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Confessions of a Spanko, Part 4 – The Flogger

Flogger might be one of the most recognizable spanking instrument that can’t really be disguised as something else. My first spanking instrument is a tiny violet flogger, which I still have and it’s actually quite suitable for one thing: pussy flogging. So my prejudice towards the flogger was, it’s more for caressing purposes as how can it hurt much, right? And my first encounter with an ‘adult’ size flogger kinda strengthened my prejudices. But later I found out that the instrument itself was not at fault, it was the wielder. That guy used the flogger in the style you see in movies when they used to whip slaves on the back with a bullwhip or a single-tail. No precision, no sting, as the flails just landed randomly on my ass cheeks all separated, so it didn’t felt like a caress but sure as fuck did not feel like a spanking either. He also lacked rhythm, his pace was frantic, like a little child given a drum stick for the first time and was set in front of a drum set. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t fun. He looked utterly ridiculous. And hell yes I’ll be mean against those who faked being a Dom and put my safety and well-being at risk. I should send him this following guide about How to Correctly Use A Flogger.

Alright, enough ranting. Let’s focus now on how a flogger feels when the wielder knows what he’s doing. My Dom basically, literally flogged all my prejudices away upon the first time His flogger met my butt. Instead of the gentle heat of the flails across a wide area, it was one hella sharp stab on a concentrated area. It feels less bruising than a crop, and less of a stab than cane, but the heat… it’s red hot. It feels so very delicious right after, although I’m not that big of a fan of the initial sharp sting. And I’m definitely not a fan of breast flogging either, although it does leave pretty marks on my breasts.

But I still adore the shit out of the flogger because it’s the weapon of choice for a specific kind of spanking: the back spanking. As any other instrument would be way too dangerous for the purpose of spanking the tender flesh of the back, not mentioning the possible damaging of internal organs or the spine, the flogger is really the only choice for the back. If you’ve never flogged someone’s back, please read the guide I mentioned before. And also, keep in mind that the back can’t take nearly as much as one’s butt, so D-types, please apply force accordingly.

My first flogging to my back was as punishment. So it wasn’t gentle at all. I’m almost perversely proud of myself for not breaking that easily from pain, hardly ever spankings make me cry. But the back flogging is a fucking tear jerker. I was very emotional the first time I got flogged on the back, so I credited the tears to my state of mind. But the following back flogging was done more on a playful tone, despite it being also a punishment, but the tears still came. It’s the kind of pain that makes me wanna squirm away, I do move little but I do it a lot. So I imagine being firmly tied to somewhere, table, bed, St Andrew’s cross, I don’t care, and flogged on the back, it would hurt so much more but at the same time it would be absolute heaven. Not to mention how wonderfully striking the marks and bruises look like the next day. My back looks… no less than medieval 😀


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