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Owner Wanted – That’s a No, part 4 – From Jeckyll to Hyde

Yes! Another one filled with funny/odd/rude replies. I promise these won’t keep coming at this rabid pace, it would eventually slow down. I hope…

Anyways, five replies varying from extremely sugary to downright asshole behavior. Again, my comments are in red. Let’s start from the Jeckyll end of the spectrum. Short and very very sweet.

Are you in the beauty pageant with the sun to compete who is more beautiful? 🙂

Aaaaand that was the whole message. I actually gagged a little when I read this. Actually he’s really good. He made me gag without putting anything in my mouth. 😀 So some credit for that. This next one… I supposed he was trying to be nice? But it just made me sad. 😦 I’m just gonna jump straight to the middle part and skipped the part where he introduced himself (he’s 36 years old).


[This part I skipped]

Slapping and spanking are arousing for both the spanker and the spankee and a naked woman on a leash looks delicious. (I fully agree) Of course just naked on her fours obediently and enjoying herself is very good also. (Getting soft…) I like compliant submissiveness, that is obeying without complains. (Goes without saying) I don’t really like to deal out punishments (wait whaa… WHY NOT?) because the lick of a whip and suchlike are enjoyable and rewarding actions for almost anyone. (Honey, in that case you’re not spanking hard enough. I can assure you, the cane does NOT feel like a reward) So your bottom get the crop by being obedient.

I listen to wishes and I try to fulfill them so that we both would feel good about it. (Are you a Dom or a genie or my fairy godmother?)

I can’t stress the importance of punishments enough! I just might to rant about this more later on its own post. But God, to tell me that you don’t want to punish me is equivalent to telling me that you don’t really care about me to be bother with that. Enough with the niceties, let’s move on the Hyde territory.

Hi I am 40yrold am not very big 172cm (5’6′) tall but strict and mentally obnoxious dominant got couple of little sluts trained and sometimes also an adult slut tamed I like to humiliate a lot in public places etc do reply and ask if you got something to ask

I actually did have something to ask, has he ever heard about things like period or comma? You would think that a 40-year-old man would know how to form sentences. Up next, an offer I almost couldn’t resist.

to join me here in France for a couple of days I need a small-bottomed, good-framed, relaxed and nice woman, to push my golf cart by day and as my date to the restaurant by night. I am 55 years old 185/87 (6’1’/192 lbs), clean and trust-worthy gentleman.

Oh Frankie of France, pity that this slut is not for sale. And I have a huge ass too, a great canvas for spanking. I’m not so sure about my frame, I’m not a race horse. And I hate golf. And Gaspard Ulliel is about the only thing French that I can tolerate. And Frankie you’re obviously not Gas. Let’s move on to the last one, the self-proclaimed pig.

What am I like?

A vile and disgusting pig, but something smart and soft at the same time. (Yeah, that’s what they are saying, pigs are actually smart and really soft)

I don’t live in the metropolitan area, but that’s not a problem because I will move in with you gladly and fuck you from behind when you cook and fuck you from behind when you wash the dishes (don’t even bother to switch positions now, do you). An ex of mine said long time ago: “You fucking pig, I don’t understand why I would say yes to this, this is straight from a movie or something, there’s something odd about you”. You would wonder the same in the end.

To be honest, I was right about to move abroad from Finland to change the scene but I changed my mind when I saw your ad. No wonder I’m sure you’re an excellent laid (that I am) and at the same time very interesting otherwise too. Are you not?

Because I truly thought he was 25 years old or younger, I actually had to reply to him that I’m way too old to fall for this bad-boy i’m-a-pig routine. Never have been that big of an barn animal lover anyways, except on my plate. I wished him good luck and happy hunting. He then replied to me that he’s the one that’s old. He was 40! I’m big on being proud on who you are, even if you’re a dirty slut, narcissistic and delusional (aka me), but being 40 and still use the I’m-an-lovable-asshole trick, that’s just sad. I still have enough replies for like three more parts. For now. So, see ya next time. 🙂


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