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New Year Resolutions 2016

The last day of this crazy crazy year 2015. No time like the now to look to the future and make some plans for the year 2016. I always write down new year resolutions on my weekly planner, but now that I have you guys to share my almost everything, why not my new year resolutions too. You know it! A list for new year resolutions 2016!

1. Get fitter

In the year 2015 I lost more than 10 kg, from flabby wings I now have almost toned arms, muscular thighs and an ass of steel. Losing weight has been on the first place of my new year resolution list for at least six years and every year I haven’t able to check the box. This year, I finally did it. So in the year 2016, I will concentrate on losing around 5-7 kg more, getting my Michelle Obama arms and getting my boobs to continue the fight against gravity by doing crazy amount of push-ups.

2. More healthy

I don’t eat healthily enough. Cos it’s too tempting to eat shit when it’s just me I need to cook for. In the year 2016, I promise to try to eat more healthily. It’s easy really, I should just avoid going to grocery shopping when I’m hungry. Planning ahead and meal prep is the key to success! Plus, I kinda love all those meal prep photos online, so I just might create some soon enough.

3. New job

The year 2016 will be the year I finish up at my very first work place after five years, and it is time to find a new job. I’m a secretary so I can pretty much work anywhere. Of course, my major was marketing, so anything to do with that would be very interesting. I’m a little stressed of course to find a new job but at the same time I’m super excited to get to do something different and thrilled for change.

4. Meeting new people

I’m not a person to have many close friends, and I’m lazy to keep in touch with just acquintances. But I will make an effort to get to know someone new, in addition to my new collegues. 😛 Usually I’m pretty slow to warm up to people, it took me a few years to get more familiar with my collegues now. Wouldn’t hurt to try to be a nicer person. My Dom’s super nice, and He’s clearly rubbing it off on me. *giggle* That sounds so naughty. 

5. A summer road trip

We’ve been talking about a road trip with my gal friend during the summer to some small town in Finland. So that’s something we will try to do. But if I find a new job, I probably won’t have a long summer vacation. We’ll make it a weekend trip then. Can’t wait for it! Now being ’on the road’, in China, I really don’t feel like making a long trip anywhere anytime soon. I might change my mind later.

6. Holiday food traditions

I love holiday and seasonal food, like ham on Christmas and such. I want to make an effort to make something traditional on every holiday season. I have tried to do it before when I was still together with my ex, but now that I’m alone, it gets easier. I’m more than a little sad that I didn’t get to cook some ham properly this Christmas, I’ll make sure I do it in 2016.

7. Updating blog

I have had several blogs for 5-6 years now and with poor success have I kept them up to date. Except this kinky little thing. So I might just have found the right voice and the right ways to express myself. So I’m going to concentrate on this one. There will be little changes I’ve mentioned before and I’ll talk about them more on my next post.

8. New experiences

New year, new experiences. I wish to try something I’ve never tried before on the year 2016. Whether it be food, music genre, new drink, new recipe, new fruit or vegetable. New books and movies are of course also on the list. I promise you will get to know my nerdy self too on this new year.

9. New kinky experiences

Tons have happened but tons haven’t been experienced yet! I am so looking forward to all the kinkiness my Dom and my possible future Owner have in stall for me. Since my Dom has not so gently made me fearless, I wouldn’t say no to many things.

10. Being a proper movie geek

Big movies are coming up on the year 2016. Deadpool, Dr Strange etc. I will write about these big blockbuster premieres later but I will be a good little movie geek and go watch every big movie that comes my way, and either be thoroughly enamored by them or utterly disappointed. Oh and I can’t wait for the Oscars season!

Check back in a few days for a little official announcement and information about the new update schedule. I will give it a spin and see how it works out. Until then, stay kinky. 😉



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