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When a Dominant says ‘dirty’…

As you may have noticed, I don’t write about sessions in details very often. I might talk about them here and there while talking about fetishes and other kinky stuff. But once in a while, along comesย a session that would demand its own post. Last time this happened was about three months ago, that Friday session remains the roughest session to this day, and from that session one of my favorite post was born: When a Dominant says ‘rough’…

Yesterday, on Halloween, was another extremely memorable session, that would probably remain the dirtiest for a very long time. So if the ‘rough’ session represented the rougher side of BDSM, this ‘dirty’ session represents the dirtier side of BDSM. Yes, there would be a lot of bodily fluids, His and mine plus some other liquid. And this is going to be explicit. You’ve been warned.

Whenever my Dom texts me the few letters ‘Hmm’, I would stare at my phone with equal amounts of anticipation, fear and excitement, especially the ‘Hmm’s’ that come just before an arranged session. With great interest, I would reply something along the lines of ‘How can I be of service, m’Lord’. Yesterday, my Dom asked whether He could give me a milk enema. I know, right, how sweet of Him to ask. ๐Ÿ˜› My half carton of coconut milk was approved and I was told not to take it out of the fridge. So it was going to be a chilly ride. I couldn’t be more excited. I’m also a little more than proud of myself that I’m way more eager to try new things nowadays. Instead of doubting whether something would be unpleasant, I would find myself wondering what it would feel like.

I did my pre-session enema as usual. In a hurry though, cos His Domliness told me that He would come one hour earlier than what was agreed on. I tried to negotiate 30 minutes more, but no. I wonder whether Doms still remember the time when they actually needed to wait for women to get ready. ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope they appreciate this particular perk of being Dominants. Cos I was ready, my hair was still wet but otherwise ready on time. I almost forgot to put the canes to soak (cos I had a punishment long due for biting His Domly ass weeks ago ๐Ÿ˜› I just couldn’t resist). And I was almost naked, just a sheer long top that I pulled on quickly when He knocked on my door. Oh the condescending ‘Oh no’ He gave me after I tried to catch my breath and whine a little about not having enough time to dry my hair. Sexy arrogant bas… *growl*

My Dom doesn’t have many ‘tells’. As to what is going to happen next. When He puts a gag on me, I know that it’s going to hurt a lot. I think I found another tell yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜› He told me to undress Him completely, which might just be the first time. Usually He prefers me being the one more naked than He is. So now I know it meant we are going to get real dirty. I finished undressing and stayed on my knees. I didn’t have to wait long for my next command, I soon felt His hand in my hair and He started to drag me crawling towards my bathroom. He left me in the middle of my bathroom, on all fours, and went to remove the canes from their baths. He pulled my hair and tilted my head back. Oh! Now that I think about it, He has a third ‘tell’! ๐Ÿ˜› He sometimes gives me these very wet kisses, a deep but quick one, leaving a little bit of spit dangling between our lips when He pulls His head back. And that tells me He’s going to spit on my face next. And that was exactly what happened yesterday. Of course, now that He knows that I know, He just might stop doing it. ๐Ÿ˜› After He spat, He smeared it all over my face. Then came one of my favorite ways to get into subspace: face slapping. I still get surprised of the first strike on my face. I love the anticipation for the next blow, I love feeling the heat rising on my face, I love flinching from each slap on my face, I love flinching but then no slap landed. I like it extra much when He does the slapping while holding my hair, or my chin, or my neck. The order in which the following happened is a little hazy, as my brain become more than a little mushy.

While blissfully floating in subspace He pushed me back on all fours and left me there for a while. Then my favorite glass dildo was suddenly in front of my face. Without Him telling, I knew to lick it well for lubrication. And only my asshole ever needs lubrication. I loooove glass dildos in my ass, the only thing that feels better than glass dildos is the penis. Glass dildos are the next best thing. I was easily opened up with the dildo, the initial pain was at minimal and subsided quickly. Then I felt His hand pushed the dildo in me and leaving it there and me still on all fours. I felt it opening me up and I relished in the small douses of pain. Yes yes, I’m crazy, I actually like that brand of pain from anal sex. It reminds me of my anal training which I happened to like a lot. Then I felt some very warm liquid on my back and then all over me. It’s nearly impossible to describe how it feels to receive golden showers. I just know I could never help moaning out loud, it feels that good.

The shower stopped suddenly, I was put back in my kneeling position, the glass dildo still in my ass, to receive more shower from the front. After I wrote the post about watersports, I have come a long way. I have no problem taking the shower in my mouth and swallowing some. And for those with a curious kinky mind, it tastes like some really weak coffee with a little bit of salt. After a few mouthfuls, the shower stopped again. The size and the control of that bladder of His is quite freaking impressive. I was put back on all fours and then my face on the floor as my hands were needed to opening my buttcheeks. His fingers played with my pussy a bit, they felt incredible with the dildo still in my ass. He played with the dildo a bit more, then pulled it out. I felt another wave of warm shower in my ass, and the warm liquid slowly dripping down my pussy and thighs. I was getting so fucking aroused. Then I felt something small but hard entering my ass. As I felt something ice cold flowing in me I realized it was my enema kit that was inserted in me. And the ice cold stuff must be the coconut milk. Never have I been more glad of my warm bathroom floor, cos I was trembling as more and more cold milk entered me. I actually didn’t put much thought into what He was planning to do after the milky enema was done. But what actually happened had never even occurred to me. After the enema, me still on all fours, He inserted the glass dildo back in and start fucking me really hard with it. He would then yanked the dildo out super fast, and a large splash of cold milk would explode out.

I lost count how many times He made me explode but it felt so fucking good that I really didn’t care. But eventually the milk ran out. I was by then a pile of girly goo so very out of it that I probably couldn’t tell my own name to save my life. So naturally I completely forgot about the canes and my punishment. Until I was brutally reminded of them both when the first blow of the cane landed on my gooey butt. Without any warm up and with the rapid fire speed, the ten strikes of the cane hurt like a motherfucker. I HATE caning. I hate surprise caning even more. But hearing how delicious He thought the caning was, it was almost worth it.

What came next was what I would describe as the best fucking anal sex ever. It was the combination of the stimulation from the glass dildo, the warm golden shower, the ice cold milk and the explosion with the glass dildo, and fine, the caning. And of course the thought of being fucked in the ass on the hard bathroom floor while being covered in spit, piss and coconut milk of all things, I felt so dirty, it felt so dirty. My butt was hot and it still hurt from the caning. And anal sex had never felt so good. It surprised the coconut milk out of me that I almost couldn’t hold in an orgasm. If He had continued to fuck me that hard in the ass, I would have cum and I wouldn’t have had enough wit about me to ask for permission. I was so relieved that He stopped when He did, cos I really wasn’t mentally prepared for another caning punishment for orgasming without permission. Anyway, He pulled out of my ass abruptly and put it in my mouth. It tasted downright refreshing all coated in milk. After some eager oral and rimming service, He came on my face and in my mouth. I couldn’t be more content on my knees, covered in all kinds of bodily fluids. His fluids. *happy sigh*

Dirty sex has always turned me on immensely for some reason, and I couldn’t get much dirtier than I was yesterday. I am usually very very satisfied after sessions even if I don’t orgasm. But yesterday after He left, I found myself getting aroused just by going to my bathroom. I have Him to thank for two mind-blowing orgasms last night with my girl Sandra (my pink magic wand). And I know I could never look at or drink another carton of coconut milk without smirking like a Cheshire cat.


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