Kinky Dungeon

Previously On The Dungeon, Part 2

Sorry for not updating for a while. I just realized few days ago that The Walking Dead season 6 is about to premiere next week and I haven’t seen season 5 yet. So a three-day-marathon was called for. But in the midst of the intense marathon, I still made time for my Dom’s extempore visit last Thursday. That’s how much I like You, Sir, I put Your need in front of my own need to watch The Walking Dead. 😉 Okay fine, I was in a dire need for a good spanking also. There’s that. And last Thursday was our 20th session. And that means, the second recap is here, Previously On The Dungeon, Part 2! Last time the focus was heavily on pretty much kissing His Domly ass. This time, let’s do this for me. 🙂

1. Exploring role-playing

Remember that little story assignment to plan a role-play session. I supposed I have never told you guys what was the actual story I wrote. Well, it was about a naughty school-girl caught masturbating in an empty classroom by Mistress E the strict teacher, and Mistress taking this naughty little girl to see the Headmaster. My then sister sub didn’t care much for playing Domme, so I took that role, quite eagerly. I was extremely curious to find out whether I was indeed 100 % submissive. I was. As fun as playing Domme was, it didn’t do much for me sexually. I wasn’t turned on. But I did enjoy the spanking part a lot.

2. Exploring sadism

So 100 % sub, but not 100 % masochist. There is a small but vibrant sadist living inside of me, with a great appetite for adorable littles and brats. So I’m mainly focused on cute girls, but I do get the urge time to time to just slap hard on my Dom’s naked ass or take a really big bite. I yet lack the courage to do that, cos you know, canes. But back to sadism, I loved spanking during the above mentioned role-play. The vibration on my palm when I spank a naked bottom with my bare hand. The heat rising on my palm, the bright red mark forming on the skin the exact imprint of my hand. I also got to use the infamous wooden brush and all the sounds it made and the sounds I made my sister sub made, it was all so very intoxicating. In that moment I understood what kind of rush my Dom gets when He spanks me. I want my Dom to feel that, so if it’s completely up to me, I would always only play with sadists.

3. Exploring voyeurism

I’m very voyeuristic. Sex in public but still hidden, it’s a thrill that hardly anything can match. I had a little assignment from my Dom back in the summer to create a little show in a nice library in the center, photos and videos. It was like a virtual session, very erotic and super fun. And one Friday afternoon after work, about 30 minutes before I was supposed to meet my parents for dinner, in that same library…how do I put this in a lady-like manner… well, He fucked my brains out. So at dinner, I was still red, or at least I felt like I was red as a lobster, at the same time giddy, giggly, out of it and extremely horny.

4. Extempore 

Last recap, we already established the fact that my Dom is really good at surprising me. He’s also very fond of being extempore. Out of the last ten sessions, six of them were unplanned. I’ve joked about how only He can make three little letters as insignificant as ‘hmm’ so very intriguing. Literally anything can come after He texts me ‘hmm’. It can be ‘isn’t the weather nice today’ or ‘does your little bottom need a good spanking in say two hours’ or simply an order ‘come to my house when you get off work’. It’s a little stressful sometimes to try and get ready in time for His visit, but the excitement more than covers that.

5. The Porn Star Experience

In the spirit of voyeurism, I adore performing, for my Dom and for the camera. The feeling of being watched, for someone to see me on my knees and submitting, it makes me feel sexy. It makes me feel proud. And it’s so very arousing. My Dom and I have kinda gotten into putting up photos and videos online, so I’m quite sure there will be plenty of chances for me to feel like a porn star.

6. The Art of Waiting

Although I haven’t become more patient than I am before, but I definitely learnt to enjoy the process of waiting. I don’t mind waiting at all for my Dom, especially on my knees and a little tied up. Or hogtied on the ground. Or just standing in the corner facing the wall. Never has waiting felt as arousing as that.

7. The Importance of Punishments

This might be one of the hardest thing to explain for people not familiar with D/s. Discipline is the D in BDSM, so it is very important. For a D/s relationship to be successful, there need to be rules, and rules need to be followed and when a rule is broken, the punishment needs to be enforced. I think it’s the ultimate way for Doms to show their subbies that they care about them. May sound strange, but punishment sessions always ended up to be my favorites. They hurt more, they are more intense, more pleasure, just more of everything. And it always feels like that through punishments my Dom and I got to know each other better. And I have a bratty nature, so it’s almost too easy for me to get myself into trouble. Sometimes I just begged for being punished.

8. Breaking the Wall

When I began my BDSM journey, I truly believed that breaking me would be nearly impossible. I was too proud, too in control of myself even when I’m submitting, too reluctant to let myself go. And I never consciously planned it and He planned it elaborately or at all, it just happened. It might be a scary thought to let down all your walls and be utterly exposed to someone, even if it was just for a little while. The fact is, it was terrifying. At the same time tremendously freeing and surprisingly peaceful.

9. Orgasm control

Giving up the control of my own orgasms is a very symbolic form of submission. It’s a simple yet a huge gesture. As much as I playfully complained about asking for permission to masturbate, I sorely miss it now that we’re no longer 24/7 with my Dom. The sad thing is, I’m still struggling to get used to not having to ask for permission, which basically means I don’t feel the need to play with myself as much. Of course, I still need to ask for permission to cum during sessions. I happened to love this form of submitting, although as a girl with tremendous problems getting orgasms in front of anyone, asking always makes it harder to cum. Nonetheless, I still love to ask.

10. Exploring the Edge

The edge of my comfort zone that is. When I started, I had a lot of things I was more than a little afraid to try. I was timid about anal sex, I was reluctant to try watersports, I was skeptic about forms of humiliation. I started off safely tugged away deep in my comfort zone, until my Dom unceremoniously yanked me out to the open. Simply put, He made me fearless. Well, that’s not completely true cos He still scares the crap out of me, but the acts themselves, I’m utterly confident of my ability to excel at most of them someday. In other words, He gave me confidence and He made me feel so proud of myself. He made me love me more, and for that I’m truly grateful and He has more than earned my long-lasting adoration.


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