Kinky Dungeon

Owner Wanted – The Ad

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, I began the process of looking for my Owner again. I think it would be fun to document the journey. So here’s the first post on a new ongoing series “Owner Wanted”. Here’s my ad:

A female submissive looking for Owner

I am looking for a man who is all of these:

  • a Dominant /Master /Owner
  • a boyfriend
  • a princess pamper
  • a brat tamer
  • a slut user
  • a kitty stroker
  • a baby girl amuser

And you’re also interested in the 24/7 aspect. I am, that is, looking for a man whom I can take home with, who holds my hand in public, who snakes his hand under my skirt in the movie theater, who takes me from behind while I’m cooking, who spanks hard, who takes me into his arms without me asking him to, who would laugh at my sometimes really rude jokes, who lets me be everything that I am and everything I want to be. I ask for a lot, because I have a lot to offer too. Trust me, I’m worth it.

I am:

  • single
  • 31 years old
  • I live alone near Helsinki
  • I can be a lot of things (masochist, little girl, sharp-tongued brat, shameless slut, princess), but above all I am a submissive 
  • maybe am little nerdy

I hope that you are roughly the same age as I am. That you are single or without a primary relationship. I’m more poly-spirited in the sense that I don’t need more than one king to serve, he can have other servers, as long as I am the queen. If you know what I mean. I also hope that you live in the metropolitan area, and preferably you live alone.

That was it. It has been up for roughly three days now, I have received around 100 replies, a dozen of them extremely entertaining. I will put them on later this week.


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