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The Perks of Being a Dominant

This is not a marketing campaign to get men to become Doms, although it may look like one. It’s going to look hella tempting, cos this list (yay another list!) is going to sound too good to be true for non-Doms. But since I don’t believe that one can actually ‘become’ a Dom, you either are or you’re not. Like I said before, and like Lady Gaga made a song of it, we sexual deviants were born this way. So yes, this is indeed just another post to make you non-Doms jealous as fuck. 😛 Not all Doms get to enjoy the things mentioned in this list, cos first they need to get their Domly sexy asses up and catch themselves a subbie first. And then put a lot of work to train and tame that said subbie. And if they have done a good job, the perks they get to enjoy are the following: Ten perks of being a Dominant.

1. Always on Time

Sounds pretty impossible, right? Women who’re never late. They don’t exist, right? Well, I’m pretty sure I exist. And I’m also pretty sure I’m a woman. But apart from myself, almost all of my gal friends are ALWAYS late. On top of that, they would get mad if I talk shit about them being late. One of the reasons why I never want a girlfriend although I’m sexually fluent. I hate being late. So I’ve always been a punctual person. With Doms, even more so. I much rather arrive early and wait for my Dom than make Him wait for me. Although I think He doesn’t mind punishing me for being late but still I rather not do it. I can misbehave in other ways.

2. “No really, I’m fine.”

So how many times have you guys heard this one? There are tons of cliches out there, that when a woman says “I’m okay”, shit definitely is NOT okay. I’m guilty of doing that sometimes too. But while the regular guy is left playing the guessing game, trying out magic words like a forgotten PIN code to get a woman to open up, a Dom can simply say two words: “Tell me.” I have lost count how many times I have stuff on my mind that I really rather not tell my Dom. But if He gets a sniff that I left something unsaid, He would just say ‘tell me’ and I feel compelled to spill the beans.

3.  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Talking about spilling the beans. Am I an honest person? I wouldn’t say that. I’m just shameless and don’t particularly care what people think so I tend to tell the truth nowadays. On the other hand, being the only child, I’ve mastered the art of telling lies in a very young age. Especially white lies. I remember when I was fifteen or so, we had a fun exercise during the psychology class, we were to pair up and tell stories to each other with few lies hidden in them. Our psychology teacher taught us to look for the tells. I could easily tell which were the lies in the other girl’s story. She could tell none of mine. 😀 If I have tells, they are very well hidden. The other possibility is that I’m a psychopath. So yes, I’m a masterful liar. Up until maybe the age of 23, I had no problem telling lies, half-truths etc. I mean, I’ve faked all of my orgasms up until that age. Then it becomes harder and harder to lie. And as I start to accept who I am, I don’t feel the need to lie anymore. The least to myself. And it’s physically impossible for me to lie to my Dom, or hide anything from Him. No matter how embarrassing the truth is, I can’t keep it in. Guess kink made an honest woman out of me. 😉

4. Sex whenever, wherever

I don’t remember how many time I had said ‘no’ to my ex when he asked for sex. Rejection is not only for singles, they happen most in relationships. I don’t know about the reasons with most women why they reject their men, but my reason was always because he asked. My sexuality is strongly submissive, so all that asking for permission from me is a big turn off. Once I recognize someone as my Dom, rejection is never an option. Not that I ever want to say no. Not that He ever asks. 😀 He just takes what He wants. But boys, don’t try this at home. It wouldn’t work if you’re not your woman’s primary source of pleasure and satisfaction.

5. No sex whenever

It’s the unwritten rule, that men are really not allowed to say no when the lady asks for it. Unless you’re prepared for a shit storm of a woman screaming / crying /getting mad or all of the above. And be sure that retaliation will be swift and cruel in the foreseeable future. I’m not too proud to admit that I had used sex as a bargaining chip, just because men let me. Doms can say no to whatever and whenever they want, no consequences, no pressure. The only thing that would happen for Doms who say no to their subbies is that the subbie (aka me) would probably just get hornier. Sometimes the word ‘no’ is so much sexier than ‘yes’.

6. The greatest gift

It’s no easy task to get gifts, especially to women. Talk about ungrateful people, right? In this subbie’s eyes, no gift or reward goes unappreciated. I love surprises. So literally anything goes. And the best reward is always my Dom’s attention, with any of His body parts in/on/against me being a close second. Yes yes, He’s still cockblocking me…

7. Undivided attention

And talk about attention, I’m very easily distracted. I don’t always listen. My mind wanders and my imagination goes on a magic carpet ride way too often. But my Dom always get my undivided attention. I tend to remember things He says effortlessly. It’s just how D/s works.

8. Servitude without the attitude

A subbie doesn’t need to be a service sub like I am to enjoy serving their Doms. Apart for taking good care of all their sexual and sadistic needs, any chance to serve them is greatly treasured. It’s an opportunity to work for those lovely words ‘good girl’, and don’t we all love to hear those words.

9. Respect

This might be a cultural thing too, but I can hardly stand women who make their men lose face in front of other people. Like this one vanilla couple I know, the woman decided it’s time like no other than now right during the party to get mad about a forgotten lunch box her husband left in their car and it started to smell. Really girl? You yell at your man in front of your and his friends over a smelly lunch box? I felt so sorry for the man that I said “isn’t a lunch box kinda a wife’s responsibility cos you know, sandwiches and kitchen and women…” Fine, I was drunk, but hey I got a chuckle out of the husband and he must feel way less embarrassed. From the wife I got some death stares, but bitch please, if no one has ever schooled some respect into ya, I will. It might sound old-fashioned or even chauvinistic, cos I am both. But I happen to like manly men. Girls, a word of advice, if you want to be treated like a queen, then treat your man like a king. As for us subbies, being disrespectful is a punishable mistake. I never do it deliberately, but even I’m not perfect. 😉 I’ve made mistakes, which I sure as hell won’t repeat them. My Dom made sure of it.

10. Priority

Last but definitely not least, Doms are always their subbies’ priority. His needs, His commands are always the priority. If there are messages from more than one person, His messages would always be my priority, I always read them first before the others. I mean, I even took a break for a session during an intense The Walking Dead marathon. If that doesn’t scream dedication and priority then I don’t know what does. 😀

There you have it, the top ten perks of being a Dominant. For a moment I’m seduced by the idea of creating a list of the perks of being a submissive too. But that list might just look the same as this one. I mean, Doms are punctual creatures, cos how else they get to punish late subbies? 😛 And Doms are honest too. They pay close attention to their subs, cos any information can be used against and for their subbies’ pleasure and pain. And respect goes without saying, I know my Dom respects me a lot and my safety and well-being are His priorities in and out of sessions. Every good Dom also knows that only by taking care of their submissives do they get to continue to enjoy their perks. 😉


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