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Is That A Thing? – Watersports

Watersports – sexual activity in which urine is involved, such as golden showers. I’m aware that watersports can also refer to sexual activity with saliva or in some rare cases blood, but in this entry, I’m only referring to the part concerning urine.


In the very beginning when I had to decide my hard limits before even trying anything, I went easy on myself. I didn’t want to rule out much without giving it a go. So my hard limit list used to consist only three things: edgeplay (including fire play, knife play and blood play), nipple clamps and watersports/scat. But the only thing that I truly couldn’t stand is only nipple clamps, or clamps on anywhere else for that matter. I put edgeplay there to protect myself, as I don’t want to risk leaving permanent scars on myself unless I’m 100 % I want to, so I’m not leaving up to chance or the Dominant to decide. Scat is of course simply repulsive to me, and unhygienic. Lastly watersports I just chucked in there without further thoughts. So basically, I don’t have anything against golden showers. It was the same thing with anal sex back then, I’m not oppose to it, I just wasn’t that into it. So I kinda preferred Doms who didn’t have anal sex or watersports on their fetish list. But on some level, I feel a little, just a tiny bit, obligated to ‘suffer’ through anal, it being a lot more common fetish than watersports. So that was why watersports was on my hard limit list but anal sex wasn’t.

I don’t remember if I have mentioned this before but upon we beginning our D/s relationship with my Dom and me handing Him my BDSM checklist, I made a tons of exceptions concerning only Him. So many things that I’ve originally put under “With Owner only”, I had it made available for Him only. Because He impressed me so much on our first time. Because He is hot as hell. Because I am ridiculously sexually attracted to Him. So in other words, I so was not thinking straight. Still ain’t. Which pretty much means I would continue to make exceptions for Him.

Not even one month into the fun and sinful, He questioned me about my watersport hard limit. I admitted that it really shouldn’t be on my hard limit list, as it really isn’t my hard limit. Initially I was more than decisive to leave that deed for my future Owner, as I consider golden showers as an even stronger way to mark someone, stronger than sperm or saliva. It symbolizes ownership a lot more, just a tiny bit less than a collar. He made it clear that He won’t force me to do anything I don’t want to, but He also made it clear that He would try to seduce me into it, as it is one of His fetishes. I am glad that He didn’t play dirty though, cos He totally could have. He knows well that I have a hard time saying no to Him when we’re face to face, with that dangerously hypnotic voice of His, I might just surrender anything. He didn’t take advantage of that. Instead I struck a bargain with Him. Me making yet another exception and making watersport not off limits anymore, in exchange He would give me rape play. I’m still waiting for you to keep your end of the bargain, Sir! That one rough Friday didn’t count, cos I didn’t fight back!

Anyway, back to the pee. He really eased me into it. First I was to pee on my own hand, which for some reason made me all hot and tingly down there. 😛 Then later it was having me pee on Him first. I still remember how hard it was the first time. I pee in the shower all the time, but actually pee on command was something that need to be trained. Then it was Him peeing on my hand. I did not plan that one. I was just in the shower with Him, and I think I was supposed to just watch Him pee, or just hold His penis gently while He peed. It felt natural for me to put my hand under the shower, I was almost drawn to it. And I was oddly fascinated by the whole thing, how warm it felt.

Then it was during a threesome session, He had my sister sub peeing on me first, then Him peeing on my back while she licked me from behind. Needless to say it was extremely erotic. Then it was during an another threesome session when I got to feel the full force of the shower. My sister sub and I were both on our knees receiving His shower. Again I didn’t plan it, but it just happened when I felt the need to open my mouth and receive some of it. And I was right, that it was a powerful deed. I felt owned. I felt marked. It made me feel my submission on a whole new level. It turned me on on a whole new level.

Of course, I have always had my own fantasies concerning urine. I orgasm way harder when I need to pee at the same time. I love/hate fucking while I need to pee, it always feel so unbearably good, I could hardly stand it. I have always fantasized about what it would feel like to actually pee while being fucked at the same time. Just let it come and flow. I have no idea whether I’m able to do, because I’m so used to keeping it in. To just let go like that… I imagine it would feel no less than amazing. And if anything, my Dom always gives me a strong sense of limitlessness. That I don’t ever have to hide my desires with Him. That absolutely anything could be on the table. And for all that I really adore Him.


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