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“I’ll Be Ready in 5”

I’m not the kind of girl who takes great care of how I look before dates etc. That is, before I began the sessions. The will to please our Doms is built in deep inside every subbie, so naturally we want to look our best before we meet our Doms. If I can have my way, I would need three hours to get ready. I know, most sessions don’t last that long. πŸ˜€ But for me, getting ready is part of the session. I used to have another ritual before sessions, which was simple kneeling and try to get my mind to quiet down. It used to help me get into subspace more easily. But since beginning sessioning with my Dom, I found that ritual unnecessary. His ‘ways’ to get me down under are way more enjoyable. πŸ˜› I smell another opportunity to make a list, so here it is: My 10 pre-session rituals!

1 Sugaring aka Persian waxing

And yes ladies, I am talking about Brazilian bikini wax. I’m Asian, so I am blessed with thick shiny strong hair on my head, but unfortunately everywhere else too. Shaving is the best for legs and arms but for my lady parts it’s simply not an option, it wouldn’t get smooth and the ingrown hair is guaranteed and very painful. So, already for my second session I decided to do the sugaring. I have done it before when I was with my ex, but the level of appreciation from him wasn’t equal to the pain I had to suffer. It’s really a perk for being a Dom, cos gladly I go do the sugaring monthly. I like to get all bare, cos I think landing strip or triangles are a little silly. I have found my gal, my sugaring expert, this really young and cute girl named Fera. I’ve tried many girls, Fera does the best job, she’s quick and hurt me way less than most. Still, I’m not going to lie, even for a masochist like me, Brazilian sugaring hurts like nothing else, especially near my clit. Is it unbearable? Of course not, at least not for me. But for a little bit of pain, I get silky smoothness for two weeks and some really weak and soft hair-growth for the rest of the month. Is it worth the pain? Yes, cos sex feels better without hair. And pleasing my Dom feels even better. πŸ™‚

2 Eating well

I usually eat really well couple of hours before sessions. And by well I mean food that would keep me feeling full for a long time but wouldn’t make me blow up (which means spicy, oily, heavy, salty, generally junk food). I am not a health freak when it comes to food, I’m a foodie, and yes I will save all that spicy oily heavy junk food for after sessions. πŸ˜€ I faint really easily when I don’t keep an eye on my blood sugar, and it simply wouldn’t do to faint from low blood sugar in the middle of the session. I have fainted a couple of times during sessions but that was because my Dom was choking me and it was the point and felt so fucking good. But I imagine it would actually give Him a little scare for me to faint without Him intending it to happen. And after the scare, He just might want to punish me for making Him worry. What a silly reason to get caned, am I right? πŸ˜€

3 Enema

Anything anal related is one of my Dom’s favorite fetishes, and as I’ve mentioned before in my post about enema that it was part of my anal training in the beginning. It is also what I do every time before a session. I find it really soothing, almost therapeutic and enema is one of the biggest reason to why I love anal sex now. It makes me feel clean, and I really don’t have to worry about shit (pun intended) during the act itself. I could literally relax every muscle in my body and enjoy the powerful sensations.

4 Cleaning and shaving

After cleaning internally, it’s time to clean externally. I shower and wash my hair and shave the rest of my body except my silky smooth lady parts. Every Asians know this struggle of ours. Yes we have beautiful black hair on our heads, but we also have black hair everywhere else. And it’s usually really thick, so thick that homemade waxing doesn’t work, epilators don’t work, only shaving works. I definitely do not shower before dates when I was still dating vanilla men, I didn’t even shave all the time. Another perks for Doms I guess, getting clean and smooth subbies. :3 And I wash my hair too simply because my hair looks the best when it’s freshly blow-dried. And it smells spectacular too. Oh all we do for kinky sex. πŸ˜€

4 Moisturizing

Okay, now read carefully. I know whole body moisturizing is a tedious job, but this is very important for subbies who are into spanking. Your skin will break much easier when it’s dry. So at least moisturize before sessions, unless you want to get scars. I never take pain killers as I’ve heard that some subs do for days after a more severe spanking, but I do take of moisturizing as it gives relief for the pain and helps scars and broken skin heal prettier. And if you don’t want your scars to stay for too long, get a tube of zinc lotion. I myself take zinc pills every day for healthier skin anyway.

5 Makeup

I don’t wear makeup everyday, I’m one of those lucky ones with a job that doesn’t require me looking presentable everyday. I have put on more makeups these past six months than I have done it the past six years combined. Mostly because my ex hated makeup. He would make sure he tells me that I was being fake, which was ridiculous cos I always went for the natural look instead of smoky eyes and red lips. I still go for the natural look nowadays. But instead of being called fake, I get to beam like a shining beacon when my Dom tells me how pretty I look. For all you men reading this, all we (sub)girls need it one sentence: “You look pretty today” and we would gladly spend 30-45 minutes putting on makeup. And I don’t even mind that my Dom always ruins my makeup almost immediately we start sessions, cos the ‘ruining’ process feels so freaking good. πŸ˜‰

6 What to wear

The same thing with lingerie and pretty skirts, men I used to date didn’t appreciate them enough for me to put any effort on those. I don’t have any fetishes related to clothing, except corsets. I love how corsets look and how they make me feel. And I love dresses and skirts, and my Dom likes me wearing them too cos they are just more… convenient, especially during summer. Nothing else feels more enticing than Him turning me around and lifting my dress up…

7 Packing the subbie ‘survival’ bag

So in cases I’m going to my Dom’s place, I would pack the following things with me: A protein bar, again to keep the blood sugar up after the session. Makeup and a tiny bottle of makeup remover, especially if I’m going somewhere after the session. No need to scare people in town with melted eye makeup, right? πŸ˜€ Extra pair of panties. You know why. And condoms. Well at least back in the days when I wasn’t on my pills and we haven’t done our STD tests yet.

8 Music

I have a loooong playlist on my iPod called ‘Feeling sexy’. That is the list I would listen to while getting ready for sessions or when I’m going to His place. The list consists of songs like ‘Sexy Back’ from JT, ‘Closer’ from Nine Inch Nails and ‘Pony’ from Ginuwine. Well you get the idea of what kind of songs. πŸ˜‰

9 Menthol

I don’t only want to smell and look good, I want to taste good too. So I would chew gum or suck on some menthol candies always prior to sessions. There was this one session quite a while ago when I was running late (which is rare for me) and I still had a tiny piece of menthol in my mouth when I arrived to His place. I was almost instantly put to some oral duty, and I really didn’t have time to warn Him about a little surprise in my mouth. It felt a little tingly according to Him, and not entirely unpleasant. The menthol has since become a little ongoing joke. πŸ˜›

10 Ready for the unexpected

As mentioned before, my Dom’s a big fan of ex tempore meetings. It does keep me on my toes, and I try to be semi-ready all the time. I don’t carry my enema kit around, but I do keep a little bit of makeup and another pair of panties on me all the time. And menthol candies πŸ˜€


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