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Ten Things I’m Thankful For – Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving yall! πŸ˜› I know I know, it was yesterday. But I was visiting my friend and her new baby whom she keeps calling lil wiener (yes, it’s a boy). I have awesome friends. So yes, I was supposed to write this post yesterday, but visiting my friend kinda conveniently kicks off this post. You know it, it’s a list! Ten Things I’m Thankful For in the year 2015!

1. My friends!

I’m not the kind of girl who has lots of friends. I can be very social in any situation, but I only make time for those with whom I can be completely myself, no secrets. There are only five people who I actually call friend, others are more like hanging buddies with whom I can go party but they will never know my favorite color. Because favorite color is the best measure for the depth of any friendship. Three girls and two guys. Let me briefly share something about them all. My oldest friend, a girl I’ve known since I was six, is one of the coolest people I’ve met, but we’ve completely different personalities. That’s why she’s the one who keeps challenging me and pissing me off all the time and I love her for that. The two other girls I met in 7th grade, one of which is the one I visited yesterday. She and I had the most in common, we both read a lot, we’re both TV show junkies, and personality-wise we are close. We have this unwritten agreement to have each other’s back no matter what, despite all the stupid decisions we had both made during our lives, we would just listen to each other’s rant and nod knowingly with a glass of red wine. And the other gal is someone I can be a very girly girl with, cos she’s a girly girl. And then my two guy friends, I mean, I love my boys. One of them is basically the little brother I never had, cos he’s almost three years younger than be, and he’s the best kind of company to go party with. He’s my bro and I love that he thinks I’m his bro too. And yes, I’m the best wingwoman you can ever hope for. And my other guy friend, he helped me emo through my last big breakup five six years ago, but unfortunately he works in another country now so I hardly get to see him anymore. Everybody needs someone to emo with, and he’s my guy for that. Plus he’s the one who taught me to drink whiskey. I love my fab five. ❀

2.Β My family!

Although every Chinese would never say ‘parents’ without groaning out loud, I do love my folks. They are silly, they have a twisted sense of humor and they keep me grounded. My parents are actually not the strict average Asian parents stereotype, they were quite liberal. Or it was because I was a very good liar and I never rebel out loud. I mean, how stupid you can be? Or attention-seeking? If I borrowed a condom, I buy a new pack and put it back. If I watched videos from their porn stash, I would rewind it and put the videos back the right way. If you ask them, I was still a virgin until I moved out of the house to live with my first boyfriend. And I never smoked, I never come home drunk. And I always have a friend to cover my back. It was not easy to be the only kid, cos I have to do it all by myself. But hey, at least I keep track of my white lies. πŸ˜› I have a biiiig family back in China, and just on my mother’s side there are these dinners for 50-60 persons and she actually remembers everybody’s name and what relations they are to me. We Chinese are slowly but surely conquering the world, so I have relatives around the world. I have tons of nice cousins and funny uncles and aunties. They are loud, but I love them. πŸ™‚

3. My colleagues!

I’ve been working as a secretary for almost five years now in the same company. We are a tight bunch, and I swear I have the sweetest colleagues. Most of them are women in their fifties, and they love to take care of me. I got tons of hugs when I got engaged, when I broke up, when my granny past away. They are genuinely very sweet and nice women. If things get hard in my personal life, they would tell me to go home and take a day or two off. Of course, they are great coffee companies, lunch companies and biggest gossipers! But we always only talk shit about our boss, never about each other. When I change work place probably next year, I would miss these gals like crazy. And of course, the cooking tips and tricks are priceless!

4. My ex!

Yes, I’m thankful for my ex. That he broke up with me when I didn’t have enough courage to do it just yet. He made me realize that I am not able to be happy if I can’t be completely myself. I learnt a lot about myself when I was with my ex, especially the kind of relationship I don’t want. But there is hardly anything that I miss about our relationship, which is a little sad. We were together almost five years after all. But I’m the kind of person who judges a whole movie by its ending, so naturally because our relationship didn’t end well at all, it kinda tainted all the good memories too.

5. Music!

I’m a very emotional music listener. Like smell, I associate different memories with different songs. Some songs bring strong emotions like I just felt them yesterday. I’m a slut when it comes to music genres, I like a lot of different things. Lyrics are mostly more important to me than the melody itself. All of my favorite songs have some meaningful lyrics.Β And music is getting increasing more important since I’ve been single, cos I get to truly choose what to listen to and when to listen to, it used to be harder when I’m not living alone. And of course, I’m very choosy when it comes to my workout music. I don’t only have one playlist, I have a playlist for every weekday, and I update those playlists all the time. The music pretty much dictates my workout speed, cos I’m incapable to for example jog at a different rhythm than the song I’m listening to. πŸ˜€ Yeah, a little slow like that in the mornings. So I choosy fast songs for the beginning of the week and slower more relaxed songs for Thursdays and Fridays.

6. Youtube!

I don’t have a TV. What I do have is three computers. πŸ˜€ So when I’m not watching shows and movies from my laptop, I almost always have Youtube on in the background. When I was young I always did my homework with the TV on. Cos my mom actually bought it when I told her I could concentrate better with background noise. πŸ˜€ Well, I was partially telling the truth, I like noise when I’m writing stuff, but mainly I just wanted to watch cartoons. And now, Youtube works as my TV background noise. I have it on when I’m at work, or writing this blog. I follow around 30 Youtube channels, I love the format and I adore the creativity of Youtubers.

7. Tiffany Reisz!

Like I mentioned before, The Original Sinners book series have been right there with me when I began my journey exploring the world of BDSM. I wouldn’t say that Reisz is a masterful writer, but her characters are easy to fall in love with. Literally every main characters in her books I’m crazy about, and literally any story about them I would love to read. And that I did. Seven full-size novels and like dozens of short stories. I just finish the last book few days ago, and I’m looking forward to write a huge review (maybe even a two-part one) about the whole book series plus their impact on me and on my kinky side. Cos I would be lying if I tell you I didn’t compare Doms and subs from the books to the ones in real life.

8. The World of Kink!

What don’t I love about this mad mad little world of kink? Of course, we seem to have a higher concentration of assholes but assholes are everywhere anyways. We also have a higher than average concentration of amazing people. Awesome individuals. Bravest girls and guys. Nicest sadists and happiest masochists. Child-like over-enthusiastic rookie subbies (me me me!) and god-like dominant creatures. A world of intense pain and pleasure, feels so strong that they rock your world and calm your mind like nothing else and at the same time. It’s a place of tolerance, resilience and genuine equality. It’s a world of beauty, tranquility and passion. Simply, the world of kink is paradise for hedonists like me.

9. My blog!


This has been a journal, an outlet, a ranting bin, a pillow to scream into, a place to celebrate. I’m blown away that there are actually people who read this, beside me. πŸ˜€ And occasionally my Dom. And I’ve been joking for a long time that my blog is practically my Dom’s kinky CV. Well, it’s the least I can do, Sir, for being my super naughty kinky muse. ^^

10. My Dom!

Last but definitely absolutely not least, I can’t be more thankful for my Dom. He showed me that a Dom can be extremely nice but at the same time so fucking terrifying when He wants to be. He showed me how fun it can be with a sadist, He constantly pushes my limits. I thank Him for teaching me so much, showing me so much, giving me so much. I thank Him for making me fearless.


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