Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 7 – Fitness, Mr Tarantino and the Italian Stallion

I’m fresh from the 10,5-hour, two-day endlessly incredibly Rocky Movie Marathon. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I could adore Sly anymore. I can’t believe that after being Rambo’s no 1 fan for at least a decade, Rocky made me his gal in less than 24 hours. Well I obsess all over this in a jiffy. First, let’s get on with my other obsessions of the week. And what a week it had been.

1. Fitness Blender

Courtesy of FitnessBlender.com

I discovered Fitness Blender, a channel in Youtube created by Daniel and Kelli, few years back. I was searching for a good workout video and came upon this one-hour continuous workout challenge video. I attempted it, back when I was in a lousy shape. After 60 minutes, I could hardly even breath properly, incapable of doing most of exercises fully. But what I did get out of the video was that instead of those obnoxiously loud workout videos with music blasting I was used to seeing, a workout video from Fitness Blender was simple, easy to follow and to concentrate, but most of all, painfully effective. Most of the videos have Kelli showing the workout and Daniel voicing over the video, counting, offering excellent practical advises with no annoying bullshit talk like ‘you can do it!’. Trust me, those talks might be encouraging once in a while, but it becomes annoying real quick when you work your butt off along with these videos 5-6 times a week. So I much prefer Daniel’s strangely calming voice always just counting the final five reps or final five seconds. And if you like listening to music while working out, you can choose your own jams and still listen to Daniel’s coaching. All their workout videos are absolutely free, all of them on Youtube. But if you like following workout programs like me, they offer great 8-weeks full workout programs on their website too for a ridiculously small fee (their e-book programs costing only 15$ each). I purchased the 8-week program, round 1 when I attempt to lose weight the first time few years back. It worked great the last time. Now, with one year gym training under my belt, I started that same program this week, and it has been working even better this time around. I’m able to do most of the exercise fully. My whole body hurts like hell all over and even getting up off my chair makes me groan loudly from pain, but that’s how I know it’s working way better than I expected it would. There are five rounds available on Fitness Blender, each round lasting 2 months, so that is ten months in total. I might take a week or so off in between rounds, and during the summer vacation I’m going on their 4-week workout program for busy people cos I really would love to do something else than train during summer. And I have one whole year’s workout covered, 5-6 times a week, I believe getting rid of that extra 5-8 kg is going to be simple enough. I ain’t saying it’s easy, cos Daniel and Kelli’s workouts are not easy. It’s going to hurt. It’s going to be hard. But I have no doubt in my mind that I can do it.

2. Oscar Nominations and Award season

Courtesy of The Revenant Google Plus page

On Thursday, the Oscar noms were announced. You can see the full list here. In short, it’s going to be Leo’s year. DiCaprio that is. Here’s the thing with Leo and I, I don’t really like him. I realize how good of an actor he is, but I still don’t like his style much. I don’t mind him being in movies, but he’s never the reason I go watch said movie. He was phenomenal in Wolf of Wall Street and I think he deserved the golden statue two years back, but then Mr McConaughey happened. I haven’t seen the Revenant yet so I can’t say for sure whether Leo is better in that one than the Wolf. But I always treat clear Oscar baits with disdain, in the case of the Revenant it’s all about testing the actors in extreme environments. The Academy looooves that shit. How do you think McConaughey got the statue if not by losing all that Magic Mike muscle? I do admire the sacrifice and the determination of these actors but it should be about the acting after all. Ooookay, enough of the rant. It’s going to be Leo’s year, and I’m glad to get that out of the way.

I’m on my two-month strict and brutal movie schedule, attempting to watch all the major nominated movies before the big night on 28th February. I will give my ‘educated’ but extremely biased guess about my winner predictions on the Oscar week’s Nerdy Thursday’s entry (25th Feb). Stay tuned! Until then, I might review the nominated movies here and there after I watch them.

