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Live to Eat – My First Fetish

I’ve been on a work trip for two days and just got home yesterday. I know it was supposed to be Kinky Tuesday, but I decided to focus on my very first fetish: food. I loooove food. My relationship towards food is like my admiration towards kink, I can talk about them all the time. I love to cook and I love to eat. While I’m still binging on those super diet weight loss TV shows, I can’t help but wonder that it’s truly pure luck that I don’t end up being morbidly obese, for example just by being born in a different country than I originally was.

Here’s some things that are quite beneficial about being a Chinese, of course now in hindsight. You hardly ever would see an obese Chinese kid, cos while we Chinese love our food, we have something called ‘Asian parents’. You know, those creatures that feed you but right after you eat all you can eat they would call you fat right to your face. In addition to a set of really thick skin to critics concerning my appearance, it effectively stopped me from being over-weight while growing up. It was not until I moved out of my parents’ that I began yo-yoing between normal and chubby. Being a foodie, the worst thing I could do to my weight was learning to cook myself. Discovering cheese and butter and bacon, oh my God bacon wrecked some havoc on my figures. Even now, after decided that I really want to live long and have lots of kinky sex, I refuse to let go of fat used for cooking.

There are some saving graces though, things that are all me, and at the same time help me be not as unhealthy as I could be. And yes, it’s yet again a list. πŸ˜€ I think, I hope, that some of them offer a little help, or at least some insight, ancient Chinese wisdom if you will, as how to stay semi-healthy without making much effort. XD

1. Be picky
I’m incredibly picky about my food. And I don’t mean picky as in I discriminate any food group like not eating veggies. I eat pretty much anything, except insects. What I mean by picky is I don’t eat bad food. I always say that I never waste my calorie intake. So I hardly ever eat TV dinners or microwave lunch boxes. Because they are not good.Β I couldn’t care less that they are not healthy. I think it’s even a bigger sin, if you’re an unhealthy food, you better be fucking delicious. Like McDonald fries. Never finish dessert if it’s just okay and not divine.

2. Salt is not seasoning
I hardly ever use salt on anything. If you’re someone who use lots of salt, throw them all out of your house and go cold turkey without salt for a month or so. You will start to taste a way more of different things once your taste buds get used to not being covered by a thin layer of salt all the time. Salt symbolized extreme laziness for me. Adding salt to food does nothing to seasoning things, saltier doesn’t mean more flavor. If you want saltiness in your food, use bacon, cheese, herbs and broths. Salt alone is just so boring.

3. Eat fresh
I always find it fascinating (and fucking disgusting) when I see some woman buy frozen chopped onion at the supermarket. Make no mistake, I would judge the shit out of her. Who use frozen onion? It’s not cheaper than the fresh one and certainly not better tasting. How hard is it to chop up an onion? If there’s a fresh raw version of something, I’m getting it. Frozen veggies and fruits are just so bizarre for me. I do freeze up my own veggies and fruits for smoothies sometimes, but I always buy the fresh ones and then freeze them up myself. In that case I know how long it has been in the freezer and that there is absolutely no preservative. Get a proper knife, and get to chopping things yourself!

4. Eat with your eyes
I’m a highly visual person, I like pretty things. I like colorful things. I want my plate of food to have at least five different colors. By eating with your eyes, you almost automatically eat healthily cos different natural colors represent different vital nutrients that your body would require to thrive. So get that rainbow on your plate.

5. Snack smart
My secret? I don’t have one. I just lucked out cos I don’t have a sweet tooth. I’m extremely choosy about my sweet stuff. I only know one kind of cake that I like, I eat only that one brand of milk chocolate, I don’t like candies, I don’t care much for ice-cream. Or I do, but the brand I like is so expensive that I hardly want to get any. The only sweet thing that I loooove is donuts. But I can only stomach one cos it’s so sweet. And how about those savory treats? I don’t like chips, or peanuts. The only savory ‘unhealthy’ snack I love is popcorn and I have to watch a movie with them. So my most usual snack is fruit, especially orange. I often cut four or five oranges into cubes and I stab a cube or two whenever I visit my fridge.

6. From scratch
I can’t stand pre-marinaded meat. Or pre-made stuff for that matter. I don’t like using canned stuff or powder things. I’m very well-stocked on premium meat and fish broth though, that’s the only thing I don’t make from scratch cos I don’t have the time. But I find a great local brand of broths that are delicious and free of any preservatives or added salt or fat. Without this great product, I probably would make my own broth, a large amount and freeze them up for later use. So I like to use them and make soups, sauces and stews from scratch.

7. Homemade
I don’t eat out very often and I order take-aways maybe once a month or two months. The only thing that I order is pizza. My favorite pizza place use fresh vegetables, so I always get the veggie pizza with some extra bacon. πŸ˜€ And when I do eat at restaurants, I always choose stuff that I don’t or can’t make myself. What’s the point to pay for something if I can make it better myself? πŸ˜› A bit like sex. πŸ˜€

8. Liquid calories
My only vice is diet cola, I love the taste and prefer it to regular sugary cola. But I drink that only with popcorn and pizza. πŸ˜› See, having stupid rules can result in some healthy diet. My poison is whiskey so there’s limited amount of calories in that too. See what I mean by being lucky? πŸ˜€

9. Timing is important
I go to the gym in the morning, so I eat my breakfast after the workout. Lunch is always around eleven or twelve and then I’m already starving by the time I get home. So I eat my dinner before six and then pretty much nothing heavy after six pm. Night-time snacking is the worst habit a health-conscious person can do, even my slim mother has a tummy because she snacks in the evening.

10. Meal prep
Whether you’re single or paired up or a parent, it’s still exhausting to cook every day. Even I don’t do that although I love cooking. What I do is meal prep during the weekend. I cut my veggies and fruit into bite-size pieces and put them in zip bags, I grilled veggies to last for days. You can even cook a whole chicken and use it for sandwiches, soups, pasta sauces and stuff during the week. I follow this adorable blonde on Youtube called The Domestic Geek, she has some amazing meal prep videos (and other recipes) on her channel. Do check it out!

There it is, ten things about my eating and cooking habits that accidentally just make me not that unhealthy. πŸ˜€ I will talk food more later. πŸ˜›


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