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Challenges of 2016

Surprise Saturday! πŸ˜€ The most random updates, just ideas and stuff that pops up into my head, usually during showers. By now, you may already know that I love lists (pretty obvious). I also love statistics of anything, projects (at least starting one) and challenges. I just read an article about a gal who did the 100-book-a-year challenge in 2015. That inspired me to do some challenges in the year 2016 too. Three challenges in total, about reading books, watching movies and a fitness challenge.

The reading one first. I’m a slow reader. Probably because I like to read aloud in my head in a British accent, and I’ve read somewhere that reading the sentences in your head aloud slows your reading down. Plus while I read, my imagination goes into turbo mode, I use a lot of time to build the scene I’m reading in my head into images and movie-like sequences. I also like to re-read sentences and paragraphs that are particularly well-written. Like savoring great wine, I like to twirl the words in my mouth and head before swallowing. So, as I was saying, a terribly slow reader. There’s no way I could take on the 100-book challenge. It will be breaking my personal record just to read 50 books. So fifty it is. Fifty books in the year 2016, that’s roughly four books or so per month, and that’s one book a week, completely doable. But knowing myself, I usually don’t read short books, like under 400 pages I most often consider to be too short. I’m cray cray like that. So one book a week is still definitely a challenge. Also considering that we’re almost ten days into the new year, and I’m still on the first pages of the first book. I would need to catch up. Also, I have two book projects that are on-going, I will continue with them and talk about them later.

Then the movie challenge. In the year 2012, the year I started tracking movies I watched during that year, I watched 165 movies in total. But ever since 2012, I haven’t watched over 100 movies a year, which is a big shame. So in the year 2016, my movie challenge is going to be that 100 movies. It shouldn’t be that hard, considering I roughly watch 80 movies per year these past couple of years, what’s twenty more?

Finally the fitness challenge. My one-year gym membership is about to end. As I am planning to look for a new job, and not knowing where the new workplace would be, I’m reluctant to pay for another year of membership and then for it to potentially going to waste. So I came up with the idea of the online personal training channel on Youtube called Fitness Blender. I’ve followed their 8-week workout plans before and they are actually really good. So I would just continue to be an annoying morning workout person, just instead of going to a gym in the morning, I would do the workout at home. Time to bust out my dumbbell sets and do some dusting.

I will keep track of these challenges and do updates on them once in a while. It would be fun, and one year later, hopefully I will be better read, more learned and much fitter. The year 2016 is going to be fun! πŸ™‚


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