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Yes yes, about working out. I know, how boooring. Me posting about working out is going to be few and very far between. Trust me when I say this, I hate working out as much as 
everybody else. I’ve never liked sport while growing up. Sure, I played baseball during recess when I was a kid, cos that was what everyone else did. I started playing basketball cos I had a huge crush on this boy who played too. I actually got quite good at it at some point, I even destroyed two high school boys when I was twelve at a street game once, cos I surprised the fuck out of them by being super aggressive. And around that time I figured I didn’t actually like playing basketball, I just like winning. And that makes me a really shitty team sport person. Cos I’m really not the inspiring type, I’m the yelling swearing spitting type who would gladly make any little girl cry just because she is getting in the way of my win. Hey, I never said I was nice.

So no team sport for me. Or any competitive thing. Individual sport it is then. Anything in the book, I’ve given it a go. I don’t like any winter sport, actually anything that requires putting anything on my feet to distract my already shitty sense of balance is a no-no. I haaaate running. I mean who really likes running? Even runners hate running, I can tell. I swim okay, I mean I don’t drown, not right away anyway. I’ve even tried some unconventional stuff like pole dancing, which was really fun but too expensive to upkeep unless you have your own pole at home. I do like dancing but I don’t like remembering steps. I’ve joined and quit so many gyms and started so many five week programs that I lost count. So basically, I hate exercise and I’m really really good at sitting. I can do it for a long time without moving a single muscle.

I have been quite small my whole life. I’m only 5’3′ / 160 cm tall, and since I stopped growing in height I’ve almost always been around 130 pounds / 60 kg. So pretty normal. But I’ve always been on the curvy side, at least in the Asian standards, wide hips and breasts bigger than the average Asian gal. During my five-year relationship with my ex, that was when I began to gain weight substantially. I weighted almost 180 pounds / 80 kg when I was my heaviest, and that was roughly one year ago, on November 2014.

Obviously, one of the reasons was me not feeling well inside at all. Now in retrospect, I think I let myself go partly because I wanted my ex-fiance to leave me. But on February 2015 I finally decided that I needed to take better care of myself. I refused to do it because of any man, or any other reason than me wanting it for myself. So I joined the gym near my work place and payed for one year membership. I wasn’t especially determined nor did I set any goals. I just decided to go and see what happens. Ironically, few weeks after I’ve been going to the gym 3-5 times a week, we finally broke up with my ex. It felt like the end of the world for me, but I didn’t stop going to the gym. It became the one thing that was constant, that didn’t change. Going to gym became a habit, it became my lifeline for the time I couldn’t even function properly. I couldn’t believe I would ever say this but working out saved my life, it saved me from going insane and getting too depressed.

So I kept at it. Three to five times a week, for 9 months now. I’ve lost solid 22 pounds /10 kg, those are not coming back like ever. The only difference this time was the time of the day I chose to do my workout. I’m by no means, shape or form a morning person. Don’t even bother asking me questions without offering me coffee first. My brains turn on around noon. But to my surprise, I seem to be a morning workout person. The thing is, I get bored real easy. That’s why I find any type of individual sport so hideous, cos it’s boring. But in the morning, well before my brains wake up, I sneak in the workout. I’m perfectly fine lying to myself. 😀

So I still have some weight to lose before I’m my original size, only this time in much better shape and more toned. The last 10 pounds / 5 kg is going to be tough, cos I don’t really watch what I eat. I’m not a junk food eater, but since I’m a foodie, I’m sure as hell ain’t giving up on the butter and cheese either. And I’m not saying I’m going to get that all off in the next five weeks, but I’m going to give it a try.

Like I said yesterday, I’m getting on a brutal workout plan for the next five weeks where I will train five times a week. And I asked my Dom to help keeping up the workout discipline. A caning punishment for every workout day I miss. The amount of hits is up to Him, I’m sure it would depend on the reason why I miss my workout. He quite happily accepted my request. Which is very nice of Him. And just a hint frightening. 😀 And He actually took this way more seriously than I thought He would. According to His command, I am to report to Him every morning, and keep a workout journal. Hey, I don’t mind. 🙂 I love making tables (works as my journal) as much as I like making lists. It has been just two mornings, and going strong. I’m actually curious about whether my fear of canes is greater than my eternal unconditional love for the precious zzzs. I guess we will find out soon enough cos come on, who can keep up working out five times a week for five weeks?! You cray cray? 😛


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