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Owner Wanted – That’s A No, part 2 – The Amount of Cheese

Alright, let’s continue the exploitation. πŸ˜‰ Last time I shared a reply that was kinda like a living testament of the warning that kids, don’t do drugs, mmmkay? This time I’m going to share a reply that was actually very well written, but… I have a really low tolerance of sliminess, and this reply is strongly on the slimy side. Again, it’s my rookie translation, I will try my best to preserve all that cheese. πŸ˜› Again, my cocky comments are in red.

Sender: Your Owner replies
E-mail: really his e mail, but it does say dominant man)


Classy compliant subs are a rarity. Media has made BDSM into basic entertainment. I sometimes read forums looking for something new and inspiring. I get tired though of all the superficialness that I experience there. A slut, a bitch is after all revealed to be a woman who has watched a couple of porn clips, and wants to try a little. And then gets scared of some word.

That’s why I had to read your ad twice. Now it really is a hit and sink…

I also am looking right now… Classy, mature sub. A young woman who is prepared to receive my training, my experience, my tutoring as a Master. In order to control you, to monitor you, so that you would make the right choices in life and also as right as possible. (Whatever that means…) And someone who would receive my passion that is born from the desire for you in me. My passion is also some strong physical kind. Producing pain, forcing, putting you in your place to focus sole on me, so that you will understand how strong my passion is for you. (Dear Lord it’s getting sticky)

I myself am classy, very experienced with years of being a Master. BDSM is in some way a natural thing, my life’s other half. The other half is filled with a respectable career, influencing, socially outgoing life. People listen to me, people obey me. In my company peace is felt, tranquility. I can be your anchor, someone to lean on, because I have “my feet are sensibly firmly on the ground”.

I am mentally and physically healthy. I don’t you drugs etc. Sporty, stylish, funny looking, a man with a sense of humor (ookay… funny looking man… for some reason, Ron Jeremy comes to mind…). Gentleman, some say. In my company people enjoy themselves. It’s worth it to get to know me πŸ™‚

Behind that demeanor there is however that other half of me, that your ad lured to reply. That is, a naturally determined, domineering, and after the trust is built, a physically dominating Master. Who drives his desire strongly and even continues to move forward even if there are tears to be seen in the sub’s eyes. Because the mutual trust in one another would guarantee that where the limit is.

I am also looking for a more permanent intellectual and physical relationship with a woman like you. With thought, to get deeper for real, to trust one another and to get to know each other, the thoughts, the feelings, the desires and the satisfaction of one another’s presence and doings.

I am 189 cm (6’3), 83 kg (183 pounds), a Master with a straight back. Age is slightly more than you probably are expecting, 53 years old (There it is, the age explains the cheesy way he wrote the whole thing, and ‘slightly’ more? I hardly would call 22 years ‘slight’.) I don’t know whether you find the age difference arousing or do you see it as a problem. Still I can honestly say that I am youthful, physical, very sexual. And I can tell with my experiences, in this kind of relationship with me the age disappear into the background. More of importance is the feeling, the experience, the trust and the knowledge of into what relationship you’re giving yourself into (I’m not quite sure I understood the last part)

In the physical level our relationship would be strongly sexual in an intellectual and physical experience. I am domineering, determined, possessive man who of course wants to take his pleasure from his woman. (What is UP with people repeating and using the same adjectives over and over again?) I use with experience the whip, the crop, the flogger… The instrument is what it is for me in different situations. More important is the feeling and the message that I send to you. And if I don’t find the appropriate instrument, I might make one myself.

Still I can also be gentle and caring after you learnt to be the right kind of submissive for me. (dangerous words, there’s not wrong kind of submissive… I am what I am) I know what the little princess needs πŸ™‚ (It’s really tough, I know, to balance between confident and arrogant. If I like you then it’s confidence, if I don’t like you yet, it’s arrogance, the annoying kind, not the sexy kind)

In the intellectual level our relationship would be strongly deep-thought-seizing. (I apologize for that, I have no idea how to translate that πŸ˜€) There is something about respecting each other (Lol ‘something about respect, no biggy). Strong trust is the foundation. I am ambitious and I want my woman to do her best. (Oops sorry, I’m almost allergic to ambitiousness)

I will teach you. Although you apparently seem to be in the know and surely have some experiences, I want to train you to be good, capable and obedient woman who I will control and restrain. (he makes me sound like a freaking dog, I am into pet play but not that into it)

But, your turn to write to me. My intuition says that we shouldn’t pass each other by, we should take a minute to look deeper and more precisely.

Gently, owning, controlling…

Not that bad, but I don’t think he’s what I’m looking for. There’re a lot of older men who wrote me. And although age play is fun, I want it to be exactly that, role play. I can sometimes call my Dom Daddy, no problem, but when you actually is old enough to be my dad, it’s a turn off for me. Not judging those that the big age difference works, but I am however looking for a partner for life. I sometimes plan ahead and just the thought my man is going to be retired like 22 years before me… Even if I don’t plan that far ahead, I’m not saying it’s impossible to find a man in his fifties to match my sex drive, but it’s highly improbable. There are other entertaining replies from older men, some of them behave like I’m the one who’s 53. But more about that next time. πŸ™‚


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