3. Tarantino Fever

Courtesy of Quora

Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors, if not the favorite. I was super excited about “The Hateful Eight“. I am of course convinced that Quentin is not capable of making a bad movie, just pieces that I’m going to like less than his other works. My absolute favorite is “Inglourious Basterds”, followed closely as a second by “Pulp Fiction”. The third is the Django Unchained just because I like Jamie Foxx a lot. And the fourth place is Death Proof because I like a good car chase movie. I could never quite decide the fifth place, just because I don’t remember much from Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown. I was way too young when I saw them. I need to re-watch them one of these days and get my list in proper order. The Hateful Eight wasn’t quite there with the best, but it sure was entertaining. I went on a Friday evening that might just well been the premiere night, cos it theater was packed. Good for Quentin but not that good for me. It was packed with teenagers cos the Finnish rating system sucks ass. I know the US rating system goes from PG-13 straight to R. What we had in Finland is 12, 16 and 18. Most movies get rated 16, which means everyone over the age of 16 can go watch it. So, I was in the middle of teens who clearly have no respect or even appreciation for the greatness that is Tarantino. There were lot of talking and phones ringing whenever heads were not blowing up. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing heads blowing up as much as the next gal in a Tarantino movie, but the so-called downtime, the quiet dialogue, or in this case the appreciation of the Lincoln letter, those are the gold. Like the bar scene in Inglourious Basterds before the shit hit the fan. Those are the reasons I love Tarantino.

4. Six-month Birthday

Marks3Remember this pretty little scar of mine that I talked about few months back, about my fetish and fascination for bruises and scars from sessions. It was from my first breast caning session, one of the strikes drawing blood right next to my right nipple. From being worried that the scar would be permanent to slowly falling in love with the cute little scar to being sad to see it fading. So today is kinda special, because it’s my little scar’s making it into half year old. I’m at the point in the relationship with this little scar is, I really don’t mind it sticking around for another six months. I love looking at it, I love seeing it whenever I look down. I do have other scars on my thighs and ass, but for some reason I’m not as attached to them. The little breast scar was my first, so it’s special as it is. It also represents one more layer of needless fear being peeled back with the sufficient amount of force of the cane. And my Dom. 😉

5. The Rocky Marathon

Courtesy of Wikipedia

I decided I wanted to see ‘Creed’ after I saw the trailer. But before seeing Creed, I was aware that the long due Rocky marathon must be ahead of me. So I got my ticket to see Creed tomorrow on Monday, which means I need to get done with the marathon this weekend. When I began watching yesterday around this time, I wasn’t sure I was able to watch them all. I even thought about watching the first two movies, the new one from 2006 and be done with it. But once I began watching, I simply couldn’t stop. I wasn’t lucky enough to be even born when the first Rocky came out 40 years ago, so I couldn’t be in the phenomena from the beginning. However, I must say, it is such a rare treat also to watch all of the Rocky movies in a row in 24-hour of time. I got to enjoy the story in a whole new level. I might not get such strong sense of nostalgia and belonging as the Rocky fans who had actually live the years and grew up with Rocky, but I did get a huge dose of feels. And when you watch them in a row, you would notice how incredible the continuity the story has. Well, it was because Sly wrote them all himself.

The first one is my favorite, not much of a surprise there. It was truly a masterpiece. But once you fall in love with Rocky, and I can hardly think of a character more lovable and simply adorable, he becomes this friend of yours that you really don’t mind watching time and over again. At least I didn’t. I enjoy every movie after the first one a lot. The best fight in my opinion is in the fourth movie, against the Russian.

Many claims that Rocky is a love story after all. I have to agree. Cos Rocky and Adrian, talk about relationship goals. They were beautiful together. But in addition to the love between a man and a woman, it’s also about love for the sport that is boxing, the love for not giving up. The story of Rocky is like one big inspirational poster. But the most I admire about Rocky is that no matter what hardship life threw his way, he never lost his humor, his almost silly optimism. Rocky Balboa was a simple man, with a heart of gold. Getting to see ‘Creed’ tomorrow is going to be sensational. And if there is truly justice, Sly is going to get an Oscar for the role of Rocky Balboa. It only took the Academy 40 years, but better late than never.


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