Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions, part 4 – heroes, breakfasts and parties

The days of me being on the right side of the Great China Fire Wall is numbered, but I’ve created quite a detailed writing and publishing schedule as to ‘mask’ my absence from the world of noncensored Internet. I’ll be leaving next week so although I will schedule my updates, I won’t be around to respond to comments. I am taking a breather of the censorship right after Christmas cos I’ll be visiting Hong Kong. I am not that excited of the trip, but of this week’s obsessions I am pretty excited. Let’s get right down to it.

1. SupergirlΒ (contains minor spoilers)

Supergirl the TV show premiered back in October and it adapted the light and bubbly nature of the Flash. I think we sometimes need a lighter counterpart of superhero stories for the dark and brooding stuff that’s practically the standard nowadays. So that people would take superhero movies seriously. Well, I never minded that superheroes and comic books can be for both girls and boys and adults and kids. Superheroes are role models, an individual not only with superpowers but also they strike to be better than average you and me in every sense. I’m not particularly fond of Superman or Supergirl, both are too perfect to be relatable. But as “Man of Steel” earlier proved that Hollywood can actually make a good Superman movie, I had high hopes for the girly version, even if it’s just on TV. Even since it began, Supergirl has been good, showing the difficulties of a young woman trying to be the hero her cousin already is. And I like the fact that they are brushing on the obvious theme of gender roles and sexism, it’s not easy to be a female superhero. This week’s episode “Human for a day”, our gal Kara loses her powers for a couple of days and disaster strikes (of course it does). Her going out there to try and save the day even when without her powers is one of those superhuman moments where no superpower was needed. Just the heart and honor and courage. Those are the moments that make me love superhero stories. I cried like a girl that I am and damn proud of, and Supergirl just turned from good into super. πŸ˜‰

2. The Fry Up


All that binging on Supersize vs Superskinny made me crave for the traditional full English breakfast, more affectionately the fry up. Not the point or message of a dieting show I’m sure, but I hardly ever deny myself anything. Here’s my version of the fry up, the traditional beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon, sausages and fry egg. I didn’t quite care for the black pudding and for some reason I don’t think hash browns belong to the gang. So instead of those I put some fried garlic spinach into the mix, and they all taste beautifully together. And I only eat white toasts only when I want peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I have here some delicious fresh black olive bread. I made a huge batch to last me for days and I was getting prepared for this next thing I was obsessed with.

3. Parties!

1112201521437In Finland we have a thing called ‘Little Christmas’ where we have a pre-Christmas celebration among colleagues, friends or any group combination that’s out there. Last Wednesday was ‘Little Christmas’ at my work place where we got ourselves a sensational Italian chef who made us a buffet of absolutely delicious Italian cuisines. There were Italian wine, traditional recipes and a tiramisu to die for. There were two highlights of the buffet, one is the beautiful vitello tonatto, veal in tuna sauce. I know, it sounded disgusting to me too at first, but the taste combination is unique and out-of-this-world marvelous. I’m sure it’s something I would never order in a restaurant if I’ve never tasted it, now that dish rivals my adoration of pasta carbonara. Another highlight was the fish. The chef used a small fish called ‘silakka’ in Finnish, no idea what it is called in English. I don’t usually like them because Finnish usually makes it into soft and slimy dishes. But the chef deep-fried the small buggers, then marinade them in a little bit of vinegar and red onion among other spices. The result is a stunning cold fish dish that had the taste of the ocean freshness, the vinegar not too over-powering. I’ve always said quite rudely that non-Asian people don’t know how to cook fish properfly, I take it back a little bit, and from now on I will say non-Asian except Italians don’t know how to cook fish properly. πŸ˜€ I don’t mind being proved wrong. Especially if it means I get to eat delicious fish dishes.


On the same night of my work place little Christmas, there was my dear friend’s birthday. The big 30. That brat. One of his friend gathered all his friends to surprise him at his favorite bar and we all had a really good time there. There were about a dozen of us, and everybody took it as their life mission to get our dear friend piss drunk. On the table in the photo on the right, all those drinks are his. He bought that beer himself, all the rest were bought for him. We (okay fine my evil idea) even switch his water into vodka when he’s in the toilet, and waited patiently with a poker face for him to return and take two really big gulps of his ‘water’. His face was fucking priceless! How he was still standing when I left around 2 am was a total mystery to me. His parties are always the best ones. πŸ™‚

4. The 5-week workout…

… is officially over! For the last five weeks I’ve been sweating away at the gym five times a week! I only missed two workout, one because I over-slept and I got a very painful caning punishment for it from my Dom, and the other one I got a free pass from His Domliness, cos I had a doctor’s appointment one morning. I was even away on a business trip last week but I still did yoga in my hotel room. I’m super proud of myself and my Dom is very proud of me too. πŸ™‚ I haven’t noticed any significant weight loss after five weeks but my arms and legs and my ass have toned up like crazy. I’m going to continue with the good job even on my trip, hotel room workouts for the win. πŸ˜›

5.Β Origami

20151207_132045I have many secret talents and hobbies. πŸ˜€ One of them is origami, the Japanese form of folding pretty objects from colorful paper. The last week, whenever I got free time, I made these colorful cubes. First it was just for fun, but then I figured they would look real pretty as Christmas tree ornaments, so I started to make different colors and sizes for my work place’s Christmas tree.Β I hope I will have my own tree next year. πŸ™‚ I can also make flowers, boats, animals among other things from paper. I also love to challenge myself and made tiny versions of things cos I like cute things. πŸ˜› Told you I’m a nerd.


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