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New year, new blog plan 2016

As mentioned before, I have intentions to move my other blog Doxophilia over here. Since it has been active for over an year, there’s tons of stuff over there already. So I don’t have any clear idea yet as how to jam that all into here, or am I just going to keep that blog up to store the lists and stuff but updates are going to happen here on Slappie. So here’s the weekly schedule I’ve been talking about for ages. 😀

Kinky Tuesday

Tuesday will be all about kink, fetishes and everything naughty and dirty. 😛 Since Slap Ass has become a home for my kinkiness, I will keep this the main thing. 🙂

Nerdy Thursday

Thursday will be all about nerdy stuff like movie, album, book reviews. Basically everything I write about over at Doxophilia. I don’t do neutral reviews though, I’m either a merciless critic or an over-excited fangirl.

Jukebox Friday

Short but sweet updates, introducing a song I’ve been listening to or just otherwise want to share it with you guys.

Weekly Obsession Sunday

There are already few of these written and I’m so far loving it. This is something I think about constantly during the week. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them. 🙂

Surprise Saturday

This won’t be on every week, or else it won’t be a surprise. This will be anything random that I feel like writing.

When I come back from China I will try to get onto this schedule as soon as possible. On next, weekly obsessions, food in China edition.


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