand returned under the table at the side of my thigh. I felt his hand moving my skirt up my thigh. His hand slipped under my skirt and continued to move up until it met the naked skin on my pussy. His hand froze, clearly surprised of the no-panties aspect, and he abruptly removed his hand from under my skirt.

The meeting seemed to go on forever. When it finally ended, everybody, especially me was so ready to bolt. The big bosses filed out one by one, and I tried my best to quickly turn off machines and gather up the papers. The only one not in a hurry was Mr Hunter who was still on his laptop typing furiously. When I had tidied up everything and ready to leave, I was alone in the conference room with Mr Hunter. The room suddenly felt much smaller. I quickly grabbed my things and try to make it out. When I was almost at the door, I hear a quiet calm voice from behind me.


I just stood there, cursing under my breath, unwilling to turn around and face him like a grown ass woman. But then I heard him say my name again, and at that I reluctantly whirled around. With my gaze firmly on the floor, I asked carefully, “Yes, Mr Hunter?”

“Come on over here. There is something that needs discussing and adjusting,” said Mr Hunter. I could feel his intense gaze on me but I wasn’t really ready to meet his eyes. I walked slowly towards him, standing next to the big conference table. I stopped right in front of him. He grabbed the papers from my hold and put them on the table. Then I heard him say, “Go sit on the table.”

I did as I was told. I sat on the table, my feet dangling from the edge. He came to stand right in front of me, almost touching my knees. My eyes were still downcast and I could only see him standing there with his arms crossed in the front. He then said in a quiet voice full of authority, “Eleanor, look at me.”

I slowly let my eyes travel upwards and met his piercing blue eyes that seemed almost icy. Without looking away from my eyes, he started speaking.

“So here’s the deal, Ms King. I can take care of the little problem of yours, the problem that made you come to this meeting without your underwear. So, if you want me to take care of you, you must do anything I ask you to from now until your problem is taken care of tonight. If you agree on this, move both of your hands to your sides and keep them on the table no matter what happens until I’m finished with you. Otherwise, feel free to pick up your things and leave. Your choice, Eleanor.”

It didn’t take me long to decide. I moved my hands slowly from my lap to my side, with my palms down on the table, all the while still keeping my eyes on his. I saw him smile from his eyes and said, “Good girl. Now, answer a few questions. Did you enjoy what happened in the copy room, Eleanor?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” he asked.

I was confused of the question for a few seconds. Then I understood.

“Yes, Sir,” I said, feeling the weight of that word shifting from a formal way of addressing your superior into something more respectful and real.

He seemed to be content about my reply. I saw his hand reach out to undo the top button on my button-down white blouse. He then continued to ask, “Has anyone ever made you orgasm as hard as you did few hours ago?”

I blushed a little at his question and said quietly “No, Sir.” His hand undid my second button on my blouse, now exposing half of my breasts that were pushed up by white lace bras.

He continued with his questions, and after I answered each question, he would undo one of my buttons until my blouse was wide open, all of my upper body almost naked to his eyes. He then stepped closer to me, the front of his dark jeans touching my knees. I gasped when I felt his thick length through the denim fabric of his pants pressing against my knees. He then leaned forward until his face was right in front of me, his mouth so close to mine that I could taste his minty breath when he said softly “Close your eyes. Don’t move.”

I closed my eyes at the command. I felt his body moved away from mine, I heard him walk away from me. Then I heard the distinctive click of the lock on the door. I then heard him walking back towards me. What I heard after that must be the sweetest sound ever – the sound of the unbuckling of the belt. Then some rustling sound that I couldn’t place for sure.

Without warning, I felt his hand grabbing hair roughly from the back of my head, yanking my head back and forcing me onto the table on my back. At the same instance I felt his hand under my knees lifting my legs upwards. I then felt his big hand up to my ankles. With only one hand he was able to take hold of both of my ankles, keeping my legs straight up towards the ceiling, effectively exposing my most private parts from under my skirt. I didn’t have enough decency in me to be embarrassed of the fact that I was dripping wet already. I jumped a little when I felt his finger invade me just a little bit and he pulled back immediately. I heard him chuckled softly at my condition.

Then I felt something I’ve been longing for a long time now. The tip of his hard cock poking my entrance. Not entering but definitely making me go just a little bit crazy. I heard his completely relaxed voice say, “If you want my cock, you need to beg, Eleanor.”

At that I threw every ounce of my ego and dignity out of the window and half-moaning half-mumbling I begged. “Please, Sir, please penetrate my pussy with your thick cock. I’ll do anything, Sir. Please!”

“You’ll do anything I ask from now on?” he asked, his cock still poised at my entrance but not entering.

“Anything!” I almost screamed the words.

I felt his hold on my ankles tightened right before he thrust his whole length into me in one rough shove. I simply contained my loud moan, and my moans were timed with his each brutally forceful push. He was fucking me with an even pace but I could feel each thrust so deep that I could feel it in my temple. Then he command me to open my eyes and look at him. Even with the rough fucking, he didn’t seem to break a sweat.

Not gently, he moved my legs from my ankles to the side, getting access to my upper body. With one hand still holding my ankles, with his other hand he violently yanked my bras up, exposing my breasts. My nipples were rock hard pointing towards the ceiling and moving in time with the thrusts. I felt his hand in between my breasts, slowly moving upwards while never losing the rhythm of the fucking. His hand ended up around my throat. He squeezed just enough to cut off nearly all of my air supply. When he choked me, the sensations in my pussy heightened. I was so close to orgasm right on the spot. Like he had sensed my closing explosion, his hand loosened its grip on my throat, letting me breath again. With his hand still around my throat he leaned forward, thus penetrating me more deeply and more slowly. He looked into my eyes and said, “Don’t you dare to come now, you came in the copy room already. Now it’s my turn. Say Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir,” just as I squeezed out the two words, his hand closed around my throat harder than previously. He completely cut off all the oxygen and my eyes closed in reflex. In the darkness I could feel my limbs going numb and all that I could feel was his cock going in and out of me in a much rushed pace than before. Just as I was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen, he came violently with few final thrusts with bruising force. He immediately let go of my throat and I gasped so hard that my chest arched up from the table.

I was still panting hard when finally enough awareness came back for me to realize that my whole body had somehow got onto the table. He was done buckling up his belt and wrapping an used condom inside of a tissue and putting it in his jacket pocket.

Wow, King. You were actually crazed with lust that you didn’t even care whether he had a condom on or not. Good thing that he did have one on. 

He then came towards the table and leaned down so he was on my eye-level.

“Don’t fall asleep now. The cleaning lady is coming soon. See you on Monday, Eleanor.” With that said, he went to the door, unlocking it and opening it. Before stepping out of the conference room, he turned around and added with an arrogant smirk on his face: “Oh and remember what you promised me. You’ll do anything I say from now on.” He then closed the door and left me alone, lying on the conference table.

Um… when did I promise something like that??



There you go. Quite a messy part two. But hey, I’m not thinking straight right now, I’m almost at the same horny state as Eleanor here. On Thursday, you will know where I got the inspiration for the name ‘Eleanor’. Stay tuned! Until then, stay kinky! 😉


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